The National Federation of Commerce and Industry Associations x SHOPCOUNTER will collect local products from all over the country from January 25th to February 23rd, 2023, and hold a “National Specialty Products Fair” in NAMBA.

The National Federation of Commerce and Industry Associations x SHOPCOUNTER will collect local products from all over the country from January 25th to February 23rd, 2023, and hold a “National Specialty Products Fair” in NAMBA.

The National Federation of Commerce and Industry Associations (Location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Chairman: Yoshihisa Mori; hereinafter referred to as “All United Nations”) and COUNTER WORKS Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Meguro-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Naoki Sanpei; hereinafter referred to as the Company) From January 25, 2023 (Wednesday) to February 23, 2023 (Thursday), about 280 local products (number of stores: 104 companies) from all over the country will be collected at the underground mall “NAMBA Nannan” for a limited time. Come, see, and enjoy the “National Specialty Products Fair”.
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Background of the event
With the aim of supporting the business continuity and recovery of businesses affected by the increase in sales of small and medium-sized enterprises and small businesses that support the regional economy, the prolonged corona disaster, and the recent surge in raw material and crude oil prices, Osaka will open its first pop-up store. We will sell and promote local products under the theme of “Come, see, enjoy” so that you can enjoy encountering new products because we have a wide range of rare local products that are not available nationwide. “Come. Look. Enjoy National Specialty Products Fair” in NAMBA Nannan Overview Schedule: January 25, 2023 (Wednesday) to February 23, 2023 (Thursday) Business hours: 10:00-21:00
Location: NAMBA Nannan “YOSOOI” zone (5-chome Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 542-0076)
Organizer: National Federation of Commerce and Industry Associations Planning cooperation and operation: Counterworks Co., Ltd.
“SHOPCOUNTER Omakase store opening”
■ List of companies (in no particular order)
Number of stores: 104 stores in total
Neo Showa Co., Ltd. / Egaobatake no Yamachan Farm / Yatomi Farm Co., Ltd. / Inohiro Confectionery Co., Ltd. / Haruka Horse Ranch Co., Ltd. / Senshudo Co., Ltd. / Yoshino Miso Co., Ltd. / Hamade Industry Co., Ltd. / Ibuki Co., Ltd. Ham / Riezone / LINKWOOD DESIGN Co., Ltd. / Tsushima Aguri Kobo / Abias Kyoto / Yamato Foods Co., Ltd. / Norte Carta Co., Ltd. / Cool Copan Co., Ltd. / Fujimura Kombu Seafood Co., Ltd. / Takachiho Muratabi Co., Ltd. / Yamasho / Mori no Kura Farm / Evergreen Farm Co., Ltd. / Hotaka Village Co., Ltd. / MS Farm Co., Ltd. / Tobishima Citrus Kobo Co., Ltd. / Creation Farm Co., Ltd. / Asmail Japan Co., Ltd. / Atre Co., Ltd. / Sekikawa Sangyo Co., Ltd. / Honey Kingdom / Yaku Co., Ltd. Agricultural Promotion Group / Marumata Soy Sauce Joint Stock Company / Midaya Sohonke Co., Ltd. / Imamura Hosuien Honpo Co., Ltd. / Tsubasa Yado Itoshima Shokuetsu / Sanei Kosan Co., Ltd. / Kitage Kurobo Co., Ltd. / Fujisaki Shokuhin Seimen Co., Ltd. Factory / Itoya Co., Ltd. / Chikaokaya Shoyu Co., Ltd. / Katakuchiya Co., Ltd. / Shodai Co., Ltd. / Kokoku Co., Ltd. / Rakkoya Coffee Roaster / Hazawa Confectionery Co., Ltd. / Human Act Co., Ltd. / Inaniwa Udon Sales Co., Ltd. / Sanei Foods Co., Ltd. / Inaniwa Ginshodo Honpo Co., Ltd. / Kimino Fruit / Kure Brand Co., Ltd. / Sekiguchiya Confectionery / Skylark Awano / Chirimen Sansho Chihiro / Mutsumi Poultry Processing Cooperative Association / Grandma Honpo / Nakazono Kyutaro Shoten Co., Ltd. / MO Giken Co., Ltd. / Misohan Co., Ltd. / Kurimen Co., Ltd. / Ryugudo Co., Ltd. / Hioki Co., Ltd. / Artigiano LLC / Jian Yamya / Kamikochi Miso Co., Ltd. / Agrinet Kotoura Co., Ltd. / Itsukiya Honpo Co., Ltd. / Tomoe Partnership Company / BOTTEGA BLU. / Daichi no Megumi Co., Ltd. / Kawatsura Transport Co., Ltd. / Success Trade Co., Ltd. / Herbal Tea Cafe Kokoroha / Asuka Plan Co., Ltd. / Gift Miyayuki / Mori Foods / Wellness Co., Ltd. / Yoshida Coffee Honpo / Yume Shoki / Rokuta Asahimame Honpo / Hatana Miso Koji Store / Shosho Co., Ltd. / Ebisuya Partnership Company / Akita Seimensho Co., Ltd. / H2R Japan Co., Ltd. / Yamaso Home Co., Ltd. / LLC Food Mark / Kocomo Natural Garden / Tanaka Nouen Co., Ltd. / Koufukuya / Takaichi Honpo / Karusco Co., Ltd. / Shinko Shokusan Co., Ltd. / Teramoto Teramoto Suisan Co., Ltd. / Nekohabu / Risewin Co., Ltd. / Sweet Green Co., Ltd. / Mistar Cloud Ear / Nara Shoraku Co., Ltd. / Relax Zation Café Chandelur / Narashika / Hinodeya Confectionery Co., Ltd. / Goto no Tsubaki Co., Ltd. / Ito Shoten General Partnership / Kikunoen Co., Ltd.
Examples of vendor products:
・Fish Jerky Tuna (Miyazaki Prefecture)
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This is Miyazaki’s first product. Using tuna from Kyushu as a raw material, it is seasoned with a soy sauce base and no additives. ・Candies to Eat Yamato Matcha ~Yamato Shibi~ [Nara Prefecture] [Image 3

Made with delicious ingredients from Nara Prefecture, this candy can be enjoyed like a snack.
Nostalgic deliciousness and various flavors from Nara Prefecture are packed in a cute box decorated with the Tenpyo pattern of Shosoin, a capital of Nara, where you can feel the history and culture. Feel the beauty of Nara in the palm of your hand.
・100-year-old cypress coaster [Ehime Prefecture]
[Image 4d13729-81-8c89cf5dfe36b9889e11-1.jpg&s3=13729-81-3d59a12daf1f13f66ed64f57463ac8b9-960x720.jpg
This product was created with the idea of ​​using branches that were cut off during logging and thrown away in the mountains. A coaster with beautiful annual rings.
About Ghost Retailer Service “SHOPCOUNTER Omakase Opening”
We will provide all services other than product manufacturing, procurement, and marketing to brands that want to have a physical store, and we will be responsible for one-stop from planning to operation of store openings such as pop-ups. We have already opened more than 200 stores annually (as of the end of December 2022). SHOPCOUNTER Omakase store: Company Profile
・National Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry
Company name: National Federation of Commerce and Industry Associations Representative: Chairman Yoshihisa Mori
Location: 1-7-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Yurakucho Electric Building North Building 19th floor
Established: March 1959
・Counter Works Co., Ltd.
Company name: COUNTERWORKS Co., Ltd.
Representative: Naoki Sanpei, Representative Director and CEO Location: 6th floor, Nakameguro Okura Building, 1-26-9 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Established: October 2014

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