Tegeume! Miyazaki Gourmet PR Secretariat Japan’s highest peak Wagyu beef “Miyazaki Beef” will be sold for a limited time at Shinjuku Miyazakikan KONNE

Great! Miyazaki Gourmet PR Secretariat
Japan’s highest peak Wagyu beef “Miyazaki Beef” will be sold for a limited time only at Shinjuku Miyazakikan KONNE
At the “Wagyu Olympics” held once every five years, Japan’s highest peak Wagyu beef won the Prime Minister’s Award for the first time in four consecutive competitions.

Known as “Japan’s Hinata Miyazaki Prefecture”, Miyazaki Prefecture has a mild climate, and livestock farming is so prosperous that it is called “Livestock Kingdom Miyazaki”. Miyazaki beef, the highest quality wagyu beef in Japan, which is nurtured by such a warm climate and fertile land, won the Prime Minister’s Award at the National Wagyu Talent Exhibition last year for the first time in four consecutive competitions. rice field. In commemoration of this, at Shinjuku Miyazakikan KONNE, we will carry out special sales of Miyazaki beef for a limited time.

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A special sales fair for Japan’s highest peak Wagyu beef “Miyazaki Beef” will be held!
At Shinjuku Miyazakikan KONNE, Miyazaki Beef will be sold in a limited quantity and for a limited time only!
On the day of the event, there will also be a tasting sale of Miyazaki beef. Please take this opportunity to learn about the deliciousness of Miyazaki beef and enjoy the finest wagyu beef, the highest peak in Japan.
“Japan’s Best Delicious Miyazaki Beef Fair”
Held on Saturday, January 21 and Sunday, January 22
Holding time: From 10:00 to 18:00
Sales location: Shinjuku Miyazakikan KONNE
Fair name: “Japan’s Best Miyazaki Beef Fair”
Product overview: Miyazaki beef 400g set (loin, shoulder loin, arm, thigh 100g each)
Sales price: 4,980 yen (tax included)
* It will be sold at a very reasonable price only this time. Sales quantity: Limited to 20 sets
*Tasting sales are also planned.
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Miyazaki Beef Fair Provided by: About Miyachiku
“We at Miyachiku provide meat from the mythical village of Miyazaki, the southern land of Miyazaki, using the best staff, technology, and equipment to convey the passion of our farmers to people in Japan and around the world. Miyazaki Beef, Miyazaki Brand. While thinking about the smiles of our customers, producers, and everyone involved in pork, and the blissful moments surrounding meat, we will continue to work together as a team to deliver safe, secure, and delicious meat.” The most delicious beef in Japan! Miyazaki beef!
The 7th section (fat quality evaluation group), which was newly established from this tournament in the “beef section” of the 12th National Wagyu Competitive Exhibition held in October last year, according to consumer needs and trends, As a method to objectively show the “deliciousness of wagyu beef”, in addition to the amount and quality of meat, the most notable exhibition focused on “fat quality (monounsaturated fatty acid (MUFA) content)” Ward.
Oleic acid, which makes up the majority of MUFAs, increases the content in beef, lowering the melting point of fat and making beef melt in your mouth better. In addition, since the flavor and unique aroma of Wagyu beef, “Wagyu incense,” comes to stand out, it is used as an index to evaluate the “deliciousness of Wagyu beef.”
Miyazaki Beef shows an overwhelming quality of meat and fat that is far superior to beef from other prefectures in this exhibition area, and has won the honor prize (first place in the country), and has been evaluated as “the best in Japan for deliciousness”. Thank you. [Image 4d107481-5-d07c2855e3729acaaee9-4.jpg&s3=107481-5-edad4331a3fca98041dd1a61cf62ff92-2126x1381.jpg
What is the National Wagyu Talent Exhibition? ~The wonders of Miyazaki Beef~ The National Wagyu Talent Exhibition, held once every five years, is commonly known as the Wagyu Olympics, and is a competition in which excellent wagyu beef from all over Japan come together to compete on the results of their improvements and breeding management techniques. There is a “sire category” that examines the body shape of bulls and heifers, and a “beef category” that examines meat quality. You will get the first title.
This prefecture’s representative beef has been selected for three consecutive tournaments: the 9th Tottori Tournament (both breeding cattle and beef cattle divisions), the 10th Nagasaki Tournament (breeding cattle division), and the 11th Miyagi Tournament (beef cattle division). The Prime Minister’s Award” has been awarded, and its position has been unshakable. At the 12th Kagoshima Competition, it won the same award again in the Beef Category 7 (fat quality evaluation group), and maintained its position as No. 1 in Japan. Miyazaki’s “Hinata Fruit” Ripe Kumquat “Tamatama”
It takes more than 210 days from blooming to harvesting to fully ripen kumquats on the tree. With a sugar content of 16 degrees or more and a diameter of 28 mm or more, the fully ripened kumquat “Tamatama” pursues the delicious taste of kumquats.
Rich in vitamin C and vitamin E, “tamatama” is a food with nutrient function claims, and you can eat it with the skin on!
[Image 5d107481-5-71dc6f0e77953c2a4632-5.jpg&s3=107481-5-50a2b17b9a592b040d16d8a68985ac6a-3286x2192.jpg
Miyazaki Hinata Fruit Fair 2023
A fair will be held from January 20th where you can enjoy Miyazaki Prefecture’s proud ripe kumquats “Tamatama”.
You can enjoy original menus using fully ripe kumquats “Tamatama” and Hyuga Natsu for a limited time at each store.
In addition, from those who ordered the original menu and applied for the lottery, 10 people will receive “Miyazaki beef” sirloin steak, and 100 people will receive a set of ripe kumquats “Tamatama” and Hyuganatsu.
Date: January 20th (Friday) to March 5th (Sunday)
Participating stores: Miyazaki Fudo Quwanne, etc.
For fair participating store information and fair details, please refer to the following.

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