Telesee Co., Ltd. Released today! Teresi Doi’s first book “Television commercial counterattack”

Telesee Co., Ltd.
Released today! Teresi Doi’s first book “Television commercial counterattack” -Practical advertising theory of Teresi CEO, who achieved sales of 5 billion in two years with operational TV commercials-

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Telecy Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Ken Doi), a group company of CARTA HOLDINGS Co., Ltd., which operates the operational TV commercial platform “Telecy” (, will open in 2023. On January 17 (Tuesday), the first book by Telesee CEO Takeshi Doi, “TV commercial counterattack-Telesee CEO’s practical advertising theory that achieved sales of 5 billion in two years with operational commercials-” was advertised by the company. Sales have started from the conference (Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Hikoya Higashi). The obi is recommended by Fumiaki Koizumi, President of Mercari, Inc. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Shintaro Yamada), which has created a service that represents Japan by promoting TV commercials since the dawn of time. I have received your letter.
In this book, Doi, CEO of the operational TV commercial platform “Telesee”, explains the essential value of TV commercials and how to connect them to business growth, and the No. 1 (* 1) share of the operational TV commercial market with latecomers. It is the content that conveys the secret of becoming, and his own advertising theory. Available at the URL below and at bookstores nationwide. Please take a look.
(*1) Reference release: Telesee, No. 1 in sales in the programmatic TV commercial market

テレシー 、運用型テレビCM市場において売上高1位

About the contents
“TV Commercials Strike Back: Teresy CEO’s Practical Advertising Theory That Realized Sales of 5 Billion Billions in 2 Years with Operational CMs”
While the mass media advertising market is slowing down across the board, programmatic TV commercials continue to grow. TV advertising, which was only available to some large companies, has been widely accepted by small and medium-sized enterprises, venture businesses, and local companies, and the idea of ​​running the PDCA cycle like online advertising has been widely accepted. I have.
Telesee Co., Ltd. is one of the leading companies in this market. As an advertiser, he has invested in advertising on a scale of several hundred million yen. We have expanded our business to include taxi advertising and helicopter advertising, and have established a system that accompanies advertisers.
In this book, Doi, who has been involved in mass advertising after working in digital advertising and has also used advertising as an advertiser, explains how advertising should contribute to business growth and how it can be used in practice.
table of contents
Chapter 1 Brought about by the expansion of the digital advertising market Chapter 2 The changing mass advertising “programmatic TV commercials” will bring about a revolution
Chapter 3 How to use it? operational TV commercial
Chapter 4 Advertising is an investment in the future Contribution to business growth is essential
Chapter 5 Those who control marketing control management
Bibliographic information
Book title: Counterattack of TV commercials-Practical advertising theory of Teresy, who achieved sales of 5 billion in two years with operational commercials
Author name: Ken Doi
Release date: Tuesday, January 17, 2023
List price: 1,870 yen (main unit 1,700 yen + tax)
Publisher: Sendenkaigi Co., Ltd.
Author profile
Telesee Co., Ltd. Representative Director and CEO Takeshi Doi [Image 2

After graduating from the Faculty of Commerce, Doshisha University, joined CYBIRD Co., Ltd. Engaged in launching mobile advertising agency business. Joined EC Navi (now CARTA HOLDINGS) in 2011. Seconded to the group company fluct and participated in the launch of the smartphone SSP “fluct”. Developed into one of Japan’s largest SSPs with annual sales of 2 billion to 11.4 billion yen, contributed greatly to the listing on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, became an executive officer of VOYAGE GROUP Inc. (currently CARTA HOLDINGS) in 2014, and became representative director of fluct in 2016.
Inauguration. Appointed Director of VOYAGE GROUP Co., Ltd. in 2020, Director of Cyber ​​Communications Inc. in 2021, and Representative Director of Telesee Co., Ltd.
About “TELECY” (
“Telesee” is an operation-type TV commercial platform that allows you to turn the PDCA cycle while firmly confirming the effect. In addition to making full use of Dentsu’s assets related to Japan’s largest TV commercials, we will use the technological capabilities of CARTA HOLDINGS to achieve high-precision simulation, optimization, and reporting. Using our unique reporting tool “Telesee Analytics”, we can get a grasp of the delivery performance as early as the day after the ad is posted. It is also possible to perform tuning while comparing with simulation data, and to achieve further optimization. In recent years, awareness of privacy protection has increased both in Japan and overseas, including third-party cookie regulations, and measures have been strengthened. , the effect can be measured. In addition to TV commercials, we also handle a large number of taxi commercials, elevator commercials, and other offline ads. We provide total support. ・Main features of Telesee
1) Visualize the effect with the same indicators as online advertising with telesee analytics
2) One-stop support from planning to commercial production and effect measurement, even for the first commercial
3) Handling taxi commercials, elevator commercials, and many other offline advertisements
[Telecy Co., Ltd.]
Representative Director and CEO: Takeshi Doi
Directors: Tomohiro Kawase, Shotaro Yoshihama, Yosuke Murai, Kazuya Kishi, Masashi Nishizono, Daisuke Fukuoka
Location: Shibuya Solasta 15F, 1-21-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Established: January 4, 2021
Capital (including capital reserve): 99 million yen
Business: Planning, development and operation of TV commercial distribution platform / Taxi marketing business / Digital marketing business

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