TEAC Corporation A new model has been added to the next-generation recorder Portacapture. 32-bit float recording compatible 6-track portable recorder “Portacapture X6” is now on sale.

TEAC Corporation
A new model has been added to the next-generation recorder
Portacapture. 32-bit float recording compatible 6-track portable recorder “Portacapture X6” is now on sale.

TEAC Corporation (Headquarters: Tama City, Tokyo, President: Yuji Ei) has released the 6-track portable recorder “Portacapture X6” and the fur windscreen “WS-86” from the TASCAM brand at major musical instrument stores nationwide. We will also start selling through mass retailers and TEAC stores.
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*The reference price is the sales price including tax at the TEAC store. [Image 3

Since its launch in November 2021, we will release “Portacapture X6” as the latest model following the next-generation portable recorder “Portacapture X8”, which has gained tremendous support from creators around the world. Based on the product concept of reliably recording important sounds, we have lined up two models as the “Portacapture Series” to provide solutions to an even wider range of customers. [Image 4

The new product “Portacapture X6” achieves a smaller size while maintaining the same basic performance as the “Portacapture X8”, such as 32-bit float recording and a user interface with touch panel operation. Furthermore, with specifications selected for small and medium-sized content production, it is an audio recorder that can easily record high-quality sound, from creators who are about to start producing content to sound engineers.
Choose the Portacapture X8 for audio recording sites that require greater flexibility and flexibility, and the Portacapture X6 for smaller sites that require high mobility and ease of handling. You can choose.
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Easy recording with recording app
“Portacapture X6” is equipped with a 2.4-inch color touch panel and an easy-to-understand user interface “app launcher system”. In addition to “Music”, which has presets for recording various instruments, “Voice”, which specializes in recording voices, “Field”, which allows you to choose settings for nature and wild birds, you can also select scenes from “Manual”, “Podcast”, and “ASMR”. You can select an app that suits your needs and start recording quickly and accurately with just a few operations. You can also save your favorite recording app settings and input settings and recall them instantly*.
* Scheduled to be supported in the spring of 2023 with an update. Audio recording in video production
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“Portacapture X6” is also active as a video and video audio recorder. 32-bit float audio processing can avoid sudden cracking of the sound in shooting where re-recording is not allowed*1. Equipped with a stereo mini jack that supports camera output. In addition, by attaching the separately sold AK-BT1, it is possible to synchronize timecode with devices such as Atomos UltraSync Blue via Bluetooth (R) * 2, making it easier to synchronize video and audio.
Furthermore, if you use the fur windscreen “WS-86” (sold separately), which has a high windbreak effect, it is possible to reduce wind noise during outdoor recording.
*1 Sound distortion in the analog stage cannot be restored.
*2 Scheduled to be supported in the spring of 2023 with an update. Reliably record important sounds with 32-bit float recording Equipped with a 32-bit float recording function and dual AD converters for successful recording with simple operations, it achieves a wide dynamic range that can reliably record everything from soft sounds to loud sounds. In addition, a rich signal processor such as a
compressor, limiter, low cut, EQ, and reverb is built in, allowing you to refine your voice.
Supports a variety of scenes, from simple stereo mics to multi-mic recording and PC recording
With a built-in stereo condenser microphone that can be switched between A-B and True X-Y methods, the Portacapture X6 lets you start recording immediately with your preferred mic. In addition, it is equipped with two XLR inputs that support phantom power, so you can record with your favorite microphone. The mic preamp uses the discrete circuit TASCAM HDDA (High Definition Discrete Architecture) to achieve low noise and clear sound quality. It also functions as a USB audio interface* with up to 6 inputs/2 outputs, allowing you to record on your computer or mobile device.
* 32-bit float transmission will be supported in the spring update of 2023. [Image 7

Remote control from your smartphone
By using the separately sold Bluetooth (R) adapter “AK-BT1”, you can perform various operations such as recording and stopping with the “Portacapture Control” app for iPad, iPhone, and Android. You can install the Portacapture X6 in the best place for recording and operate it from a distance.
[Main features of Portacapture X6]
A 2.4-inch color touch panel is adopted for intuitive operation. Up to 96kHz/32bit float recording
Multi-track recording up to 6 tracks (4 tracks + 2 mixes)
Easy setting with 6 recording apps in the app launcher system, “Manual”, “Field”, “Music”, “Voice”, “Podcast”, “ASMR”
Equipped with a stereo condenser microphone that can be switched between the A-B method and the True X-Y method
2 x XLR inputs with phantom power and TASCAM HDDA mic preamps 32-bit float processing enables high-resolution recording without clipping*1 6in / 2out 32bit float compatible USB audio interface function*2 By installing the separately sold Bluetooth (R) adapter “AK-BT1”, it is possible to control from the mobile application “Portacapture Control”
Compatible with wireless time code synchronization by installing the optional Bluetooth(R) adapter “AK-BT1″*3
*1 Sound distortion in the analog stage cannot be restored. Also, we do not guarantee 100% recording quality.
*2 Support for 32-bit float transmission is planned with an update in the spring of 2023.
*3 Scheduled for spring 2023 with an update.
[Main functions of WS-86]
3D fur windscreen for Portacapture/DR series portable recorders The three-dimensional shape secures a space between the fur and the microphone to achieve a higher windbreak effect.
Please check the website for detailed specifications.
[Product site]
“Portacapture X6” https://tascam.jp/jp/product/portacapture_x6/ “WS-86” https://tascam.jp/jp/product/ws-86/
【related products】
8-track portable recorder “Portacapture X8”
Bluetooth (R) adapter “AK-BT1” https://tascam.jp/jp/product/ak-bt1/ AC adapter “PS-P520U” https://tascam.jp/jp/product/ps-p520u/ Shotgun microphone “TM-200SG” https://tascam.jp/jp/product/tm-200sg/ [Sales channel]
Major musical instrument stores nationwide, mass retailers, and TEAC stores

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TASCAM has been supported for many years for its solid sound quality and high durability, and has been introduced to broadcasting and recording sites around the world.
It is a brand that makes use of its achievements and experience to provide total solutions related to sound for professionals.

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