TERASS TERASS, a next-generation real estate agent firm that proposes a new “free way of working” for real estate brokerage, has released a new WebCM.

TERASS, a next-generation real estate agent firm that proposes a new “free way of working” for real estate brokerage, has released a new web commercial.
~ Expressing a sense of security that you can work with your own generous support even if you are worried about full commission ~
TERASS Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Ryosuke Eguchi), which develops housing-related services, has released the second WebCM of the next-generation real estate agent farm “TERASS” from January. In addition to online advertisements, we have started broadcasting with signage advertisements.
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About 350 active agents enrolled in TERASS (from left: Kushibiki, Ino, Owada, Kano, Saito)
Following the previous commercials “Free work style”, “High
commission”, “Good points”, “I want a salary that matches the results”, “I want to face customers carefully”, “I’m pressed for time every day”. This series, which consists of three types of commercials, will be released on the special site
https://terass.com/agent-recruit/lp/webcm_2 from January. We have started broadcasting online advertisements and signage advertisements. ■ “TERASS”, a free way of working for real estate brokers | WebCM special site https://terass.com/agent-recruit/lp/webcm_2
■ CM story
Me as a real estate agent who worked as a “company employee”. Although there is stability, every day is full of questions.
While looking back on my past self through my current self, who became a Terass Agent*1 and started a “new way of working”, I was able to realize “convincing results commensurate with TERASS,” which is a high commission but has its own generous support. Remuneration”,
“customer-first customer service in the true sense”, and “income, time flexibility, and leeway that have allowed me to balance myself from the days when I was pressed for time”. .
*1 Terass Agent: A real estate agent belonging to TERASS
1. “I want a salary that matches the results”
Even with the anxiety of full commission, we have our own generous support * 2, so we express the satisfaction of being able to work freely with a high commission of 75%, the highest level in the industry.
[Image 2d47422-48-6a2ed4453d67c268bfc1-1.png&s3=47422-48-ea5025dd50c4094547f76bd06be1d888-2558x1500.png
[Image 3d47422-48-cf68b91b086908bb2437-2.png&s3=47422-48-8830c5b1a6062516c975444fbe532a0b-560x340.png
2. “I want to face customers carefully”
Expressing a sense of security in a supportive environment where you can work in the true sense of “customer first” rather than on your own will because you don’t have a quota.
[Image 4d47422-48-67d5e1fe4f16cb1f20e6-3.png&s3=47422-48-48d24679e1639394a0a850fc696b7c1b-658x378.png
[Image 5d47422-48-ca5bdca9097d1be03b5d-8.png&s3=47422-48-d6fb26ae45a734504d4e84f4182b05e6-2550x1508.png
3. “Every day chased by time”
It expresses a free way of working that is fully remote, rational and efficient, and creates more income and time.
[Image 6d47422-48-ea97e5d611eae9714a54-9.png&s3=47422-48-4a823e8499783b5a036783d704e704d7-2464x1522.png
[Image 7d47422-48-69644b6b838a0cb18bf8-5.png&s3=47422-48-1a8abb5a96de5b9503b9008b95834e64-2644x1492.png

*2 An example of unique support
Existence of a dedicated advisor, convenient tool for attracting customers, legal check of contract documents, etc.
[Image 8d47422-48-a6ad459730aa3306f7d5-7.png&s3=47422-48-b76a36ce036f74104e052c5af514c570-1702x448.png

[Image 9d47422-48-aab570f5c0d9808c5606-6.png&s3=47422-48-d799576621a7be2c604466da782f525c-854x526.png
■ Agent registration information session
Terass Agent briefing session where you can work freely with new real estate brokerage
Click here for the participation application form
■ About TERASS Co., Ltd.
TERASS is a technology company that evolves the real estate buying and selling experience with DX and empowers all individuals who buy, sell and work. Established in April 2019 by representative Ryosuke Eguchi, launched the “Terass Agent” business to support excellent real estate agents with DX for brokerage business, and in June 2020, a real estate site ” Released Terass Offer (formerly Agently).
We aim to increase the number of people who can do good real estate transactions with good agents.
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