Tabi Life Co., Ltd. Financing and company name change Tabi Life Co., Ltd. (formerly LYNKED Co., Ltd.), a startup company promoting digital transformation in the hospitality industry, has raised a total of 64 million yen with leading companies and a

Tabi Life Co., Ltd.
Tabi Life Co., Ltd. (formerly LYNKED Co., Ltd.), a startup company promoting digital transformation in the hospitality industry, has raised a total of 64 million yen with leading companies and angel investors.
The company name has also been changed to Tabi Life, and the hotel industry is promoting the development of new services and
strengthening of DX solutions to achieve the best customer service.
Tabi Life Co., Ltd. (former name: LYNKED Co., Ltd., head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, representative: Sanders Christopher Hayato), a startup company promoting digital transformation in the hospitality industry, is pleased to announce that Vector Co., Ltd., Astrolab Co., Ltd., stock We are pleased to inform you that we have raised a total of approximately 60 million yen in seed rounds with the company Digitalift and other angel investors as underwriters. At the same time, the company name will be changed from the former LYNKED Co., Ltd. to Tabi Life Co., Ltd. to promote further business expansion. ■Background of funding ・Change of company name from “LYNKED Co., Ltd.” to “Tabi Life Co., Ltd.”
The accommodation industry has been one of the hardest-hit markets in the three-year-long coronavirus crisis. And now, with and after COVID-19, the lodging industry is expected to revive and grow significantly in Japan. The three major issues that hinder the revival and growth of the accommodation industry are labor shortages, delays in DX conversion, and lack of customer engagement. In addition to tourism resources, the depreciation of the yen is also boosting, and even if it is consistently ranked among the top travel destinations from all over the world, it is necessary to solve these three major issues as soon as possible for market growth.
Currently, due to the lack of manpower, it is not possible to provide customer service that satisfies guests, resulting in a decline in engagement with guests and a significant loss of sales opportunities. There are also concerns about dealing with inbound guests.
Accommodation facilities aim to break away from reliance on OTAs, which charge high fees, and are strengthening their own websites. There are not many facilities available.
Tabi Life provides a low-cost web application that is easy to use for both employees and guests, and can easily overcome this current situation. Guests can ask the hotel staff what they want to ask in their own language on their smartphones, improving staff shortages and customer satisfaction at the same time, and providing timely information to customers Engagement also improves. As a result, we will contribute to the sales of accommodation facilities’ own site reservations and the improvement of opportunities for sales within the facilities.
“Tabi Life”, which is also used for the new company name, is defined as “Tabi Life” for that excitement when going on a trip. We will provide technology to accommodation facilities and travelers so that travelers can realize a comfortable and wonderful journey with the feeling of “Tabi Life”. And we will make the accommodation tourism industry where the best experience is realized for both accommodation facilities and travelers.
We have received high evaluations and high expectations from the companies that have invested in Tabi Life’s business.
■ Comment from Mr. Hajime Nishie, Representative Director of Vector Co., Ltd. We believe that the decline in the working population is one of the social issues that have already emerged, and Tabi Life is working to solve this issue in the hospitality industry by not only converting hotels and other facilities to DX but also developing new
technologies. We look forward to further progress as a leading company in this field. Through this investment, we would like to help spread this excellent business model to the world.
■ Comment from Mr. Yasuyuki Kusaka, Representative Director and CEO of Astro Lab Co., Ltd.
We have been paying attention to Tabi Life’s business since its founding. With the enthusiasm and passion of the American
representative, Hong Kong CTO, Japanese CSO, Malaysian engineer and four international founding members, as well as wonderful ideas and technology, we have developed products and sales activities in just one year. It took off in no time and got a few customers. In addition, we have decided to introduce it at a famous overseas hotel, and we are surprised at the speed of business development. Many people feel that there are many challenges in customer experience in travel. “To enable travelers to have a comfortable travel experience (Tabi Life). To that end, we will solve problems in the hotel industry from the user’s point of view.” I would like to support you so that you can make a leap overseas without staying in Japan.
■ Comment from Mr. Masahiro Hyakumoto, CEO of Digitallift Co., Ltd. We made this investment because we sympathized with Tabi Life Co., Ltd.’s idea of ​​solving problems in the hotel industry by making full use of IT and industry knowledge. I expect that the president and other strong individuals will work together as a team to solve problems. The essential conditions for a startup company to succeed are the founder’s passion, ideas, and flexible and speedy action. These three feelings were one of the factors that made me decide to invest. There are products that have already started to be introduced by customers, but one of the attractions is that they keep coming up with new ideas without sticking to them. The reliable technology development ability that can quickly give shape to ideas is also wonderful. We will continue to do our best to support them, and Digitallift will also provide marketing support.
[Image 1

Tabi Life is represented by Sanders Christopher Hayato, who previously served as a global entertainment company and a leadership team for a global hotel IT startup company. We are expanding our business with an overwhelming sense of speed with specialized knowledge and
international members such as marketing experts. Two years after its launch, we have already signed contracts with not only domestic lodging facilities, but also famous overseas lodging facilities. [Image 2

Tabi Life will use this funding to change the name of the
accommodation industry engagement tool “SPOT”, which has already been put into the market and is used by many accommodation facilities, to “Smartphone Concierge”, and will also enhance its functions. We will go.
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Business partner
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■Tabi Life Representative Director Comment■
This time, we will change the company name (trade name) from LYNKED Co., Ltd. to Tabi Life Co., Ltd. (head office, same representative) for the purpose of further rebranding the company with a large amount of investment. With this company name change and rebranding, we will start providing a system that meets the needs of more accommodation facilities. We will expand domestic and overseas expansion at the same time and quickly, and increase market value.
■Overview of changes■
[Trade name]
Former trade name: LYNKED Inc.
New trade name: Tabi Life Co., Ltd.
[Date of change]
November 1, 2022
■Company Profile■
・Corporate name: Tabi Life Co., Ltd.
・ Website:
・Registered address: 3-17-11-502 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo
・Head office location: 1-26-1 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo Shoko Building 6F ・President and Representative Director: Saunders Christopher Hayato ・Established: June 2020
・ Business: DX solution business for hotel accommodations, IT consulting business
■Mission: About the Tabi Life we ​​aim for■
We provide DX solutions to hotels and other accommodation facilities for the hotel industry to achieve the best customer service. By supporting the digital transformation of the hospitality industry, we will create an environment where accommodation facilities can increase engagement with guests and continuously grow. We will support accommodation facilities with digital technology and our wisdom and experience so that they can increase the direct reservation ratio without relying only on OTAs and operate soundly.
For Japan’s most valuable and largest hotel network and alliance, we provide complete unification of customer journeys in “travel” and aim for a world where the best travel experience is realized for both accommodation facilities and travelers. .
■About smartphone concierge■
Accurate information from the facility to guests (guests) can be displayed by icons by reading the QR code on the smartphone. It is an application that can be expected to display facilities’ unique services, peripheral information provision, and advertisement display in an easy-to-understand design, reduce facility inquiries
(countermeasures against labor shortage), reduce costs, and upsell. We will start offering our own loyalty program to facilities that have introduced the system, with the aim of improving guest engagement during stays and improving the rate of bookings on our own website after travel. We aim to break away from dependence on OTA and build a new customer referral ecosystem from our loyalty program.
[Inquiries regarding this matter]
Phone number: 03-6275-1510

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