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Realizing the image of beauty and hospitality that the bride and groom envision “Suma Hana Flower & Table Coordination” now available

“Smakon” (https://smakon.jp/), a casual wedding produced by Tameny Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President: Kenjo Kurisawa, Securities code: Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth 6181), 1 We are pleased to inform you that we have started offering “Suma Hana Flower & Table Coordination” from Saturday, March 14th.
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Realize the wedding ceremony that the bride and groom want
According to a survey by Asmark Co., Ltd., “Instagram” was the most popular media for gathering information on weddings among people in their 20s, and the popularity ranking for weddings was “dresses,” “cooking,” and “hair and makeup, accessories.” occupies the top position. We believe that this is the result of the bride and groom’s emphasis on both beauty, including photos, and hospitality for their families and visitors.
Under such circumstances, it is generally not possible to see samples of flower arrangements, which are indispensable for the production of beauty and hospitality. There is a current situation that it is difficult to reproduce faithfully. Therefore, at Sumakon, we would like to provide a wedding ceremony that allows you to fulfill what you want to do instead of giving up on something. We have decided to start offering “Suma Hana Flower & Table Coordination”.
■ Suma Hana flower & table coordination
“Suma Hana Flower & Table Coordination” is a unique package of styles that are popular among brides after researching trends. We offer high quality while keeping costs down.
Achieving a low price
Sumakon’s unique “packaged offering” makes it possible to realize flower arrangements at a stable price.
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Just select the image you want
At a typical wedding venue, the flower arrangement is decided after meeting with the customer while drawing a sketch. Therefore, it is difficult to faithfully reproduce the image that the bride and groom have in mind.
“Suma Hana Flower & Table Coordination” is a unique package, so no meeting is required. The price is also fixed and clear and safe, so you can welcome the day with peace of mind.
For the image, we have prepared 8 tastes from 4 keywords that are attracting attention in the recent bridal scene. You can choose any venue from hotels to restaurants.
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-Proposing 8 tastes from 4 keywords-
01 Botanical / green and natural
[Image 4

02 Girly / Karen
[Image 5

03 Elegant / dignified
[Image 6

04 Resort / Sunlight/Sat
[Image 7

Supervised by “Do Co., Ltd.”
Do Co., Ltd. has proposed 8 types of coordination proposals carefully selected from the keywords that are attracting attention in the recent bridal scene, such as natural style, elegance, resort, and terracotta. The trendy arrangement is unique to Do, who specializes in bridal. [Image 8

– Tameny Co., Ltd. Company Profile –
Trade name: Tameny Inc.
Securities code: Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth 6181
Representative: Kenjo Kurisawa, President and Representative Director Business start: September 2006
Location: 3rd floor, Imas Osaki Building, 1-20-3 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo URL: https://tameny.jp/
-Matchmaking area-
・ Marriage agency “Partner Agent”
・ Matchmaking party “Partner Agent Party”
・ Matchmaking party “OTOCON”
・ App-complete marriage agency “Partner Agent App”
・Matching app “Sumakon Date”
-Casual wedding area-
・Wedding Produce “Sumakon”
・ Produced after the wedding ceremony “Nijikai-kun”
・Produce small wedding ceremony “Emopa!”
・Wedding photo “studio LUMINOUS”
・ Wedding dress “LUMINOUS Dressing”
・Bridal jewelry “LUMINOUS Les Bijoux”
-Tech area-
・ CONNECT-ship, a mutual introduction platform for members between marriage-hunting businesses
・Marriage agency federation “Katsukatsu Alliance Partners”
・Corporate matchmaking support system
-Lifestyle area-
・Insurance agency “Tameny x Insurance Clinic”
・Post-marriage support service “Anniversary Club”
-Area for corporations and local governments-
・ Matchmaking support for local governments
・Corporate event production “Evemon”
·Video production
[Inquiries regarding this matter]
Tameny Co., Ltd. Public Relations: Hirata
TEL: 03-5759-2700 FAX: 03-5759-2701
Mail: public@tameny.jp
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