The family business platform “Family Aid” decided to support four entrants for the pitch event “Atotsugi K oshien” for successors of small and medium-sized enterprises

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The family business platform “Family Aid” decided to support four entrants for the pitch event “Atotsugi Koshien” for successors of small and medium-sized enterprises
Supporting four family business aid members who entered the pitch event “Atotsugi Koshien” sponsored by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency, where family business owners from all over the country compete for new business ideas.

The members who have entered will be supported by the family business aid operation and special mentors until the day of the pitch, from planning to hitting the wall.
The platform “Family Aid” (operated by NN Life Insurance Co., Ltd., head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Marius Popescu), which aims to create a world that connects you to your family business, is hosted by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency nationwide. We have decided to support 4 family business aid members who will enter the pitch event “Atotsugi Koshien” where family business owners compete for new business ideas.
About 15 people participated in the Atotsugi Koshien entry briefing held online on Thursday, December 21st, hosted by the family business Aid. Mr. Daichi Tajima, who specializes in business consulting for new business creation as a special mentor for the family business aid, was invited to the four people who entered the Atotsugi Koshien after the briefing session. Support will be provided by Family Business Aid Management.
[Image 1d70227-10-16f4af527dea1b6abd28-0.png&s3=70227-10-a79e1149395a36ce7bc8a04057e5dd80-1078x594.png

About “Atotsugi Koshien”
“Atotsugi Koshien” is based on the idea of ​​“what new products and services can we offer?” It is a stage where successors gathered from all over the country present their new business ideas after asking themselves questions such as “What can I contribute to the future?” and “What is the business that I am passionate about?”
This year, the 3rd time, we will set up regional qualifying
tournaments in the three blocks of West Japan, Central Japan, and East Japan, and hold the final tournament (final) where successors who have won the regional qualifying tournaments will gather and win the highest award. will award the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency Commissioner’s Award.
Atotsugi Koshien official website:

“Atotsugi Koshien” entry qualification
Successors of SMEs under the age of 39, and those who are doing business using the resources of their family business (those born after April 1983, even if they have representative rights, can enter)

Held schedule
Local competition
* West Japan Block 2/3 (Fri.)
* Central Japan Block 2/10 (Fri.)
* East Japan Block 2/17 (Fri.)
Final tournament
3/3 (Fri) Somewhere in Tokyo

Details of support activities
・ “Atotsugi Koshien” entry briefing session (December 21, 2022 (Thursday)) ・Holding a meet-up between those who entered “Atotsugi Koshien” and a pitch wall meeting for participants (planned)
・Public viewing of the main event (planned)

Atotsugi Koshien Introducing a special mentor for the family business Aid

Daichi Tajima
[Image 2d70227-10-03bfa94aaea52bb8f958-1.png&s3=70227-10-dc33ec01e682fc5693c0cb1540d35ade-392x492.png
In order to make Japan more exciting from Kyushu, including the field of agriculture, at a consulting firm, we are advancing through business consulting, such as planning, proposal, and operation of administrative startup support programs, business matching,
collaboration, and business development support between startups and major companies. Support the growth of up-and-coming venture companies.
Her family owns a strawberry farm in Fukuoka.

Comment from the management of the family business Aid
Family Business Aid Evangelist Yusuke Umeda
[Image 3d70227-10-a5764dfed19bf97e2a95-2.png&s3=70227-10-599d62a30533e7486612fcbf9d762265-342x400.png
At Family Business Aid, we aim to create a world where people who own a family business can connect with their family business in their own way, regardless of whether they inherit it or not. This year’s Atotsugi Koshien is truly an initiative to open up the future by taking on the challenge of launching a new business as the “third way” by combining the assets of the family business with my own thoughts. In addition to strongly backing up the members of the family business aid who have entered, we will widely disseminate these challenges both inside and outside the family business aid. We hope that this will help as many people as possible to find their own ways to relate to their family business and their own new paths.

Introduction of 4 entry members for “Family Business Aid”
*Introducing members of the family business aid who participated in the Atotsugi Koshien entry briefing session sponsored by the family business aid.

