TAKEO Co., Ltd. TAKEO insect food web media “We and insect food” released

TAKEO Co., Ltd.
TAKEO insect food web media “We and insect food” release
What does “insect food” mean to us?

On January 19, 2023, TAKEO Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Takeo Saito, hereinafter “TAKEO”) released insect food web media “We and insect food”.
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Insect food with us
“We and Insect Food” is an insect food web media operated by TAKEO Co., Ltd. We would like you to feel more familiar with insect food by carefully spinning each and every one of the diverse stories of people involved in insect food and sharing them with everyone.


What does insect food mean to us?
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Eating insects may not be very popular yet.
There may be many people who don’t want to eat it, don’t think it tastes good, or feel sick.
However, the insect food that TAKEO has seen is a little different. People who love insects and eat them, people who enjoy eating insects with their friends, and people who carefully raise insects. All the people in the scenery we saw through insect food were full of smiles. What does insect food mean to us?
As a company specializing in insect food, TAKEO has always wanted to come up with an answer.
But each person’s relationship to insect food is different. That’s why I don’t have a single answer, and maybe it’s okay to be a jewel beetle color.
TAKEO values ​​the thoughts and values ​​of each individual, and while appreciating the blessings of insects, we would like to continue thinking about insect food together with everyone.


Each person’s story of insect food (story)
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TAKEO has been able to meet many people involved in insect food through the products it has developed and communication at the physical store TAKE-NOKO.
There are people who like to eat insects, people who enjoy eating insects with their loved ones, and people who grow insects. was. Mr. Yohei Ashizawa, a sericulture farmer, wrote a story titled “Spinning the sericulture industry into the future,” and Mr. Yusuke Togashi, an illustrator, wrote a story titled “Diverse Creatures and the Essence of Abundance.”
We will deliver the story to everyone with attractive photos. And if you can find something that you can relate to, even a little, you may be able to feel a little more familiar with insect food.
Since its founding in 2014, TAKEO has communicated with various people through insect food as a company specializing in insect food. In the “Domestic Insect Series”, which started in 2020, we have developed products (14 types nationwide, 30,000 units sold in total) that take advantage of the growing methods and regional
characteristics while collaborating with insect farmers all over Japan. In 2022, we will reopen the physical store “TAKE-NOKO” where you can shop, eat, and gather information like a roadside station. We have held collaborative events with
Eating insects may not be common in Japan today.
Still, the scenery that TAKEO saw was full of smiles. Through the web media “We and insect food”, we will share the story of each person’s smile with everyone.
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【Company Profile】
Company name: TAKEO Co., Ltd.
Head office: 1-3-14 Nishi-Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Takeo Saito
Business description: Import of insect food, development,
manufacturing and sales of own products, farming of edible insects, operation of insect food station “TAKE-NOKO”
Website: https://takeo.tokyo/
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Takeo Co., Ltd. Representative: Takeo Saito
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