Suntory Holdings Limited “-196°C Strong Zero ” new release for a limited time

Suntory Holdings Limited
“-196℃ Strong Zero-Double Pineapple-” New release for a limited time
Suntory Limited will release “-196°C Strong Zero -Double Pineapple-” for a limited time nationwide from April 11 (Tuesday).
“-196°C Strong Zero” has been supported by many customers as a canned chu-hi that goes well with meals. You can enjoy the firm texture and fruity taste with zero purines*1 and zero sugars*2.
*1 “Zero purines” is less than 0.5mg per 100ml
*2 Based on food labeling standards, less than 0.5g per 100ml is considered “zero sugar”
This time, we will release a limited edition of the popular flavor – double pineapple – to further expand the fans of the brand.
● About contents and packaging
We added fruit juice to pineapple soaked liquor made with our original “-196°C manufacturing method”. It is characterized by the sweet and sour fruitiness unique to pineapple and the satisfying drinking feeling of 9% alcohol content. The package draws an illustration of a fresh fruit to express the “fruity taste of pineapple”, which is a feature of the content.
– Record –
▼ Product overview
Product name, capacity, suggested retail price (excluding tax), alcohol content -196℃ Strong Zero -Double Pineapple-
350ml, 148 yen, 9%
500ml, 200 yen, 9%
*Prices are not intended to restrict retailers’ voluntary pricing. ▼ Release date: April 11, 2023 (Tuesday)
▼Release area: Nationwide (limited time)
▼ Items: Spirits
▼”-196℃” homepage
▽ Inquiries from customers regarding this matter
Suntory Customer Center
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