Tanabe Consulting Group and Kurts Media Works acquired majority shares (grouped) and formed a capital and business alliance to strengthen PR consulting, branding, and digital marketing in Japan and overseas.

Tanabe Consulting Group Co., Ltd.
Tanabe Consulting Group and Kurts Media Works acquired majority shares (grouped) and formed a capital and business alliance to strengthen PR consulting, branding, and digital marketing in Japan and overseas.
Tanabe Consulting Group Co., Ltd. (President: Takahiko Wakamatsu, Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo / Yodogawa-ku, Osaka, hereinafter referred to as “Tanabe Consulting Group”) is Kurtz Media Works Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Takashi Murakami, Headquarters: Tokyo). We are pleased to inform you that we have entered into a capital and business alliance agreement with Shibuya Ward (hereafter referred to as “Karts Media Works”). (Kartz Media Works: https://www.kartz.co.jp) [Image 1

As a PR company, Kurts Media Works has a mission of “delivering the joy of ‘communication’ to all people” from a “media perspective”, and supports strategy planning and operation of strategic PR, overseas PR, and digital marketing for large companies including foreign companies. is our strength.
We have a large number of people from the media and global human resources as “PR consultants”, and since the start of business in 2002, we have provided the following solutions to more than 2,000 companies.
[Strategic PR and PR consulting business]
Strategic PR/Public Relations Consulting, TV PR, Press
Conference/Event PR, Cross Media PR, Web PR/Digital PR, Press Release Creation/Distribution, Brand Building/Branding, SNS Operation/SNS Marketing, etc.
[Image 2

[Overseas PR business]
PR consulting for overseas, creation and distribution of press releases for overseas, operation of “Global PR Wire” (unique press release distribution service for overseas: https://globalprwire.com), SNS marketing for overseas, overseas influencer/viral Services, web production for overseas, etc.
[Domestic and overseas digital marketing business]
Digital advertising strategy formulation and operation support, owned media development and operation, content marketing operation support, infographic production, video marketing execution support, influencer marketing execution support, data analysis using methods cultivated in domestic and overseas PR consulting business / DMP editing, dashboard construction, etc.
1. Reasons for share acquisition and capital and business alliance  In response to the recovery of the inbound market after COVID-19 and changes in the global supply chain and value chain in the economy of the weak yen, economic activities by large and medium-sized companies are expected to enter the global market. In addition, in Japan, BtoC consumption and BtoB transactions that make full use of digital and DX continue to expand, and as a strategic issue for top management, there is an increasing need for strategy construction and implementation in the areas of “PR” and “branding.” increase.
Kurtz Media Works has a press release distribution service “Global PR Wire” that supports the overseas PR of Japanese companies, and supports the distribution of press releases that connect Japan and overseas.
In addition, the company’s PR consulting is characterized by a “triple media strategy” (owned media x earned media x paid media) that adapts to the diversifying marketing and communication needs of companies. Through this “triple media strategy,” we are good at providing PR and marketing solutions targeting both latent and actual layers, and supporting not only the improvement of recognition but also the improvement of business performance. In addition, the company supports the “concept construction” of branding linked to the customer’s management strategy, and provides total support up to specific marketing strategies.
2. Capital and business alliance to promote group vision
Tanabe Consulting Group (TCG) is the only company that can provide end-to-end support from the formulation of management strategies to the implementation of on-site management and operations for large and medium-sized companies in its medium-term management plan (2021-2025) “TCG Future Vision 2030.” We aim to build a one-of-a-kind management consulting value chain. With the addition of the PR consulting business and the overseas digital marketing business through this capital and business alliance, we will not only provide strategic support to our client companies, but also strengthen branding and marketing, which is one of our group’s management consulting areas. It will be. In addition, together with group companies “Tanabe
Consulting”, “Leading Solutions (BtoB digital marketing)”, “Growin Partners (financial advisory such as M&A, IT system construction)”, and “J3 (branding & digital)” We believe that we can further enhance the synergy of
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3. Details of the capital and business alliance
(1) Details of the business alliance
1. Combining TCG’s management consulting knowledge and know-how with Kurtz Media Works’ knowledge and know-how on domestic and overseas PR consulting and domestic and overseas digital marketing, we are working to strengthen existing service functions and launch new services. I will come.
 2. Through joint consulting and personnel exchanges for existing customers, we will increase the value of the services we provide to both client companies.
 3. By dispatching personnel from TCG to Kurtz Media Works as officers, we will work to strengthen the management system.
4. TCG will support the customer creation activities of Kurts Media Works, build a mutual cooperation system in terms of recruiting and training human resources, and provide PR consulting and digital marketing throughout Japan and overseas, so that society and customers We will solve the problems of
(2) Details of the capital alliance
We expect to acquire common stock of Kurtz Media Works through the transfer of shares from existing shareholders. As a result of this share acquisition, the Company’s ownership ratio of the total number of issued shares of the company will be 55.0%.
4. Representative comment
-Comment from Takashi Murakami, CEO of Karts Media Works Co., Ltd.- Since our founding, we have been deeply involved with the “media” through public relations, PR and marketing work, and have built relationships. Currently, we are focusing not only on domestic media, but also on developing and building relationships with overseas media, aiming to realize our vision of “delivering a happy information experience to the world.” Through this capital and business alliance with the Tanabe Consulting Group, we would like to provide high-level public relations services that are closely related to “management” to more customers both in Japan and overseas.
-Comment from Takahiko Wakamatsu, President of Tanabe Consulting Group Co., Ltd.-
We are very pleased to be able to work together to realize our mutual growth strategies through our capital and business alliance with Kurts Media Works. As a pioneer in Japanese management consulting, celebrating its 65th year in business, TCG has established a management philosophy of “loving companies, working together, and contributing to their prosperity.” We are promoting the construction of a management consulting value chain that leads to “the company of choice”. We are confident that by combining Kurtz Media Works’ “Domestic/Overseas PR Consulting” and “Domestic/Overseas Digital Marketing” with TCG’s “Team Consulting Method”, we will be able to demonstrate unique client success. .
Kurts Media Works Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Company name: Kurts Media Works Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director Takashi Murakami
Established: August 23, 2002
Capital: 10 million yen
Total number of employees: 32
Head office location: 16th floor, Link Square Shinjuku, 5-27-5 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
HP: https://www.kartz.co.jp
Tanabe Consulting Group Co., Ltd. Company Overview
Company name: Tanabe Consulting Group Co., Ltd.
Representative: Takahiko Wakamatsu, President and Representative Director Founded: October 16, 1957
Established: April 1, 1963
Capital: 1,772 million yen
Total number of employees: 592 (whole group) *As of September 1, 2022 Listed Market: Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market
Head office location: 1-8-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 3-3-41 Miyahara, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka
HP: https://www.tanabeconsulting-group.com
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