“Takumi Juku Global Village Ebino” in Ebino City, Miyazaki Prefecture is looking for successors on the “business succession matching platform relay”.

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“Takumi Juku Global Village Ebino” in Ebino City, Miyazaki Prefecture is looking for successors on the “business succession matching platform relay”.

Ebino City in Miyazaki Prefecture is located in the southwestern part of the prefecture, on the border of Kumamoto and Kagoshima
Prefectures, and is a town surrounded by nature such as plateaus and forests. In the south, the Kirishima mountain range, including Mt. Takumi Juku Global Village Ebino, located near the Kirishima mountain range, has been highly acclaimed from all quarters for about half a century for its craftsmanship using timber from Miyazaki Prefecture, which is blessed with abundant resources.
The organizer, Kozo Kawano, an architect and craftsman, has been recognized for his achievements and was selected as a national “modern master craftsman” in November 2022 to commend people with outstanding skills in each field. .
Takumi Juku Global Village Ebino is looking for people to work with Mr. Kawano on manufacturing.
About this recruitment of successors
About the business succession matching platform “relay”
Company Profile
1. About this recruitment of successors
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Kawano founded a design office in Ohashi, Miyazaki City in 1973. I used to design houses and restaurants. Mr. Kawano’s design was innovative at the time, and there were many cases where the
construction company could not complete the project as designed. That company was “Atelier Global Co., Ltd.”, which later became “Global Village”.
Mr. Kawano designed famous French restaurants and local restaurants in Miyazaki City. Received the Takenaka Corporation Award for the system kitchen at the World Craft Conference. We continued to improve our reputation as a genuine custom-made product like no other.
Mr. Kawano’s main customers are discerning people. Since our founding, we have been particular about furniture and architectural works that make use of the goodness of wood from Miyazaki Prefecture, and have never used cheap or low-quality products.
“We combined a lot of wood to create a new laminated lumber (a wooden material that reconfigures wood with small cross-sectional dimensions with an adhesive). I felt that this was a job that could only be done in this region,” he says.
Mr. Kawano, who is always busy with many orders and requests, wanted to spend the rest of his life training the next generation, which led to this recruitment.
“Of course I have passed on the techniques that I have been working on, but as someone who has worked with wood for half a century, I would like to pass on the message that we must protect Japan’s mountains for the rest of my life. I want people who love mountains and nature to come and grow mountains that can be used continuously. Along with Mr. Kawano’s ideals, why not take on the challenge of manufacturing in the abundant resources and natural environment of Ebino City?
Related URL: https://relay.town/entrustments/global_village_ebino [Inquiries for collaboration and publication: Light Light Co., Ltd.] Contact person: Ai Seino
Phone number: 0120-417-007
Email: info@light-right.jp
2. About the business succession matching platform “relay”
The business succession matching platform “relay” is a service that matches managers who want to transfer their business with candidates who want to take over their business. Unlike conventional M&A matching sites, it has the feature of making articles about the thoughts of running companies and stores, including the owner’s profile, and publicly recruiting successors.
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* Official website: https://relay.town/
3.Company Profile
[Light Light Co., Ltd.]
Location: Wakakusa Kinjodo Building 2F, 3-3-15 Tachibana-dori Higashi, Miyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture 880-0805
Representative Director: Ryuta Saito
Capital: 65,010,000 yen
Business content: Business succession matching platform “relay” development / operation
Corporate site: https://light-right.jp/
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