The long-awaited full model change of the heavy sneakers “Muscle Trainer” that Yuichiro Miura loves!

Global Branding Co., Ltd.
The long-awaited full model change of the heavy sneakers “Muscle Trainer” that Yuichiro Miura loves!
muscle trainer original 2

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Gadget Japan (Global Branding Co., Ltd.) will sell the latest Muscle Trainer series “Muscle Trainer Original 2”.

We reviewed everything based on the voice of our regular users [Image 2

The long-selling “Muscle Trainer Original” since its launch has been fully remodeled into the “Muscle Trainer Original 2”, which has improved functionality and comfort by reviewing everything from the design, materials, and foot shape based on the voices of regular users. Did!
1. Easy to walk
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The round shape of the sole reduces the impact when landing, making it easier to walk without stumbling.
In addition, the material of the sole has also been reviewed to improve abrasion resistance and slip resistance compared to the previous model.
2. Easy to wear
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The Muscle Trainer Original 2 has a “wide top edge” that makes it easier to put your feet in, with a wider opening than the previous model.
The wide opening has improved the difficulty of putting in high-cut shoes. [Image 5

In addition, the Muscle Trainer Original 2 newly adopts a “pull strap” that can be pinched and pulled when taking off shoes. The wide opening makes it easier to put your feet in and supports it.
3. Increased material strength
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Made of soft and tough microfiber leather (artificial leather). In particular, we have improved the strength of the bump (front part of the instep) where bending load is applied.
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In addition, by changing the shoe tongue material to nylon mesh, it reduces the feeling of tightness and improves breathability. What kind of shoes are muscle trainers?
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A long-selling product that has sold over 1.2 million pairs
“Muscle Trainer” is a slightly heavy walking shoe that transforms daily life such as walking, shopping, and commuting into efficient aerobic exercise just by wearing it.
The series has sold over 1,200,000 pairs! *
The “Muscle Trainer”, which appeared in the shoe world where lightness is always required, has gained popularity with its unique style of “heavy shoes”, and is a long-selling product that has been used repeatedly for more than 10 years.
*Manufacturer research
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Loved by adventurer Yuichiro Miura
Yuichiro Miura, an adventurer and professional skier, also loves the Muscle Trainer series.
“When I was 70 and decided to climb Everest, I started training in muscle trainers.
I climbed Mount Everest at the age of 75 and 80, and for the past 15 years, muscle trainers have always been a part of my body.
A reliable partner that enhances the possibilities of achieving your dreams. ” [Image 11

High exercise effect just by wearing and walking
A typical sneaker weighs about 200-400 grams per leg, but a muscle trainer weighs 1200-1400 grams per leg. This weight is the secret of the muscle trainer.
When you walk with the Muscle Trainer, you can efficiently train the “red muscle” that burns fat as energy.
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Burn up to 300 calories in 30 minutes
Although it varies depending on conditions such as weight, distance, speed, etc., in general, the energy consumption of 30 minutes of walking is said to be about 75 to 150 kcal. However, a 30-minute walk in a muscle trainer will burn up to about 300 calories.
Walking with a muscle trainer improves energy consumption efficiency by about 25%, so you can consume energy efficiently in a shorter time than other exercises.
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Sole is patented in 10 countries around the world
The Muscle Trainer has successfully achieved both an exquisite weight balance and flexibility of the foot during walking by blending iron grains inside the sole.
This epoch-making sole has been patented in 10 countries, including Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, China, and South Korea.
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Research Institute Demonstrates Effectiveness
Walking in muscle trainers increases both heart rate and oxygen uptake, and increases energy metabolism by up to 25% compared to walking in regular shoes.
Regarding the effect of walking with a muscle trainer, we conducted a manufacturer-contracted test at Tokyo Gakugei University and Osaka University of Physical Education. As a result, the following effects were demonstrated.
▼ You can get the effect of “burning fat” and “improving muscle strength” efficiently in a short time.
▼ Consumption of body fat is promoted (energy consumption effect is increased by 25%)
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Product name: Muscle Trainer Original 2
Color: black, white
Size: Women’s 22.5-25.0cm/3E Men’s 24.5-28.0cm/3E (0.5cm increments) material:
[Upper] Microfiber (artificial leather), nylon mesh
[Insole] EVA cup insole, synthetic fiber (insole surface)
[Lining material] Nylon mesh, urethane sponge
[bottom material] Synthetic sole (synthetic rubber, iron grain) Weight: 1,200 grams for women’s foot, 1,400 grams for men’s foot Country of origin: China
Price: 18,480 yen including tax (16,800 yen excluding tax)
“Muscle Trainer Original 2” is sold at the following stores. [Gadget Japan] [Rakuten Ichiba] [Yahoo! Shopping] [Amazon] Details about this release:


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