The Japan Frescoball Association (JFBA) has appointed Mr. Nanase Baba as the official MC for “Okinawa Frescoball Camp 2023”. In addition, it was announced that “Geragera Alien” (Yoshimoto Kogyo) will be appointed as “Miyakojima Fresco Ball Enlivening

Japan Frescoball Association
The Japan Frescoball Association (JFBA) has appointed Mr. Nanase Baba as the official MC for “Okinawa Frescoball Camp 2023”. In addition, it was announced that “Geragera Alien” (Yoshimoto Kogyo) will be appointed as “Miyakojima Fresco Ball Enlivening Ambassador”. Mr. Baba is an MC at the “JBG (R) F Chiba Japan Open 2022” and is also an experienced frescoball player. Geragera Aliens are active in many fields as “Miyako Island resident comedians”.

The Japan Frescoball Association (hereafter referred to as JFBA, Representative Director Kenji Kuboshima), which promotes the communication design sport “Frescoball” in Japan, will hold an event on February 11-12, 2023 in Miyakojima, Okinawa Prefecture. Nanase Baba will be appointed as the official MC of “Okinawa Frescoball Camp 2023” to be held at Yonaha Maehama Beach in Yonaha City, and “Geragera Alien” (Yoshimoto Kogyo) will be appointed as “Miyakojima Frescoball Ambassador”. .
“Okinawa Frescoball Camp 2023” will be held on February 11-12, 2023 at Yonaha Maehama Beach, Miyakojima City, Okinawa Prefecture. The “Frescoball Okinawa Cup 2023” will also be held in this event, and it will be the third consecutive year that the season opening game will be held in Okinawa.
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The new MC for this event is Nanase Baba. Together with the two official ambassadors of the tournament “Arinkurin” (Yoshimoto Kogyo), this event will be lively. Mr. Baba himself has participated in competitions as a frescoball player. I was in charge of the tournament MC with Mr. Takayuki Horiuchi at the “JBG (R) F Chiba Japan Open 2022”, and added flowers to the event while interweaving comments from the player’s perspective. This will be his second MC for the frescoball competition, and expectations are high for a new
combination with the two popular Okinawan entertainers Arinkurin. In addition, “Geragera Alien” (Yoshimoto Kogyo), who is active as a “Miyakojima living entertainer”, has been appointed as “Miyakojima Frescoball Enlivening Ambassador”. At “Okinawa Frescoball Camp 2023”, it will mainly serve as a booster for the experience booth.
Furthermore, starting with this event, we will support the spread and publicity of frescoball on Miyakojima in 2023, and accelerate its spread on Miyakojima. Currently, there are no JFBA-certified regional clubs on Miyako Island, but there are many frescoball enthusiasts who regularly enjoy rallies. Welcome a new year with a powerful helper. [Image 2d39815-170-b7290baecdec88e1e382-3.jpg&s3=39815-170-dc6e83b9de8baf4f17781ae7aef4ba06-2028x1352.jpg
■ “Okinawa Frescoball Camp 2023” Event Overview
・ Date: February 11 (Sat) and 12 (Sun), 2023
・Place: Yonaha Maehama Beach, Miyakojima City, Okinawa Prefecture ・ Organizer: Japan Frescoball Association
・Support: Miyakojima City, Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau, Miyako Television Co., Ltd., Miyako Mainichi Shimbun Co., Ltd., Miyakojima Tourism Association
・ Sponsors: Ryukyu DigiCo Co., Ltd., DOUG’S BURGER, Miyako Wood Crafts, Manhattan Margarita, Ryogei Co., Ltd.
