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TASTECH Pte.Ltd. Released a new Web3.0 travel app “xtrip” that allows you to earn crypto assets through travel and movement

Released a new Web3.0 travel app “xtrip” that allows you to earn crypto assets through travel and movement
Travel x Web 3.0 for new discoveries and new experiences

Travel agency TASTECH, which provides travel web services, has released iOS and Android versions of its web3.0 travel app “xtrip”. xtrip is a travel app that allows you to earn tokens by traveling and moving. On xtrip, there are many places called spots (hereinafter referred to as spots) that lead to popular tourist destinations, travel and new experiences on the app. It is an application that the number of tokens acquired changes not only by the distance but also by how many spots you visit and which spots you visit.
You can also earn tokens by registering new spots and posting reviews. If you register as a spot “a place where you can have a new experience that people do not know”, “a little-known sightseeing spot”, and “a place where you can get excited if you go”, it will lead to new experiences for other users.
xtrip is an app where the information and spots (places) you find on your travels and movements can lead to someone’s memories.
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■ Development background
I think traveling is a wonderful activity where you can meet people with different values, meet new cultures, and have unprecedented experiences. I developed xtrip as a service because I wanted to create an opportunity for people who were not interested in traveling to go on a trip.
■ How to play
You can earn tokens by traveling using xtrip. Tokens can be acquired more efficiently by passing through spots on the map.
[Image 2d115304-2-bf3304eb12a594be31c3-0.png&s3=115304-2-5392604ddcb52e12ee6d7a75a1b8cd4f-2000x1000.png
Spots can be newly registered from the “+” on the screen while using xtrip. [Image 3d115304-2-98e048c6ed596539bc6f-1.png&s3=115304-2-0af44c75d72ae350fa5029a83effadd6-2000x1000.png
How to use xtrip
You can play xtrip from your smartphone app.
App name: “xtrip”
Usage fee: Free
Download method: iOS app version: App Store (iPhone) distribution Android application version: Google Play distribution
An invitation code and xtrip NFT are required to use the app. ■ About getting an invitation code:
xtrip is currently an invite-only service.
The invitation code required to open an account can be obtained in the following ways.
– Receive an invitation code directly from someone who has already participated in the game
‐ Earn an invitation code in the invitation code sharing channel (#invitation-code) in Discord ( ■ About purchasing NFTs
After creating an account on the app, you can purchase from the xtrip shop (
We also plan to create a marketplace where users can buy and sell. ■Official link
Official website:
Twitter (Japanese):
Twitter (English):
■ Ongoing release campaign
It is held to commemorate the release of xtrip.
1. Friend invite event
Rank how many people were invited from each user’s invitation code. The top 10 will receive an XTR as a gift! (Currently, the number of people who have used the invitation code is not displayed on each user’s screen, but this is scheduled to be displayed on 1/31. Of course, even if it is not displayed, it will be counted. )
Period 1/21 0:00 ~ 2/22 23:59 (GMT+0)
1st ~ 3rd place: 1000XTR
4th-6th place: 750XTR
7th to 10th place: 500XTR
2. Number of registered spots
There is a prize for the top 10 spots registered.
Period 1/21 0:00 ~ 2/22 23:59 (GMT+0)
1st ~ 3rd place: 1000XTR
4th-6th place: 750XTR
7th~10th place: 500XTR
3. Tweet event
Please tweet with the hashtag #xtrip.
We will present Genesis NFTs to 5 people by lottery.
Period: 1/21 0:00 ~ 1/29 23:59 (GMT+0)
Results will be announced on January 31st.
4. Genesis NFT Holder Event
If you have the Genesis NFT, you will automatically participate! 3 people (3) will be selected by lottery!
(One Genesis NFT will be one lottery ticket, so the same user may win.) prize
500GXT x 1
250 GXT x 2
As long as you have the Genesis NFT at 1/29 23:59, you’re good to go! Results will be announced on January 31st.
■Operating company
Company name: TASTECH Pte.
Headquarters: 9 Temasek Boulevard, #07-01 Suntec Tower 2, Singapore 038989 Established: July 2019

Details about this release:

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