Sweets that make your body happy even if you eat it 365 days a year! D2C sweets brand “KIDS SNACK LAB” launched to nurture the future of children

Sweets that make your body happy even if you eat it 365 days a year! D2C sweets brand “KIDS SNACK LAB” launched to nurture the future of children
Crowdfunding will start at “CAMP FIRE” from Friday, January 20, 2023 https://camp-fire.jp/projects/view/648266

KIDS SNACK LAB Co., Ltd. (Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Kiyoshi Furuya, hereinafter referred to as KSL), which considers the future of children from sweets, has updated conventional snacks such as chocolate, gummies, cookies, and chips. We will start the D2C confectionery brand “KIDS SNACK LAB” (Kids Snack Lab). Based on the latest nutritional science, “KIDS SNACK LAB” incorporates nutrients such as vitamins and minerals that tend to be deficient in daily meals in a well-balanced manner. It is a brand of sweets for children that is delicious and delights the body and mind even after eating it 365 days a year. In April 2023, “Switch Orange Gummy”, “Cream Sandwich for Hard Heart”, and “Shuchu Ale! Zakuzaku Chocolate” is scheduled to be released. Prior to this release, crowdfunding will start on January 20, 2023 (Friday) at CAMP FIRE.
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brand statement
I want you to eat something easy.
I want you to eat something delicious.
I want you to eat something that makes you happy.
The feelings of mothers and fathers who watch over their children Always complicated, earnest, and warm.
That’s why we create.
It’s delicious, but it’s also nutritious. Such a sweet.
Colorful, yet healthy. Such a sweet.
With free thinking and careful manufacturing,
The sweets are evolved one after another.
KIDS SNACK LAB is about to begin.
I want to create new options for children’s sweets that make their bodies and minds happy even if they eat them every day.
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The reason for launching the brand was the realization of Furuya, the CEO and father of one child. It means that my 4-year-old daughter buys sweets at the convenience store almost every day. There are many sweets that children like, such as chocolate, potato chips, soda pop, gummies, etc., that can be purchased at familiar convenience stores and supermarkets. Commercial sweets can easily satisfy children’s hunger, and even parents who are busy with housework or work can say that they are very convenient and easy to feed their children quickly. increase.
On the other hand, when I seriously thought about the nutrition that children should take in their daily diet, and reconsidered the ingredients such as sugar, oil, and flour used in sweets, I came up with the idea that “it is safe to eat 365 days a year, and The brand was started with the desire to create a new snack option for children that can supplement the nutrients that are important for the body and mind.
For children’s mental health, daily nutrition is necessary
I get impatient, anxious, irritated and can’t concentrate… In recent years, it is said that the lack of vitamins and minerals is one of the causes of mental troubles that are easy to carry alone. It’s the same for children as it is for adults.
In the daily life of children, there are many situations that cause tension and stress, such as once-in-a-lifetime experiences and big stage performances. However, it is not easy for children to take in sufficient nutrients from food alone, which many adults supplement with supplements. Therefore, we wanted to support the health maintenance of children by making delicious, healthy snacks that contain nutrients.
Three things that KIDS SNACK LAB values
“KIDS SNACK LAB” promises three things when making sweets that are good for children’s mental and physical health. In order to provide children with snacks that are nutritionally nutritious and only contain ingredients such as sugar and oil, the team devises recipes, and each ingredient, cooking method, and manufacturing process. Choose a method.
(1) Make a nutritious snack.
Based on the latest nutritional science, we combine vitamins, minerals, bacteria, enzymes, etc. to develop sweets that help the growth of the mind and body.
(2) Do not use white sugar.
We are picking up sweets one by one that are delicious and not linked to high blood sugar levels or obesity.
(3) Reduce gluten and trans fatty acids.
We use a manufacturing method that does not put a strain on the body so that children of any age and constitution can safely eat it 365 days a year.
The first product is all three types. We made nutritious sweets using only healthy ingredients.
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In April 2023, we plan to launch three new products at the same time as the brand launch of “KIDS SNACK LAB”. We have made sweets packed with different nutrients and deliciousness.
Switch switch orange gummy
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Studying, lessons, sports, love, friendships… There are many seeds of pressure and irritation in children’s daily life.
Sweet and sour, vitamin-rich gummies help balance your mind and body. Price: Open price * Estimated retail price around 3,600 yen (tax included) ● Contents: 20g × 9 bags
Formulated nutrients: vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, folic acid, vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin D
◆Cream sandwich for a hard heart
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Exams, competitions, presentations… To you heading to the big one. Minerals support nutritional balance when you want not only the body but also the strength of the mind. Soft and crunchy cookie with vanilla-flavored fluffy cream sandwiched between them.
Price: Open price * Estimated retail price around 4,200 yen (tax included) ● Contents: 20g × 9 bags
Formulated nutrients: iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium
◆Shuchu Ale! crunchy chocolate
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I can’t concentrate, I can’t remember, I can’t make progress… For breaks and snacks at such times, crunchy chocolate snacks. Cacao, iron, and domestic GABA stimulate and nourish your mind and heart. Price: Open price * Estimated retail price around 3,800 yen (tax included) ● Contents: 20g × 9 bags
Formulated nutrients: Iron, GABA
*Regarding mixed nutrients, representative nutrients are extracted and listed in descending order of the mixed amount.
*All information is as of the time of release distribution. Some information may change in the future.
[Recipe development & brand direction]
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Goki Inoue, Momoko Inoue, Chisato Maruyama
As a food creative unit -TETOTETO-, we produce products that enhance the sensitivity of people’s lives, focusing on food. He works with a wide range of companies as clients, including confectionery makers, restaurants, fisheries companies, ranches, and farmers. In addition to recipes and product development, he is active in a wide range of areas such as store development and branding. There are many opportunities for media appearances such as TV, magazines, and cooking classes. Designing a box that can be used for a long time in collaboration with artists “KIDS SNACK LAB” sweets are delivered in original boxes by artists who are active in various scenes, such as picture book authors,
illustrators, and creative units. The “delicious and healthy” artwork that stimulates the sensibility of children will deliver both deliciousness and excitement.
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[1st collaboration artist]
Nishiwaki Tadashi
Illustrator. With indescribable illustrations and motifs, he is active in a wide range of books, advertisements, and goods. His publications include Kansai Ekotoba Jiten (Pai International).
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[2nd collaboration artist]
Illustrator. Graduated from Musashino Art University, Department of Basic Design. Active in various fields, focusing on illustrations for advertisements, books, packages, and murals.
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Crowdfunding starts on Friday, January 20
Before the brand launch in April 2023, crowdfunding will start on January 20 (Friday) at CAMP FIRE. “Switch Orange Gummy” “Hard Heart Cream Sand” “Shuchu Ale! Not only children but also adults can enjoy the return of delivering 3 products of “Zaku Zaku Chocolate”, as well as tickets for sweets making experience events that children can participate in and original illustrations of artists who design boxes. We have prepared a return for you.
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A confectionery brand for children that was born from the desire to increase the choice of confectionery that can be eaten 365 days a year and that supplements important nutrients for children’s minds and bodies. As a project to challenge from Setagaya Ward, while receiving support from Setagaya Ward’s regional collaboration hands-on support project “SETA COLOR (Seta Color)”, it is based on the latest nutritional science such as vitamins, minerals, fungi and enzymes without using white sugar or flour. We deliver delicious sweets. Company Profile
Company name: KIDS SNACK LAB Co., Ltd.
Representative: Kiyoshi Furuya
Contact: info@kidssnacklab.com
Business description: Planning, manufacturing and sales of healthy sweets for children
Details about this release:



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