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Diamond Star Original 60th Anniversary Edition Appears

Diamond Star Original 60th Anniversary Edition Appears
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From the simple idea of ​​creating a precise timepiece of lasting beauty, a unique and unique design, a timepiece with a special brilliance, years of research and development, and a lot of pioneering spirit and courage. The world’s first scratch-resistant, unique form and charismatic DiaStar was born in 1962 and created a sensation in the watch industry. The original Diastar was the first model to combine a hard metal case and a sapphire crystal crystal in one watch, and was intended to remain beautiful over time. That spirit of inquiry has been inherited to this day with the same pioneering spirit as at the time, and Rado has always researched and developed various materials and incorporated them into watchmaking. I was.
This time, a new chapter of DiaStar, DiaStar Original 60-Year Anniversary Edition (Diastar Original 60th Anniversary Edition) will be released. Crafted from one of Rado’s favorite high-tech materials, Ceramos(TM), this new timepiece is the result of a collaboration with Swiss product designer Alfred Haveli. The long-awaited timepiece has undergone subtle but eye-catching changes to mark its 60th
anniversary, retaining the strong character of the original and adding the latest and greatest innovations.
The Diastar Original 60th Anniversary Edition features a matte Ceramos™ bezel with a beautiful radial brushed finish on a distinctive monochrome oval stainless steel case. increase. A hexagonal faceted sapphire crystal commemorates the 60th anniversary of the original watch. The case and dial have a monochrome color scheme, and the hands and hour markers are slightly colored with Super-Lumi Nova® for contrast. It houses a Rado R764 self-winding movement with a power reserve of up to 80 hours, ensuring reliable and precise timekeeping. [Image 2d28918-54-a5c39e337ff9b1ca1155-1.jpg&s3=28918-54-16eb19991be242bd0cab5feb2e3945ff-3900x2920.jpg
A distinctive feature is the graphical indicator at 6 o’clock, which reflects Alfred Haveli’s design commitment and playfulness. Instead of using a specific language for the date display function, an indicator display composed of gray and natural colors makes it possible for anyone in the world to visually read the day of the week. With a diameter of 38 mm and a water resistance of up to 100 m, the watch is a timepiece that is a pleasure to wear, with its reliability, enduring beauty and design.
The Diastar Original 60th Anniversary Edition comes with a
satin-brushed stainless steel Milanese bracelet and gray textile strap in a stylish gray pouch. The EasyClip system makes it quick and easy to change bracelets and straps for a different look.
DiaStar Original Type 3
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In addition to the anniversary edition, there are also 3 types of DiaStar Original.
Featuring a grey/blue/green color dial, the new version has a diameter of 38 mm and is water resistant up to 100 m. A polished Ceramos(TM) bezel sits atop a monochrome stainless steel case, while a striped faceted sapphire crystal completes this beautiful timepiece. It features a blue/dark gray/green brushed dial on two sides, rhodium colored hands with white Super-LumiNova(R), and a day and date display that matches the color of each dial. The internal Rado R764
self-winding movement with an anti-magnetic Nivachron(TM) hairspring provides an 80-hour power reserve, making it a modern and elegant timepiece.
■ About the name of DiaStar
Back in the 1960s, when the original Diastar model was born, watches up to that point had maintained their noble status by being cool and functional. Rado, on the other hand, was trying to appeal to points that buyers would consider, such as durability and resistance to scratches, shocks, and water. The post-war world was vibrant and exciting, but that meant more danger and drama. A watch that is fit for purpose should outlast virtually anything else. It had to be as strong as a diamond and shine like a star forever, even after years of wear. For the watch case, the industry’s first scratch-resistant tungsten carbide alloy “hard metal” is used, giving the case an exceptional shine. Due to the large-scale improvement of manufacturing technology, we adopted sapphire crystal, which was just beginning to penetrate watchmaking. Sapphire crystal has become the most
impact-resistant and durable watch glass material of choice. The name “DiaStar” comes naturally from this diamond-like durability and star-like immortality. The name, which was born from the successful fusion of these two words, has been used as a memorable name for this model ever since.
About Alfred Haveli (Product Designer)
Designer Alfredo Haveli was born in 1964 in Buenos Aires. He has earned an international reputation for his work, which combines Swiss precision with American emotion. Alfred Haveli Design Development, a studio in Zurich, combines functionality with soul and humour, creating stripped-down, imaginative expressions that are more self-contained than trend-setting. creating a style. More than 30 years have passed since the studio opened in 1991, and even now, with the same passion, perseverance, and grit, we continue to create creative activities for brands such as Iittala, Baufritz, and Andrew World.
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*For more information on the history of DiaStar, please see the separate Rado DiaStar Original Booklet.
Diamond Star Original 60th Anniversary Edition / R12163118
[Image 5d28918-54-16637f9fd2ba1f9db467-10.jpg&s3=28918-54-5fa29fd625759f9d875a95ba4323bc6c-3900x3384.jpg

Movement Rado caliber R764 (gold plate), self-winding, 25 jewels, 3 hands, Date display at 6 o’clock and day of the week display with two-color Super-LumiNova(R) graphical display in gray or natural color, power reserve function up to 80 hours,
Antimagnetic Nivachron(TM) hairspring with 3 to 5 positions for high accuracy exceeding standard test requirements
Case Polished Ceramos(TM) bezel, radially brushed conical outer surface Polished stainless steel inner case
Polished stainless steel crown with matt anchor symbol
Hexagonal faceted sapphire crystal with internal anti-reflective coating Polished stainless steel caseback
Special engraving on the caseback: DIASTAR ORIGINAL 60-YEAR
Water resistant up to 10 ATM (100 m)
Dial Metallic gray, circular brushed finish, dot indexes coated with natural Super-LumiNova®, metallic gray backplate with silver-colored moving anchor symbol, gray-colored Rado logo
Hands Rhodium color hands with natural color Super-LumiNova(R), rhodium color second hand
Bracelet EasyClip system, satin-brushed stainless steel “Milanese”, polished sides, satin-brushed cover with polished opener
Supplied with gray textile strap, satin-brushed stainless steel folding telescoping buckle and polished pushers
Size 38.0 x 45.0 x 12.3mm (WxLxH)
Price including tax: 290,400 yen
Sales period Sequentially from January 2023

[Image 6d28918-54-98f26927919e8c838508-9.jpg&s3=28918-54-ab39d961b32f62e912256c340d9a72f3-3900x2445.jpg

Ref. R12160103 R12160213 R12160303
Movement Rado caliber R764 (gold plated), self-winding, 3 hands, day and date display at 6 o’clock, power reserve function up to 80 hours, anti-magnetic Nivachron(TM) hairspring, standard in 3-5 positions Accurate to exceed test requirements, day and date display with white printed background to match dial color
Case Ceramos (TM) bezel with polished finish
stainless steel inner case
Stainless steel crown with matte anchor symbol
Parallel faceted sapphire crystal with internal anti-reflective coating Stainless steel caseback
Water resistant up to 10 ATM (100 m)
Dial blue/dark gray/green brushed finish on two sides
Silver-coloured moving anchor symbol with red plate
DiaStar, Rado and automatic white print logos
Needle Rhodium color needle with white Super LumiNova(R)
Bracelet polished/brushed H-link stainless steel, buckle with opener Size 38.0 x 45.0 x 12.3mm (W x L x H)
Price including tax: 215,600 yen
Sales period Sequentially from January 2023
Rado / Swatch Group Japan Co., Ltd. Tel: 03-6254-7330
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