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Nanase Baba
❏ Profile of Nanase Baba
Born July 7, 1995. Born in Fukuoka Prefecture, he participated in the Inter-High School Tennis Championships when he was in high school. Currently active as an actor and talent, he has appeared in many dramas such as the Fuji TV drama “Sherlock” and the stage “Rojiura Monogatari”, “Kaguya Hime Monogatari”, and “Aoi no Hana”. She is also active as a narrator and model, and has experience as a leaflet model for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. At the “Biore UV Athlizm Frescoball Japan Open 2020”, he entered 14th in the mix category in his first appearance. At the “JBG (R) F Chiba Fresco Ball Japan Open 2022”, he will be a tournament MC with Takayuki Horiuchi.
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Geragera Alien (belonging to Yoshimoto Kogyo)
❏ Geragera Alien Profile
An alien who comes from a planet that laughs at everything. I like the earth too much, so when I came to inspect the earth, the UFO broke down and I couldn’t return to the star. Since June 2021, he has been active in various fields such as local TV and events as a “Miyakojima live entertainer”. My hobby is visiting world heritage sites. Character features such as “If you touch a corner, an electric current will flow”.
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■ “Okinawa Frescoball Camp 2023” sponsor introduction
❏ Ryukyu DigiCo Co., Ltd.
“Ryukyu DigiCo Co., Ltd.” operates a shared office “ZORKS Okinawa” in Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture. As an incubation facility for IT venture companies, “ZORKS Okinawa” brings together venture companies with diverse skills. The strength of Ryukyu DigiCo is that we can collaborate and cooperate with participating companies to propose solutions that best suit the needs of our customers. Specifically, we are promoting various IT businesses such as web development projects and operation business, advertising business, application development, education business, etc.
“DOUG’S BURGER” has its main store in Miyakojima. Founder and owner Doug visited Miyako Island through his hobby of fishing for yellowfin tuna. And the desire to help more people to know and revitalize Miyakojima, which was completely fascinated, was the impetus for opening a business on Miyakojima. In addition to supporting the first holding of this event on Miyako Island as a bronze sponsor,
prize-winning players will receive meal tickets at “DOUG’S BURGER” and “DOUG’S GRILL”.
❏Miyako Wood Crafts
Established in 1961 in Miyakojima, the long-established Sanshin Woodworking Factory “Miyako Wood Crafts”. It is the only factory in Okinawa Prefecture that carries out all processes from buying logs to processing and painting, sticking to the handmade “traditional techniques” and “real wood” that have been handed down to the island. Many of the products produced by the second generation, Masaki Yogi, have many fans not only in Japan but also overseas. This time, “TIDA-Miyako Wood Crafts-” is on sale as the first model from the new fresco ball brand “TIDA” from Okinawa.
❏ Manhattan Margarita
A special cocktail born from a secret recipe that even celebrities admire. Manhattan Margarita. A secret recipe that has been honed for over 30 years by Manhattan Beach-loving locals to end the day with the best drink. Made with only natural materials, the natural taste has the power to unleash your heart at once. Please try it once. We have been providing products to the fashion awards this time as well. ❏ Ryogeisha Co., Ltd.
IT & Culture Company Ryogeisha is developing business in a wide range of fields such as sports marketing business, beauty business, art-related business, mainly web development business. In the web development business, as a group of IT specialists, we are committed to the customer’s KPI and support the customer’s business with a one-stop project team, from rebuilding existing businesses to planning and developing new businesses. We also provide IT-related technical support and competition management support for the Japan Frescoball Association.
■ What is “Communication Design Sports” Frescoball?
Frescobol is a beach sport that originated in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Invented on Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro in 1945, it is now popular on beaches around the world.
The biggest feature of Frescoball is that it is a scoring competition in which two people facing each other do not compete, but cooperate to continue the rally. Generally, the competition time is 5 minutes, and the game is held at a distance of 7m. It is said to be a “caring sport” because of the way they cooperate to continue the rally, and as of January 2023, 22 JFBA-authorized regional clubs and 1 official student group have been established throughout Japan, forming a local community through Frescoball. It has been.
The Japan Frescoball Association was established in 2013 to let more people know about the appeal of this sport, and is actively working to establish local clubs in all 47 prefectures of Japan by 2025. I’m here.
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