Takashimaya Co., Ltd. Yokohama Takashimaya Invented by the children of the local Yokohama Seika Elementary School! Selling 4 types of bread with unique ideas! !

Takashimaya Co., Ltd.
[Yokohama Takashimaya] Invented by the children of the local Yokohama Seika Elementary School! Selling 4 types of bread with unique ideas! !
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■ Sales period: January 18 (Wednesday) to 31 (Tuesday)
■ Sales location: Yokohama Takashimaya B1F Foodies’ Port2 Bakery Square At Yokohama Takashimaya, from January 18th (Wednesday) to 31st (Tuesday), with the cooperation of Hat Connect Co., Ltd., which operates -Saint-Germain- and -Kanagawa Bakers Dock-, Seika Elementary School in Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama City We will sell bread devised by the children of
So far, we have conducted several classes on the process and distribution of bread until it is made. While experiencing the importance and enjoyment of food through food education, we created four types of bread using the humorous ideas of the students. Based on the finished product, the children are also in charge of creating a POP to be installed in the store.
In addition to fostering awareness of the SDGs and revitalizing the region through food, it is a project that will remain in the memories of elementary school students.
[Sales products and POP examples]
[Image 2d69859-385-5d4e9103ac05d28b0513-1.jpg&s3=69859-385-89b676f56945c328d027026030a6b8a0-1280x576.jpg
Beni-imo-an rice bread…¥195
The children of Seika Elementary School devised a bread based on the image of sweet potatoes grown in the first year and rice grown in the second year. Red yam bean paste is wrapped in domestically produced rice flour dough with a springy texture, and Kintoki is placed on top. [Image 3d69859-385-66610c98060316a6838c-2.jpg&s3=69859-385-e3e00dc777fbb5a11d5a75db5f606d1a-1275x586.jpg
Emerald mini croissant set…¥432
We devised a “green” bread, which is also the image color of Seika Elementary School. An assortment of croissants topped with
mint-flavored fondant and chocolate croissants.
* Western liquor is used for fondant.
[Image 4d69859-385-9c0db7df4e9cce5ceb6f-3.jpg&s3=69859-385-9a59a2b572c42b386c83066a718f5073-1280x610.jpg
Four-color bread…¥389
It was born from the desire to make bread that looks colorful and cute. Topped with 4 types of cream (matcha, strawberry, chocolate, cream) and baked softly.
[Image 5d69859-385-18459cf63d9c0196dfc1-4.jpg&s3=69859-385-80015a98648ee7be354eb862aced758c-1280x631.jpg
Yuki-chan bread set…¥389
An assortment of strawberry cream bread and matcha cream bread with the motif of the rabbit “Yuki-chan” raised at Seika Elementary School. Contact: Yokohama Takashimaya 045-311-5111 (representative)
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