The long-awaited national debut of the idol “Keppatte Tohoku” who supports Tohoku!

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The long-awaited national debut of the idol “Keppatte Tohoku” who supports Tohoku!
Appearing in the media every day, the three people who are attracting attention struggle to reach the top of the Ou Mountains!

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The idol group “Keppatte Tohoku”, which was formed as an idol to support Tohoku, made its debut on January 15 with “Tohoku Aiko”. This work is a catchy festival tune in which Tohoku’s specialties and famous places are scattered in the lyrics. It is used and attracts attention from a wide range of people.
On January 14th, a Furage day event was held at the Tower Records Koriyama store, and on the 15th a release event was held at HMV Sendai and Tower Records Sendai PARCO.
The members enthusiastically said, “First of all, I’m glad that we were able to make our debut. This is the real start, so while cherishing our feelings of gratitude, we will definitely be able to convey the charm of Tohoku!” In addition, although it was a release event to count, it was released nationwide on 1/14 and ranked 13th on the Oricon Daily Chart, a great fight!
Keppatte Tohoku, who has been performing at events in Tohoku every day, will be performing with the local idol group GMU at Heartbeat in Aomori. Furthermore, on the same day, he will appear live on ABA Aomori Asahi Broadcasting’s morning information program “Happy”, and on the 21st and 28th, he will also appear as a guest on Fukushima Chuo TV’s “Nijohan Record”!
After starting 2023 with a bang, pay attention to Tohoku’s rapid progress. [Image 2

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◆ Debut song “Tohoku Love Soul”
c/w dream passport
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Nationwide release from 1/15 1,200 yen (tax included)
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◆Distribution release “Tohoku Aiko” “Dream Passport” Now on sale at various music sites!
Tohoku love soul
dream passport
[Keppatte Tohoku latest information]
【January 】
1/21 ABA Aomori Asahi Broadcasting’s morning information program “Happy” live appearance
1/21 Aomori Live @ Heartbeat
1/21 Fukushima Chuo TV “2 Tatami Half Record Appearance”
1/28 Fukushima Chuo TV “2 Tatami Half Record Appearance”
[About…Keppatte Tohoku]
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A new project formed by three members from Tohoku.
We will convey the charm of the six Tohoku prefectures through songs and reporting activities.
The members who are full of local love aim for the top of the Ou Mountains…! ? ―Keppatte Tohoku Official SNS―
Official Twitter
Official TikTok
SNS summary
“Members Introduction”
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Yuka Fukushima
“I’ll bring you luck! Happiness Island~! I’m in charge of Akabeko Red!” Born in Fukushima prefecture. As a soloist, he released a song with the theme of Fukushima Prefecture, and he also does interviews as an idol editor-in-chief of Rakuyu IDOL PASS. MC for terrestrial TV programs, reporter activities, personality for Nippon Cultural Broadcasting and Shibuya Cross FM, etc.
Solo song “Inawashiro Encore” MV:

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Hiiragi Narita
“Your heart’s hometown~! Only you are in charge of Yellow!”
Born in Aomori Prefecture. Himawari Princess, Kamiooka Akafu Park official ambassador, Narita Yume Bokujo Himawari Ambassador, Subway SNS official model, Shibuya Cross FM, terrestrial program appearances, etc.

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Aoi Kohinata
“Let’s go! Ou Mountains! Zunda Green!”
Born in Miyagi prefecture. Rakutoku Navigator, Bishoujo Encyclopedia (Yokohama), Yokohama FC Girls, Shibuya Cross FM appearance, talk event appearance, etc.
TikTok: *Over 22,000 followers Twitter:
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