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What is a WebM file? Introducing how to play WebM files
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“How can I play WebM files?”
“How can I play WebM videos saved as files?”
WebM format files are one of the video file formats developed and published by Google.
This article delves into what WebM files are in the first place, and introduces how to play files saved in WebM format.
table of contents
Part 1: What is a WebM file?
Part2: How to play WebM files
Part 3: How to Recover WebM Files on Computer
Part 4: Summary
Part 1: What is a WebM file?
WebM is a video file format provided by Google since 2010, and was developed for Internet streaming when distributing music videos. WebM is a file format that is often introduced alongside “mp4” video files. WebM does not require license fees or patent fees (royalty-free), and is composed of an open compression method. .
WebM supports most HTML5 environment browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
It uses the file extension ‘.webm’ and is a container format that can store a variety of video and audio files, and is a subset of the Matroska format.
Next, let’s take a look at WebM’s “supported formats” and
[Supported formats]
●Voice codec
→ Opus, Vorbis
●Video codec
→VP8, VP9, ​​AV1
1. High-quality video with a small file size
→ Compared to mp4 files, the compression efficiency is better, so you can make the file about half lighter with the same image quality. 2. Can be played by itself in HTML5 environment
→Normally, it is necessary to add a separate function to watch videos, but you can play it by itself without installing it.
1. Playback may not be possible depending on the environment → When playing streaming WebM file videos, the video may not be played smoothly if the internet environment is poor.
2. Poor compatibility
→Video players that support WebM video files are few compared to mp4, so you will need to find a compatible playback player.
Part2: How to play WebM files
1. Play on web browser
WebM files are mainly for Internet streaming, so they can be easily played on HTML5 environments such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera.
2. Use free software for video playback
WebM videos can be played using free software as well as web browsers. Here, we will introduce the recommended free software [VLC Media Player] that is highly versatile, does not display advertisements, and can be used with simple operations.
VLC media player has many functions for playback (playback speed, sound quality change, etc.) and supports all platforms (Windows, iOS, etc.).
It is very easy to use because it is easy to use without the need to add or configure codecs.
Part 3: How to Recover WebM Files on Computer
There are ways to recover WebM files on your computer.
Many users of video sharing services on the Internet, such as YouTube, probably have many “favorite videos” saved on their computers. “4DDiG” can recover deleted WebM files with a simple operation. Please refer to it if you have any questions.
Before starting recovery, install 4DDiG from the official website and start it. Free download 4DDiG: https://bit.ly/3ZCTS3A
And then in the main menu, put the mouse on the path where the files disappeared and click the “Scan” button.
[Image 1d35551-252-b6846bae044e95cb56f1-0.jpg&s3=35551-252-e5f2f439b53ef9b0bbc0fb43d0321d3c-1100x700.jpg
Wait a moment and all files will be displayed.
[Image 2d35551-252-3a538b703a68248401d6-4.jpg&s3=35551-252-42ef2db9582590f124f678cc90754a27-1100x700.jpg
Find your deleted files and restore them!
[Image 3d35551-252-6425623dcd3c5d5baa2f-3.jpg&s3=35551-252-f9a1306efeda1e9c928ee52ee5ae3292-1100x700.jpg

Part 4: Summary
I introduced “What is a WebM file and how to play a WebM file”. Please use the method for playing WebM format files introduced this time to enjoy playing videos smoothly.
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