Suntory Holdings Limited Renewal of “Canned Kaku Highball” New Release

Suntory Holdings Limited
Renewal of “Canned Kaku Highball”
– Achieving even more “deliciousness at the restaurant” with a non-heating method* – – The highest carbon dioxide gas pressure in the history of our RTD cans for an even more refreshing taste –

Suntory Limited will renew the “Kaku Highball Can” sequentially from the end of January nationwide.
The “Kaku Highball Can” brand has been well received for its compatibility with meals and the ease of enjoying a full-fledged highball that can be enjoyed at a restaurant at home, and sales volume in 2022 is 113% compared to the previous year. and expanded
This time, we will aim to further expand the fans of the brand by renewing the “Kaku Highball Can” aiming for a taste that allows you to feel the “deliciousness of the store”.
● About contents and packaging
This time, through 12 years of research, we have developed a new non-heating method*. It has evolved into a “store deliciousness” where you can feel the richness and lemon scent derived from “Kakubin” with a refreshing taste due to the highest carbon dioxide gas pressure in our RTD cans history, which is manufactured using a non-heating method.
The limited-time package that matches the timing of the renewal expresses the features of the new contents with the letters “NEW” written on a yellow ribbon and the message “The taste of the store has become so much.” I’m here.
* A manufacturing method that does not heat sterilize after canning. Prevents flavor change and improves content quality.
– Record –
▼ Product overview
Product name, capacity, suggested retail price (excluding tax), alcohol content Square highball can
350ml, 196 yen, 7%
500ml, 264 yen, 7%
*Prices are not intended to restrict retailers’ voluntary pricing. * Regarding this renewal, “Kaku Highball Can-Dark-” is not eligible ▼ Release date Sequentially after late January 2023
▼Release area: Nationwide
▼ Item: Liqueur
▼ “Kaku Highball” homepage ▽ Inquiries from customers regarding this matter
Suntory Customer Center
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