The magical pollen countermeasure that responds to the wish of “I want to remove my nose and wash it!”

Standard Brush
The magical [pollen countermeasure] that responds to the wish of “I want to remove my nose and wash it!”
-The number of supporters of crowdfunding [MAKUAKE] is 717-

On January 11, 2023, StandardBrush (Location: Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Representative: Tomotaka Iwamoto), which considers pollen countermeasures, challenged MAKUAKE, a support purchase service for interesting things and experiences. The total number of supporters is 717. Finished with a lot of support. We propose a new stage and new pollen measures.
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■ What is StandardBrush?
With a rich amount of bristles like dense foam, this is a brush exclusively for the nasal cavity that allows you to easily wash off pollen and house dust.
Approach the nose environment directly. It’s direct, so it’s refreshing as if you took your nose and washed it.
Unique patented technology provides unparalleled detergency. With an excellent fit, it’s so comfortable that you can’t help but let out your voice!
The skin is also very comfortable.
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sophisticated design

■ Customer’s voice
StandardBrush, which was launched last year, reflected customer feedback and evolved further to take on the challenge of MAKUAKE. Thanks to all of you, we received support and messages from many repeaters, and the project was a great success.
Mr. A “I love the last one every day, and I can’t let it go anymore. I’m addicted to the moment when I can feel the various scents that I can feel immediately after washing.I hope that this increase in hair volume will make bath time even more comfortable. We look forward!” [Image 3

Even though it is a brush, it is impossible to distinguish gaps What is a premium brush?
The amount of bristles in the normal brush that was launched last year is actually 70,000. It was well received for removing pollen with a rich amount of bristles, but there were multiple opinions from heavy users that they would be happy if it was more gentle on the skin, and the premium brush was born. 84,000 bristles, 20% more hair, 20% higher density, improved quality. Furthermore, we also succeeded in rounding the ends of the hair. Rounding the L size was extremely difficult, and we solved the problem by maximizing the density. This development took a year of trial and error. Despite the extremely low development cost, this is a brush made with sincerity from everyone at the factory who felt the significance of the brush and cooperated with us. Finished with a very gentle texture.
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Rather than a brush, it is no longer a jelly body
Hard pollen season. I think there are many people who think, “I want to remove my nose and wash it.” An innovative pollen countermeasure brush that responds to such requests as close as possible. We sincerely hope that we can deliver it to many people who have problems with their noses.
Company name: Standard Brush
Product name: Standard Brush
Fixed price: [premium] 2750 yen (tax included)
    [normal] 1650 yen (tax included)
Sales destination:
Contact: You can get in touch with the base above (upper right). Business description: Sales of cleaning brushes exclusively for the inside of the nostrils
Established: May 11, 2021
Representative: Tomotaka Iwamoto
Location: 1-14-7 Onoko, Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture 251-0002 **************************************************** ********* ■StandardBrush is a brush filled with commitment and thought. Since it is a startup business started by an individual, there are no advertising or development costs. There is only enthusiasm and debt. If you find our activities even a little interesting, please do not hesitate to interview us.
With the help of the media, I would like to sincerely face people who are having trouble with their nasal environment. We would appreciate it if you could support our activities.
Thank you for your kind support.
■ Reasons for being chosen by medical professionals
Pollen measures such as masks and barriers. While the pollen is flying, After attaching pollen to the nose, use them in a hurry,
What does it mean?
First, wash off the reacting pollen cleanly.
Clean nose environment.
Isn’t that what the mask is for?
Standardbrush captures the problem at its core,
We will provide reasonable and sincere measures.
The reason for the rich hair volume and density
What if your toothbrush had only one bristle?
No matter how many hours you wash it, it will not be suitable to remove the dirt.
The average number of bristles on a typical toothbrush is 500-1000. The Standardbrush has 84,000 bristles.
The more bristles, the more efficient the removal of fine foreign matter. At the same time, it sublimates to a royal class on the skin. ■ Reasons for using high-grade extra-fine nylon
What if the bristles on the brush are too thick?
It is not suitable to wash off fine foreign matter such as pollen. The average bristle diameter of a regular toothbrush is 0.2mm. The Standardbrush has a bristle diameter of 0.051mm.
Penetrates deep into pores and cleanses thoroughly.
At the same time, it is extremely smooth.
■ Reason for adopting round processing
What if the ends of the hair were cut off?
Even if you use ultra-fine bristles, they may look as sharp as a knife when viewed microscopically.
Standardbrush introduces rounding technology this time.
As a result, we have achieved an enchanting texture just by inserting it into the nose.
The wonderful current product has become even more gentle on the skin. Round processing of ultra-fine 0.051mm is a very difficult special technology. ■ Our research
Our pollen studies empirically show that pollen reaction sites are concentrated at the entrance of the nasal cavity.
Feel for the entrance to your nose with your fingertips.
The upper pocket is deeper toward the inside, and the lower pocket is deeper toward the outside.
Your fingertips are caught like a hook.
It is not surprising that runny nose and pollen stay in this depression. This pocket is also a mucous membrane, so naturally pollen reacts here.
[Image 5d93061-7-d83c616c2e652c091dc5-17.jpg&s3=93061-7-fdf5c35382f8d99ca1760ca444796c1a-2373x1259.jpg
There is a pocket at the entrance of the nasal cavity.
Pollen and house dust staying in this pocket can be cleaned at a high level StandardBrush.
StandardBrush is
It is said to be a real pollen / house dust countermeasure
Here’s why.
■ Specifications
pattern tritan
hairy nylon
Firmness of bristles Extremely soft
Heat resistant temperature 100 degrees
■ About the company StandardBrush
StandardBrush has fundamentally reviewed fixed pollen/house dust countermeasures and independently researched “real pollen
countermeasures”. Thorough analysis of the mechanism led to the realization of an innovative solution. The discovery of a new rule that overturns conventional wisdom. reasonable measures. We are a sector-specific start-up company.
Clean up the cause. Pursuing real pollen/house dust countermeasures, we have sublimated the skin comfort to a royal class, and as a result, we have created a wonderful product that goes beyond pollen
countermeasures and enriches our lives.
Last year’s repeater was 1 in 17.9 people. Although the number of sales was small, its ability was highly evaluated. This project will be on general sale in 2022. It is the second self-confidence product that has been improved and improved based on customer feedback. To be honest, I didn’t expect it to evolve this far. We would like to thank everyone involved and are ready to share the results with everyone. Once you get it, you can’t live without it. Please try the
“difference” and feel the “real ability”.

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