Taku 1 Grand Prix Secretariat (Shinjuku Food Support Research Group) If you have one book, you can choose the home delivery lunch box necessary for home care. Released “Careful Home Delivery Lunch Guide” Shinjuku Ward

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Taku 1 Grand Prix Secretariat
If you have this one book, you can choose the home delivery lunch you need for home care. Released “Careful Home Delivery Lunch Guide” Shinjuku Ward
For the first time in the industry, we will distribute a guidebook that deals with home delivery bento companies.

Under the motto of “Shinjuku, a city where you can eat from your mouth until the end”, the working group of the Shinjuku Food Support Research Group, which is a gathering of practitioners such as medical workers, nursing care workers, and welfare workers (hereinafter: Taku 1 Grand Prix Secretariat). has published a booklet “Careful Lunch Box Delivery Guide” that summarizes product and service information focusing on home delivery lunch boxes. (issued in December 2022, distributed in January 2023)
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This guide has been compiled into an easy-to-understand booklet that covers the basic types of boxed lunches and how to choose one, interviews and evaluations of boxed lunches delivered in Shinjuku, and information on various counters where you can consult about meals and nursing care.
Delivery of boxed lunches has expanded, mainly for the elderly, but the marketability has been planned independently by each business operator, and the rules for ordering and delivery are disparate. It was a mixed service provision, such as calling out and serving/not serving.
For that reason, while holding meetings with food support specialists and business operators, we compiled information on interviews and evaluations of each boxed lunch delivery product and service. It will be something that has been edited as a guide for you to choose something.
The booklet of this guide will be distributed to Shinjuku Ward’s General Consultation Center for the Elderly (Regional Comprehensive Support Center), Shinjuku Ward’s medical, nursing care, and welfare service providers, as well as counters where you can consult about meals and nursing care. (Scheduled to be distributed from January 2023)
This guide (web version) is open to the general public and online, so please refer to the guide below if you would like to view/print it individually.
In this release, we will pick up and introduce the highlights of the “Careful Delivery Bento Guide”.
〔pick up〕
1. Diet support specialist column
2.Interview with food support professionals
3. Consultation desk for food support
4. Other reference information, etc.
1. Diet support specialist column
We have recorded a column that explains the needs and functions required of home delivery lunch boxes from food support experts representing the Shinjuku Food Support Research Group.
This time, from the viewpoint of oral function and nutritional management for eating, we have published it as a column article with the cooperation of Dr. Goto and Dr. Kawaguchi.
[Expert column]
・Dr. Tomoyuki Goto: Dentist
・ Dr. Mikiko Kawaguchi: registered dietician, doctor of medicine [Image 2

column of experts
2.Interview with food support professionals
A registered dietitian who provides meal and nutrition guidance in home care interviewed delivery lunch service companies and evaluated them while tasting the lunch boxes.
Four members of registered dietitians active in Shinjuku interviewed each company and published an interview article that evaluated the taste, appearance, ease of eating, nutritional management and incidental services of delivery lunch boxes.
[Interview with a professional]
・ Shinji Okumura: registered dietician, singer
・ Mirai Inayama: registered dietitian, nursing care support
specialist, dementia care specialist, etc.
・ Miho Inoue: registered dietitian
・ Eri Harashima: registered dietitian, trainer
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Expert coverage
3. Consultation desk for food support
In addition, as a guide for home care, we also introduce information such as food support specialists and counters where you can consult about diet, nutrition, living and nursing care.
As a consultation desk for Shinjuku, the “city of food support”, we widely publish information such as government consultation centers, private cafes and salons, study sessions and events.
[Image 4d114524-1-40d35cb3e144574d304e-11.png&s3=114524-1-2a41c7c324de1d4014177226d6c26057-1780x732.png
Consultation desk for food support
[Image 5d114524-1-9b437895c1e9ab262a72-5.png&s3=114524-1-4a6718e4a530cea738c601ff56289953-1546x736.png
Where to distribute the guide
This guide (booklet) will also be distributed to such consultation desks. (Scheduled from mid-January 2023)
*Similar guide information (web version) is also available online for the general public.
Other relevant reference information, etc.
New information and topics on the “Careful Bento Delivery Guide” are also introduced on the website and SNS pages.
・ Website “Taku 1 Grand Prix”
・ SNS page “Taku 1 Grand Prix”
・ Summary of gourmet site “Tabelog” (starting in mid-January) https://tabelog.com/rvwr/taku1gp/
・Guide information online (sequentially from mid-January)
https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ZIgvN96DwLgUoIsdMdB4TJ87AZxbik3L?usp=sharing [Image 6d114524-1-aa1d6dec82edf0902f23-8.png&s3=114524-1-3cfd1673fa5278a779292a49887fb3dc-1402x740.png
Other reference information
Conclusion Thank you for issuing this guide
Thank you for reading the release of Shinjuku Ward’s “Careful Delivery Bento Guide”.
This guide focused on home delivery lunch boxes delivered in Shinjuku Ward, and while holding meetings with specialists in food support, we covered the products and services of each business from the
perspective of home care.
The products and services of each business are experiencing changes in users and needs due to the impact of the corona crisis and soaring raw material prices, and it can be said that we are in a period of change in product planning and service provision.
Even in such a situation, the lunch box delivered every day is becoming an essential service that plays a role in home care, not only because it tastes delicious, but also because it provides a safe and secure service.
In addition, we hope that this guide will serve as an opportunity for you to see the home delivery boxed lunches that we take care of as a supporter of food support, not just boxed lunches, in an
easy-to-understand manner, and to help you choose the one that suits you and your family. am.
Taku 1 Grand Prix Secretariat (Shinjuku Food Support Research Group) [Image 7d114524-1-a6525ab48c767d47aa73-14.png&s3=114524-1-22f8bea61df1fc320acb6b3edb2ac9cb-932x1348.png
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