The long-awaited Japanese translation of the original novel of the popular Thai BL drama “Lovely Writer” wil l be distributed as an original book of U-NEXT

U-NEXT Co., Ltd.
The long-awaited Japanese translation of the original novel of the popular Thai BL drama “Lovely Writer” will be distributed as an original book of U-NEXT

The video distribution service “U-NEXT” operated by USEN-NEXT GROUP’s U-NEXT Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President: Tenshin Tsutsumi) is the original of the popular Thai BL drama “Lovely Writer”. The long-awaited Japanese translation of the novel will be distributed as an original U-NEXT book from Saturday, January 14, 2023. If you are a monthly member of U-NEXT, you can view it with “unlimited reading”, and from February 1st (Wednesday), digital sales will start at other stores. It will also be available as a paper book from the same day.
The drama version of “Lovely Writer” is exclusively distributed on U-NEXT. In the future, in addition to Thai BL dramas, we plan to release original Japanese translations of overseas dramas. We will deliver the original novel that allows you to enjoy the world of the popular drama even more as an original book to everyone in Japan. Please expect by all means.
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Written by Wankling/Translated by Yumiko Udo “Lovely Writer” Gene, a novelist who was asked by the editor-in-chief of a publishing company to write a hit BL novel, was turned into a drama. At the casting audition that he reluctantly attends, for some reason Gene cannot take his eyes off a popular young actor named Napship. Napship fascinated the judging staff with its overwhelming charm, and unanimously passed the offensive role. After that, I was happy to reunite with my college friend Tam, who was the manager of Napship on the shooting site. One day, out of the blue, Tam asked me to stay at your place for a while. Gene, who couldn’t refuse, decided to live with Napship for “only one month”!?
-Author profile-
BL writer. Woman. Majored in Japanese at university. I started writing novels when I was a student. I like staying at home and playing games. Works that have been published so far include “Honey Mini Skirt” and “14 Days of Summer Vacation”. The latest work is “Apple Cider M.: Only smell”. This book is the first Japanese translation.
-Translator Profile-
Yumiko Udo
Born in Bangkok in 1989. Part-time lecturer at Meiji Gakuin University and others. In his book “Learn hard! Introductory Thai
(Daigakushorin), edited and translated “Cedar Oruan Short Story A Grain of Glass” (Daido Life International Cultural Fund), and translated “My Ride, I Love You” by Patrick Rangsimant (KADOKAWA). You can check the list of U-NEXT original books here
( For the latest information, please check the official Twitter account of the book ( (@UNEXT_publish).
Some of the U-NEXT original books are also sold at the Kindle store and Apple Books. In addition, the following are also sold as paper books, so please buy them at bookstores nationwide.
Junko Oyama “A dog house at home! 』
Katie Gutierrez, Until Death Do Us Part
Chiya Fujino “Two people in the housing complex”
Tetsutaka Shibata “Jimmy Howard’s Zippo”
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Kiyomi Fujii “#One morning I became a murderer”
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