Suntory Holdings Limited New release of “Horoyoi

Suntory Holdings Limited
“Horoyoi – Jasmine Lychee -” New Release
-The 100th flavor of “Horoyoi”, which has been on sale for 15 years-
Suntory Co., Ltd. will release “Horoyoi-Jasmine Lychee-” nationwide from February 7 (Tuesday).
“Horoyoi” is a long-selling brand that has been supported by customers of all ages since its launch in 2009 as a 3% alcoholic beverage that can be enjoyed comfortably with a gentle taste. In addition, it is also popular for its lineup of various flavors.
This time, we will further expand the fans of the brand by newly launching the memorable 100th flavor, “Horoyoi-Jasmine Lychee-”. ● About contents and packaging
Inside, the gorgeous scent of jasmine and the slight sweetness of lychee create a refreshing and pleasant taste with a modest sweetness. The package features illustrations of jasmine and lychee on a blue-green background, along with the phrase “modest sweetness” to make it easy to understand the characteristics of the contents. – Record –
▼ Product name, capacity, suggested retail price (excluding tax), alcohol content
“Horoyoi – Jasmine Lychee -”
350 ml 148 yen 3%
*Prices are not intended to restrict retailers’ voluntary pricing. ▼Release date February 7, 2023 (Tuesday)
▼Release area: Nationwide
▼ Item: Liqueur
▼ “Horoyoi” homepage
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