“TeamSpirit” starts collaboration with “Cloud Sign”, the electronic contract system with the No. 1 share in domestic sales*

Team Spirit Co., Ltd.
“TeamSpirit” starts collaboration with “Cloud Sign”, the electronic contract system with the No. 1 share in domestic sales*
-Unification of processes in each system from request for approval to approval and conclusion of contract, enabling seamless completion-
Team Spirit Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Koji Ogishima, hereinafter referred to as Team Spirit), which develops and provides the work style reform platform “TeamSpirit” series, will start the approval function of “TeamSpirit” from January 19, 2023 (Thursday). We are pleased to inform you that we will start linking functions with the contract management platform “CloudSign” provided by Com. [Image

As a result, user companies that use both “TeamSpirit” and “CloudSign” can now complete the entire process, from applying for internal approval of an agreed contract to concluding a contract, free of charge. In addition, by linking document files between systems, it is possible to check signed contracts saved in “Cloud Sign” from the approval screen of “TeamSpirit”.
We will continue to strengthen the ecosystem between BtoB SaaS that is beneficial to users and contribute to the efficiency and productivity of back office operations.
*: Fuji Chimera Research Institute, Inc. “Software Business New Market 2022 Edition” (Electronic contract tool, 2021 results)
[Collaboration overview]
By registering the contract document and destination information when applying for approval with “TeamSpirit”, the data will be
automatically linked on “Cloud Sign” after approval, and it will be possible to request the contract conclusion to the other party. increase.
If you were not using this linkage function, you would have had to perform the series of processes from approval to contract processing in separate systems, but this function will save you the trouble. In addition, since the approval information and the contract status on the electronic signature system are linked, you can check the approval progress of the contract from the approval function, and manage the approval information and contract conclusion status in a list using the report function. is possible.
TeamSpirit will continue to develop and provide “TeamSpirit” and “TeamSpirit EX” to promote the creation of innovation in all industries and companies. We will continue to.
[What is Cloud Sign]
CloudSign is a contract management platform that digitally completes everything from contract conclusion to management. Electronic signatures and time stamps that comply with the Electronic Signature Act enable smooth and secure contract conclusion. In addition, various contract management functions such as AI contract management function using natural language processing technology, smart cabinet function that realizes automation of contract distribution, centrally search and search for contracts including past paper contracts. You can manage deadlines. In the electronic contract market, since its launch in 2015, it is the No. 1 * service that has been widely introduced by companies and local governments.
*Fuji Chimera Research Institute, Inc. “Software Business New Market 2021 Edition” (Electronic contract tool 2021 results) Market share Service introduction page: https://www.cloudsign.jp/
[What is TeamSpirit]
The work style reform platform “TeamSpirit” is a cloud service that unifies the internal work that employees use every day, such as attendance management, man-hour management, expense reimbursement, electronic approval, internal SNS, and calendar. By linking multiple functions, it is a mechanism that naturally gathers information on the activities of workers from the time they arrive at work to the time they leave the office. It enables effective time management that leads to improved productivity by identifying activities that are not necessary.
Since it is compatible with mobile phones and can be used anywhere, it is an ideal service for various work styles such as telework, which has been increasing in recent years.
Service introduction page: https://www.teamspirit.com/ja-jp/ [About Bengo4.com Co., Ltd.]
Headquarters: Kurosaki Building, 4-1-4 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Date of establishment: July 4, 2005
Capital: 439 million yen (as of March 2022)
Representative: Taichiro Motoei, President and Representative Director Listed Market: Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth Market
Business description: In order to create a society where people around the world can more freely utilize “wisdom for living = intellectual information” and create a society where people can live happily, provides portal sites “Bengoshi.com”, “Zenshi.com”, “BUSINESS LAWYERS” and contract management platform “CloudSign”.
Corporate website: https://www.bengo4.com/corporate/
[About Team Spirit Co., Ltd.]
TeamSpirit Co., Ltd. is a B2B SaaS company that provides the work style reform platform TeamSpirit. Under the mission of “making everyone a creative person,” we contribute to “work style reform that creates innovation” that draws out the professional power of each person, and by building a strong team, everyone can change. Aiming for a world that stirs up.
Corporate website: https://corp.teamspirit.com/ja-jp/
・”Team Spirit” and “TeamSpirit” are registered trademarks of Team Spirit Co., Ltd.
・Other service names are service names, trademarks or registered trademarks of each company.
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