The jewelry brand atelier ST, CAT has been renewed as a bridal specialty store. Sales of fashion items to be suspended

BH Long Co., Ltd.
The jewelry brand [atelier ST, CAT] has been renewed as a bridal specialty store. Sales of fashion items to be suspended

From June 2023, [atelier ST, CAT] in Minami Aoyama will specialize in order-made wedding/engagement rings and bridal rental jewelry as a “bridal specialty brand”. Therefore, popular fashion jewelry will be suspended in May.
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The jewelry brand [atelier ST, CAT]
(, which has an atelier and shop in Minami Aoyama, Tokyo, will handle custom-made wedding / engagement rings / bridal rental jewelry from June 2023. We will renew as a “bridal specialty brand”.
Therefore, sales of fashion jewelry will end at the end of May 2023. [Image 2

[About renewal]
We are proud to have pioneered the times by creating “things that are unlikely to exist”, such as the debut of an earring brand in 2014 and the debut of a jewelry line in 2017.
The custom-made wedding/engagement ring
(, which is currently gaining popularity as the main business of the brand, is also [Be yourself, freely. Based on the concept of “wedding and engagement rings like modern art”, we ourselves questioned the “wedding ring-likeness” of the past, and started this business because we wanted to open up a new sense of values.
[What is a more personal wedding / engagement ring? ], I would like to further expand the new possibilities of bridal rings and convey them to more customers, with the strength of the sense cultivated in fashion jewelry and the highly reliable manufacturing system with our own atelier. .
We will create a new [engagement ring-likeness] that the times demand. [Image 3

[About sales of fashion jewelry]
In addition to the items currently on sale at the online shop ( and Minami Aoyama store, reservations will be accepted until the end of May (depending on the reservation status, please make a reservation early. may be discontinued). We plan to arrange delivery in 2 to 6 months, but if you are in a hurry, please contact us.
In addition, we will continue to accept maintenance for items that have already been sold.
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[About atelier ST and CAT]
Debuted in 2014 by fashion editor Seiko Hayashi (born in Tokyo in 1986). Handcrafted large earrings have attracted attention and are leading the trend. In July 2017, he opened an atelier shop in Kamimachi, Setagaya, and launched fashion jewelry that was created one by one by hand. Gaining popularity mainly on SNS and gaining followers and fans. In November 2020, the atelier shop was relocated to Minami Aoyama, Minato Ward. As a gallery and shop, we will expand the possibilities as a jewelry brand through various approaches such as holding exhibitions of young artists and developing bridal rental jewelry. From 2022, we will strengthen the custom-made wedding and engagement ring business, such as expanding designs and services. Samples can be shipped and orders can be placed nationwide. In the first year of strengthening, the number of constraints was 10 times higher than last year. In 2023, we plan to debut highly fashionable engagement rings such as antique and colored diamonds.
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Store overview
atelier ST, CAT
Act Aoyama Building 1B, 2-9-18 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku
13:00-18:00/Saturdays and Sundays 12:00-19:00
Closed Thursdays *Counseling for wedding and engagement rings is by appointment only (
Company Profile
BH Long Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Seiko Ito (Hayashi)

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