The domestic sauna stone “Onimaru / Onidama” manufactured by a long-established tile shop that has been in business for ten generations was submitted to the 21st Century Ehime Traditional Craft Award. Koizumi Kawara Co., Ltd. (Kawaraya Kikusada)

Kisuke Co., Ltd.
The domestic sauna stone “Onimaru / Onidama” manufactured by a long-established tile shop that has been in business for ten generations was submitted to the 21st Century Ehime Traditional Craft Award. [Koizumi Kawara Co., Ltd. (Kawaraya Kikusada)]
21st Century Ehime Traditional Crafts Award Exhibition: January-14, 2023 to January 15, 2023, Ehime Museum of Art

Koizumi Seigawara Co., Ltd. (Kawaraya Kikusada), which manufactures “Kikuma tiles” in Kikuma-cho, Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture, also handles tableware, ornaments, and crafts that apply tile-making techniques. We exhibited our domestically produced sauna stone “Onimaru/Onimaru” in the “21st Century Ehime Traditional Crafts Grand Prize” contest, which is sponsored by an executive committee organized by the production area union, etc., to support new manufacturing and sales channel expansion in Ehime Prefecture.
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▲Kikuma tile sauna stone “Onimaru/Onidama” displayed above the sauna stove Exhibited in the craft category
■ Title: Kawara Sauna Stone Kikushin XKSC Onimaru and Onidama Product name: Kikuma roof tile
■ Retail price: Onimaru 4,950 yen including tax
Onidama 1,320 yen including tax
《Points I want to emphasize》
A work that draws out the water absorption of roof tiles and the unique qualities of pottery. Currently, sauna stones are mainly made of natural stones or ceramic products that have unique heat
resistance, but I noticed that tiles, which are also used as roofing materials, are suitable in terms of material, so I focused on a new material that had never existed before. Since each one is hand-made, no two are the same, and the design, in which aromatic water collects in the dent of the main body, is also suitable for roryu.
“Concept Theme”
The Sauna Stone, which has a motif of Onigawara, which is unique to tiles, has a variety of facial expressions, so you can enjoy it visually. Onigawara has been popular since ancient times as a “guardian deity” or “talisman” for the home and family, and was made in the hope that it would ward off evil while sweating in the sauna. The oni ball is designed with a phantom ball pattern, and is based on the image of a demon.
《Technology…advanced techniques or techniques used lightly in production》 We have developed a mixture of clay that does not break even with a temperature difference of 385 degrees by mixing heat-resistant materials with ordinary tile clay so that it can be used without problems even in a high-temperature sauna. In addition, the
heat-resistant material is less sticky, making it more difficult to handle than normal tile sticks, and difficult to mold, but it was made with technology.
《Main sales target》
At Kisuke-no-Yu, a hot spring facility in Matsuyama City and Imabari City, the “Onimaru and Onidama” made that year are used for the first Setsubun event in Japan by performing a prayer to ward off evil at the Henjoin temple in Kikuma-cho, Imabari City, which is famous for warding off evil. The event will be held in 2022 to wash away misfortunes with steam in the sauna room using “jabara extract” from Uchiko, where you can pay attention to the aroma water used for the aroma water. The event was a huge success, attracting 40,000 visitors a year.
《Main usage》
Warm it up with a sauna stove and pour aromatic water over it. Also, when not in use, you can decorate it and enjoy looking at it. 《Industry business category for which you want to develop sales channels》 We would like to expand sales to sauna manufacturers, hot bath facilities, and domestic and overseas as a high quality sauna stone made in Japan.
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▼Details about the 40,000 visitors in 2022 at Kisuke no Yu, a talisman event
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■ What are Ehime Prefecture’s traditional specialties?
Traditional handicrafts, folk crafts, and products that are rich in goshi (goshi) color and have been nurtured among the fushi of Ehime, manufactured using traditional techniques and techniques that have been handed down over many years in the prefecture. Compared to mass-produced mass-produced standard products, traditional specialty products have a rustic taste, familiarity, and excellent
functionality. As a local vegetable rooted in the castle, it plays a major role in contributing to the development of the local economy. ■ Ehime prefecture’s traditional specialty product designation system Ehime Prefecture’s traditional specialty products are selected based on the “Ehime Prefecture Traditional Specialty Products Industry Promotion Policy Guidelines”, listening to the opinions of the “Ehime Prefecture Traditional Specialty Products Industry Promotion Measures Committee” for special products that meet the following requirements. Currently, 28 items are designated by the governor.
1. Mainly used for daily life.
2. Products must be manufactured using traditional techniques or techniques. 3. Manufactured using traditionally used raw materials as the main raw materials.
4 The main manufacturing process is manual.
■ “Ehime Traditional Craftsman” and “Ehime Traditional Food
Specialist” Certification System
“Ehime Traditional Craftsman” and “Ehime Traditional Food Specialist” are those who meet the following requirements based on the
“Regulations for Certification of Ehime Traditional Craftsmen, etc.” Listen to opinions and the governor authorizes.
1 Must be an engineer who is currently engaged in the manufacture of traditional specialty products.
2. Be an engineer who has been engaged in the manufacture of traditional specialty products for more than 20 years.
3. A person who possesses advanced technology or techniques for the production of traditional specialties.
[Inquiries about Kikuma Kawara Sauna Stone]
Company name: Koizumi Tile Co., Ltd. Kawaraya “Kikusada”
Person in charge: Shinzo Koizumi
Phone: 0898-54-2313
Email address:
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[Inquiries regarding the event]
Store name: Iyo no Yujiba Kisuke no Yu
Person in charge: Taku Usui
Phone: 089-921-0131
Email address:
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