TeraDox Co., Ltd. Released “Coming-of-Age Ceremony Online Report 2023” made with furisode images posted un der the theme of “Coming-of-age ceremony with new adults”-Survey results on coming-of-age ceremony and furisode ar e also released-

TeraDox Inc.
Released “Coming-of-Age Ceremony Online Report 2023” made with Furisode images posted under the theme of “Coming-of-Age Ceremony with New Adults”-Survey results on coming-of-age ceremony and furisode are also released-

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Japan’s largest furisode portal site “My Furisode” (https://myfurisode.com/) TeraDox Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Keiji Saito), which operates
On January 25, 2023, we released the “Coming-of-Age Ceremony Online Report 2023” made from furisode images posted by new adults. Coming-of-Age Ceremony Online Report 2023
About the coming-of-age ceremony online report 2023
Coming-of-Age Ceremony Online Report 2023 is a project to solicit contributions online from new adults across the country and post the collected furisode photos by region.
Every year, we went to the coming-of-age ceremony venues in various places, mainly in Tokyo, and interviewed and photographed everyone who had come of age, but due to the influence of the new coronavirus, we have given up on interviews.
Therefore, we have planned an coming-of-age ceremony online report from 2021. During last year’s “Coming-of-Age Ceremony Online Report 2022” submissions, many new grown-up people contributed. In response to the response, we held the “Coming-of-Age Ceremony Online Report 2023” again this year.
Coming-of-Age Ceremony Online Report 2023 Implementation Status After soliciting submissions of furisode images, there were a great many submissions from all over the country.
After that, we categorized the posts we received by region and released the “Coming-of-Age Ceremony Online Report 2023” page with wonderful furisode images of everyone who is coming of age all over the country.
“Coming-of-Age Ceremony Online Report 2023”
In addition, along with the call for submissions, we conducted a questionnaire for new adults, so we will publish a part of it. “Coming-of-Age Ceremony Online Report 2023” Questionnaire Overview ・Number of valid responses: 143
・Questionnaire contents:
1. When did you decide on furisode?
2. Did you participate in the coming-of-age ceremony? Or are you planning on attending?
3. How did you prepare the furisode?
4. What prompted you to consider the furisode store you signed a contract with? 5. With whom did you go to the furisode shop?
6. How many stores did you visit before deciding on the furisode? 7. Did you look at the store’s catalog when you decided on a furisode store? 8. What are you particular about other than furisode? (Multiple answers possible)
■ The timing to decide on furisode tends to be later than last year Last year, many people tended to decide on the furisode in the winter of the previous year, but this year, I felt that there were many people who decided to “decide on furisode by October.”
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[January-March 2022] 25.2% [April-June 2022] 25.2% [July-September 2022] 23.8% [October-December 2022] 11.2% [The year before last] 8.4% [Others] ] 6.3%
* Reference data for 2022
[January-March 2021] 39.2% [April-June 2021] 17.6% [July-September 2021] 18.9% [October-December 2021] 12.8% [The year before last] 8.1% [2022] January 2019] 2% [More than 2 years ago] 1.4%
■ Approximately 9.5% of respondents answered that they will
participate or plan to participate in the coming-of-age ceremony In recent years, there has been a lot of disagreement over whether to wear furisode or not, and whether or not to attend the ceremony. [Image 3

[Yes] 94.4% [No] 5.6%
Reference data for 2022
[Yes] 89.2% [No] 10.8%
■ The ratio of rentals has increased, and the ratio of mama-furi has increased from last year
This year, the percentage of purchases decreased by 7.1% from last year. The ratio of rentals may have increased due to economic conditions such as soaring prices.
[Image 4

[Rental] 74.1% (68.9%) [Purchase] 8.4% (15.5%) [Mom swing] 13/3% (10.8%) [Others] 4.2% (4.8%)
*Last year’s data in parentheses
Detailed survey results are published on the My Furisode blog. https://myfurisode.com/blog/5868/post-5868
TeraDox will continue to strive to create more encounters between people looking for furisode and stores that carry furisode.
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