Takano Fruit Parlor Takano Fruit Tiara February. Enjoy the full range of strawberries from a specialty store with Amaou and strawberries from Tochigi Prefecture.

Shinjuku Takano
[Takano Fruit Parlor] Takano Fruit Tiara February. Enjoy the full range of strawberries from a specialty store with Amaou and
strawberries from Tochigi Prefecture.

Takano Fruit Parlor Co., Ltd. (President: Yoshitaro Takano,
headquartered in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) will run “Takano Fruit Tiara ~ Strawberry Festival Amaou & Strawberries from Tochigi ~” from February 1st (Wednesday) to February 28th (Tuesday). We will provide The main cut fruit is strawberry. Please enjoy the luxury of being able to refill as many times as you like.
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“Takano Fruit Tiara” is a 120-minute plan that includes
all-you-can-eat seasonal cut fruits that you can enjoy to your heart’s content, and a three-tiered afternoon tea set with free refills of drinks.
“Amaou” is on the upper level of the afternoon tea. “Strawberries from Tochigi Prefecture” are offered as a comparison of eating 3 kinds of strawberries. The variety of strawberries offered every day is “Skyberry”, “Tochiaika”, and “Tochiotome”, all of which are three kinds of strawberries that are proud of Tochigi Prefecture.
Big, beautiful, and delicious three-star strawberries. Juicy and fine taste. These strawberries are perfect for rewarding yourself or as gifts for loved ones.
The new face of “Strawberry Kingdom”. It is a strawberry that you will want to eat a lot because it is not sour and has a distinct sweetness. Tochiotome
The main variety of Strawberry Kingdom, which boasts the No. 1 market share in Japan. It is characterized by its rich flavor and rich fruit juice. The flesh, with its well-balanced sweetness and sourness, is the blessing of the sun that shines down on Tochigi in winter. ■ Afternoon tea
-Lower row-
Sandwiches, fruit sandwiches, salads
-middle row-
Chocolate covered brownies, fruit jelly, scones, strawberry jam, 2 kinds of dried fruits
-upper row-
Special fruit ~Amaou & Anpo persimmon from Fukushima~・Chocolate glass cake・Chocolate cream horn・Maritozzo・Strawberry fruit agar・Apple pie The whole afternoon tea was made with a combination of chocolates. In addition, the time-limited menu offers “fondue chocolate & chocolate ice cream”.
Combine cut fruits and desserts, enjoy fondue with chocolate sauce, or serve with chocolate ice cream. There is also the fun of being able to customize your own. The chocolate ice cream is made in-house and has a smooth and rich taste.
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Time limited menu Time limited menu
-Chocolate Fondue & Chocolate Ice Cream-
Offer period: 2/1 (Wed.) – 2/28 (Tue.) *Weekdays only
Available from 3:00pm
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Takano Fruit Tiara – Strawberry Festival Amaou & Strawberries from Tochigi Prefecture
■Coffee or tea (HOT/ICE)-free refills-
*Limit one afternoon tea set per person.
*All photos are images.
[Offer period]
February 1, 2023 (Wednesday) to February 28, 2023 (Tuesday)
¥5,500 including tax per person (¥5,000 without tax)
6 to 12 years old ¥3,300 including tax (¥3,000 without tax)
(Free for children under 6 years old)
[Usage time] 120 minutes
[Reservation time]
11:00am/11:15am/11:30am/1:30pm/1:45pm/2:00pm/3:45pm/5:30pm/6:00pm * Reservations will be given priority, but if seats are available, we will guide you even on the day.
Please inquire about vacant seats at the store or by phone.
Online reservations can be made from the Takano Fruit Parlor website: https://takano.jp/parlour/
We are also available in store or by phone.
TEL: 03-5368-5147 (direct)
*We may continue to change business hours or temporarily close in the future. Please note.
Efforts and requests for safety and security
Takano Fruit Tiara places top priority on the safety and health of customers and employees, and implements the following measures to prevent the spread of infection.
All of our employees will take responsibility to ensure that you can enjoy your meals safely and securely.
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