Survey results Ranking of popular storage battery manufacturers in 2022

Solar Partners Co., Ltd.
[Survey results] Ranking of popular storage battery manufacturers in 2022 ~Nichicon ranked first by manufacturer, Sharp 9.5kWh ranked first by model~
Solar Partners Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo;
Representative Director: Akihiro Nakajima), which operates the solar power generation and storage battery estimation site “Solar Partners”, has released a “storage battery popularity ranking” based on data from 2022 installation results. was summarized and announced.
[Survey overview]
・Survey target: Projects contracted only for storage batteries in 2022 using Solar Partners
* Excludes projects that introduced storage batteries at the same time as photovoltaic power generation
・Survey method: Aggregate information received from contract reports from affiliated sales contractors nationwide
・ Aggregation period: January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022
◆ Nichicon ranked first in the ranking by manufacturer
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Aggregate results
Nichicon: 28.2%
Sharp: 24.4%
Choshu Industry: 20.0%
Omron: 13.9%
Diamond Zebra: 3.6%
Other: 9.8%
As a result, the popularity of storage battery manufacturers is mostly concentrated in the top four companies. The top two companies account for more than 50% of the market share.
◆ Sharp 9.5 kWh is No. 1 in the ranking by model
[Image 2d46700-12-01fff4737bbef15f161e-1.jpg&s3=46700-12-435907ef8b221fee3b0beecb9b71cff2-1200x850.jpg
Aggregate results
Sharp 9.5kWh: 14.5%
Choshu Sangyo 9.8kWh: 13.1%
Omron 9.8kWh: 9.2%
Sharp 6.5kWh: 8.4%
Nichicon 9.9kWh: 6.2%
By model, Sharp 9.5 kWh became the most popular. Unlike Nichicon, which offers a wide range of products in detail, Sharp seems to have a certain amount of product lineup.
◆Summary of survey results
In the ranking of storage batteries by manufacturer, Nichicon, which has a wide lineup, ranked first. However, looking at each model, Sharp seems to be popular because it sells well-established models. Furthermore, although I do not know from this ranking alone, since Choshu Sangyo 9.8 kWh is supplied by Omron, it can be said that Omron 9.8 kWh was practically the most supplied to the market.
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◆Solar Partners
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