Takuya Kimura appeared on the cover and in an interview “I faced the real ‘Nobunaga’ one-on-one” / AERA released on January 16

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Takuya Kimura appeared on the cover and in an interview “I faced the real ‘Nobunaga’ one-on-one” / AERA released on January 16
The opening feature is “Leadership learned from Sengoku warlords” / Koji Mukai Incandescent camera lesson

Takuya Kimura will appear on the cover of the January 23, 2023 issue of AERA, which will be released on January 16. Mr. Kimura, who plays Nobunaga Oda in the movie “Legend & Butterfly”, praises Nobunaga’s power and presence as it is. In an interview, he said, “I faced ‘Nobunaga’ in person one-on-one,” expressing his extraordinary feelings for Nobunaga and this work. The opening feature is related to the cover, “Leadership learned from Sengoku warlords”. A detailed and unique analysis of Nobunaga, Hideyoshi, and Ieyasu’s leadership. In the popular series “Incandescent Camera Lessons Learned by Koji Mukai”, Shuichi Maiyama taught us how to control the light when taking pictures at the sea. Similarly, the very popular series “Kohei Matsushita Junin to Iro” is the final episode of the interview with Mr. Tae Kimura. Mr. Kimura cut into it, saying, “So, how about it? Kohei-kun, get married or something.” There are also articles analyzing the contents of “Henry’s Memoirs”, which is attracting attention around the world, as well as “The true intentions of Japanese youth, who are declining and unmarried,” which interprets society. It is a readable book filled with various other projects. [Imaged4702-1631-91715d60174204f225bd-0.jpg&s3=4702-1631-6f44a5bbeb3fe6e7d374d9d0c2272bf5-1653x2236.jpg
Cover & Interview: Takuya Kimura
Takuya Kimura, who appears on the cover, will refrain from releasing the movie “Legend & Butterfly” starring. Regarding Oda Nobunaga, who plays, he says, “I want to show a ‘real human being’ by stripping off the image that has grown with history.” This is the third time she has co-starred with Haruka Ayase, who plays the role of Nohime. The two of us talked on the set, set up a strategy, and built the scene. Last year, 460,000 people gathered for the Gifu Nobunaga Festival, which became a hot topic. “The ‘real existence’ who seeks me is a very big support for me,” he says. Photographed by Mika Ninagawa, of course. Please check out the many photos of Mr. Kimura, who has a unique presence in a set that looks like he got lost in a fantastic forest. Introductory special feature “Leadership learned from Sengoku warlords” This special feature is based on interviews with experts and unique analysis of what kind of people Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and Tokugawa Ieyasu were, and what we should learn from living in modern society. Nobunaga stands out for his “eyes to see people” and “quick decision making,” but his negative point is that he evaluates people based on their emotions. Hideyoshi is highly praised for his ability to look out for people and his ability to look out for people, but his flaw is that he conducts outlandish personnel affairs. Ieyasu built the foundation of the Edo period that lasted 260 years with his “good roots”, “constantness” and “information management ability”, but his analysis is still relevant today, such as his stinginess and shortcomings. There is also an interview with Ryu Wada, a novelist who has written works such as “Nobo no Shiro” and “Murakami Kaizoku no Musume”, as well as an interview with Rena Yamazaki, a talent known as a history buff, as well as an article about her favorite military commander and princess.
An incandescent camera lesson taught by Koji Mukai
The popular series “Incandescent Camera Lessons Learned by Koji Mukai” continues from the last time, with Shuichi Maiyama and the sea of ​​Kujukuri Beach. Mr. Mukai said, “I also want to know how to shoot at sea.” , the different shooting methods for men and women, and the target time of day. In addition, we also challenged “group photos” that consist of multiple photos. A unique perspective shines in the work shot using a single pillar standing alone on the sandy beach. Mr. Mukai, who was the subject of the photo, said, “I want to put it all in the magazine,” along with the photo taken by Mr. Maiyama, which was “very cool, I mean, it’s a picture.” Please enjoy the chat-rich talk that originated from.
Kohei Matsushita
This is the final time that Tae Kimura will be the guest. Since Mr. Kimura hadn’t touched on it in the conversation so far, he said, “Let’s ask him properly.” While laughing, Mr. Matsushita speaks firmly in his own words about things such as his thoughts on the balance between love, marriage and work. It is a must-read dialogue filled with a lot of content that can be talked about because there is a relationship of trust with Mr. Kimura.
The true feelings of Japanese young people who are becoming unmarried and declining birthrate
Lifetime unmarried rate is 28% for men and 18% for women. With the number of births falling below 800,000, the number of unmarried and declining birthrates continues in Japan. We interviewed young people and experts to find out why. Economic problems, gender roles, and work-life balance. We will think about what is affecting the reality that it is difficult to take the option of marriage and childbirth. Impact of “Henry’s Memoirs”
The memoir of Prince Harry, the second son of King Charles, has become a hot topic around the world. The content is said to be
“self-justification route” this time as well. This is an article by a journalist who has been watching the British royal family to see what is written and what will happen in the future.
The United States is divided into four divisions: the shadow of President Biden’s confidential document issue
Princess Aiko, Princess Kako: Press conferences with female members of the royal family prior to social media
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Shoma Uno’s ‘challenging spirit’ Expects a leap forward at the World Championships
Not drawn in by “wanting to die” “suicidal ideation” amplifies on SNS Even if the form changes from a married couple to an adopted child, the father comes out as a “female at heart”
“New Year’s card mount” Tears of frustration after seeing the photo Sony people 8. The key to counterattack is huge data
Ellie Omiya’s University of Tokyo Futari Reunion Guest Guest Hiroaki Miyata Looking Back
Contemporary Portraits Yuri Yamada, Director of the Theater Company “Zeitaku Binbo”
and other articles are posted.
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AERA January 23, 2023 issue
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