Taiyo Farm Co., Ltd. First time in the world! Holding a mother’s taste curry recipe NFT contest!

world’s first! Holding a mother’s taste curry recipe NFT contest! -Total prize money of 1.9 million yen Judged by super-luxury judges! Anyone can apply-The work will be announced in the June 17th issue of Orange Page and on the contest website.

The food project “Mother’s Taste NFT Curry Recipe Contest” hosted by Taiyo Farm will start accepting recipes from January 17, 2023 (Tuesday). A chance to commercialize our curry recipe as retort curry! Applications for the food project “Mother’s Taste NFT Curry Recipe Contest” hosted by Taiyo Farm (Location: Seiyo City, Ehime Prefecture, President: Yukihisa Honda) will start.
A plan to solicit secret curry recipes from the public, digitize the recipes for the selected excellent works, give them the copyright of the taste, and leave it as a taste intellectual property for future generations as “Mother’s taste curry recipe” am.
We will hold a contest that can contribute to the development of food culture by preserving the unique and important taste of memories. [Image 1

The purpose of this contest is to actively promote efforts in what is called the “sixth industry,” which is a combination of three numbers: agriculture (primary industry), manufacturing (secondary industry), and sales and service industry (tertiary industry). By proceeding to , we will revitalize the regions that produce agricultural products, enrich the economy, and lead to the future of agriculture.
We will increase the value of the agricultural industry by doing activities to leave mother’s curry as a taste of Japan for future generations.
A team of judges related to curry will be formed as judges, and the judging criteria will be “inheritance”, “affection”, and
“originality”. Judges from each industry will be invited to receive advice from a perspective closer to food.
[Image 2

-Member of the Judging Committee-
Ichiro Furudate, Takashi Matsuo, Yuki Matsushita, Tatsuji Fujinami, Miyuki Shimamoto
(in no particular order)
[Examination Criteria]
There are memorable episodes such as the first time I cooked with my mother was curry. And is it a recipe that you want to pass down from generation to generation?
・ “Affection”
What kind of thoughts did the mother put into curry, and what kind of ingenuity was done to make it delicious for the family?
Even if you use commercially available curry roux, is it a unique recipe that does not follow the product recipe, such as adding a hidden flavor? Is it an attractive curry that focuses on taste and appearance?
■ Application conditions
・Must use pork and onions as an entry condition. Compete for curry recipes. ・ Add a memory story related to curry rice.
■ Target period
January 17, 2023 (Tuesday) 00:00 to February 28, 2023 (Tuesday) 23:59 ■ Eligibility
Anyone can apply regardless of age or gender.
■ How to apply
1. Curry title 2. Ingredients (for 4 to 5 people) 3. How to make 4. Write a memorable story 5. Attach a photo of the finished product and apply from the contest website using the dedicated application form or application form. Please give me.
■ Presentation method
In the June 17th issue of Orange Page (released on June 2nd) and on the contest website, we will announce and introduce the curry that has been selected for the Grand Prize, Excellence Award, and Individual Judge’s Award.
Contest website: https://nft.taiyo-noen.com/
[About benefits]
(Benefit 1)
Grand Prize: Prize money 1 million yen 3 months worth of all types of retort curry created in this project
Excellence Award: Prize money of 300,000 yen 1 month’s worth of all types of retort curry created in this project
●Individual Jury Prize: 100,000 yen x 5 winners
Participation prize: Announced on the contest website (equivalent to 100,000 yen)
(Benefit 2)
Almost reproduce the recipe with taste NFT
“Food NFT” Retort curry will be commercialized and sold for a limited time, curry that reproduces the recipe will be commercialized as a retort, and will be sold for a limited time at pop-up stores such as major long-established department stores and mail order.
[About NFT]
Digital data that cannot be copied or tampered with and whose ownership can be verified. In this contest, by converting the recipes of the winning works into NFTs, we will give the recipes who made them – the copyright of the taste – and leave the recipes to future generations as intellectual property of taste.
[About Taiyo Farm]
Taiyo Farm is a company that produces agricultural products on the largest land in western Japan.
[Inquiries regarding contest releases]
Taiyo Farm Contest Secretariat
Phone number089-989-1337
Monday-Friday / 9:00-17:00
*We cannot answer inquiries regarding screening and screening results.

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