1. Town factories as popular places to work! 3rd-generation hiring support from a small town factory that receives 100 applicants a year Tashiro Manufacturing Co., Ltd. | Koki Tashiro
[Image 4d70227-10-f375bd9e21e54751918e-3.png&s3=70227-10-4867c8923187b7928156175995bca15d-636x440.png
Our company is a sheet metal processing town factory with a scale of 10 people in Hiratsuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture. About 4 years ago when I joined the company, there were about 10 applicants a year, but now we have over 100 applicants a year.
I would like to make a small company like a town factory a popular place of employment by interviewing personnel managers of small and medium-sized enterprises that are doing well in recruitment and making know-how!
Atotsugi Koshien entry page: Company HP:
・ Opportunity for participation
We aim to be the most challenging town factory in Japan.
It was the first time from Kanagawa Prefecture when I entered. I also hope that my entry will give momentum to other businesses in Kanagawa Prefecture.
At the briefing session of the family business Aid, I was encouraged to meet people who might enter the Atotsugi Koshien.
・Enthusiasm to participate
The business content I want to challenge this time is “recruitment support for small and medium-sized family businesses”
In the four years since I joined the company, the number of applicants has increased tenfold and now exceeds 100 people a year.
I feel that Japan is a little lacking in energy today, but family businesses, which account for 97% of Japanese companies, have learned from good examples in various fields and reformed at each company. I want to be able to hear people say, “Companies are amazing! Japanese family businesses take on challenges like venture companies!”

2. Turn Japanese traditional confectionery “Okoshi” into a healthy snack that supports people’s health
Marubun Confectionery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. | Makoto Hosoya [Image 5d70227-10-3979b98d00fbda505f39-4.png&s3=70227-10-acce4546be9443d8c7038aef43aa8a6e-646x438.png
I am the third generation owner of a Japanese confectionery shop that has been in business for 60 years in downtown Nippori.
Specializing in the traditional Japanese confectionery “Okoshi”, craftsmen have been manufacturing each one by hand for generations. Such activities are also on the decline. We will rebrand such revitalization as one measure to solve recent health issues such as veganism and gluten-free.

Atotsugi Koshien entry page: HP:

・ Opportunity for participation
It has been four years since we started working towards the revival of traditional confectionery, but we have managed to come this far thanks to the support of many people at the family business Aid from the beginning of the brand’s launch.
And this time, I want to promote our company’s revitalization on the stage of Atotsugi Koshien! Of course,
Even small and weak companies in the downtown area can do something! I made an entry in the hope that as many family business owners as possible could let their friends know about it!
・Enthusiasm to participate
I will do my best to spread traditional confectionery to Japan and the world!

3. I want to share the fun of farming
 Takeuchi Kurumi Orchard Agriculture and Forestry | Yuki Takeuchi [Image 6d70227-10-ddda2a7e6ad8e32b1f7e-5.png&s3=70227-10-3e0afcb11cc37c38ccc4f91cad2e143d-576x380.png
The purpose of the business is to bring agricultural products into family memories in order to share the charm of agriculture.
I would be happy if you could remember your family when you see farm products by having a delicious experience and having a good time. Taking advantage of the family business of growing grapes and walnuts, we aim to take pictures in the vineyard, produce processed products using grapes and walnuts, and open an agricultural cafe. I’ll do my best with the intention of borrowing everyone’s chest!
Atotsugi Koshien entry page: ・ Opportunity for participation
Until now, I had only vaguely considered a policy to inherit the family business. I thought that participating in Atotsugi Koshien would be a good opportunity to verbalize my policy and business, so I entered. After listening to the story at the briefing session, the hurdles to participate were lowered, so I was able to enter. ・Enthusiasm to participate
I think it’s a more fluffy business than others, but I’ll do my best to make it happen from here.

4. Release the school bag
 Kataoka Shoten Manufacturing Co., Ltd. |
[Image 7d70227-10-6b13cd78794238eb46f4-6.png&s3=70227-10-0086472150bb0930aff6b790e13f3311-596x396.png
I have come to release to the general consumer market the quality that has not broken even after being beaten by a Yankee junior high school student in Hiroshima for three years.
Thank you.
Atotsugi Koshien entry page: Company HP:
・ Opportunity for participation
I was wondering if I could enter because it coincided with the busy season for school sales, but I decided to enter because I was encouraged by the friends I met at the family business aid.
・Enthusiasm to participate
I will do my best to help create a climate where more spotlights shine on people who are in the position of having a family business in the world!

About Family Business Aid
A platform for family business owners aiming for a world where they can be themselves and connect with their family business.
More than 9,000 people involved in family businesses gather from 47 prefectures in Japan.
Operated by SparkLab, a team specializing in innovation at NN Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
In order to realize a world where everyone involved in the family business can freely relate to the family business in a way that suits their lifestyle, we will not limit ourselves to the framework of business succession, but also promote relationships with families, employment/career, law, technology. You can consult with the same family business owners and experts who participate in the community about a wide range of problems unique to “family business owners”. HP:

Details about this release:


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