The next-generation unmanned vending machine “Smarite” first appeared in SA/PA!

Goldenberg Co., Ltd.
The next-generation unmanned vending machine “Smarite” first appeared in SA/PA! Next-generation unmanned vending machines first appear at SA/PA! ~ Unmanned sales at SA / PA of “East Japan Expressway Co., Ltd.” ~
January 25, 2023
Goldenberg Co., Ltd.
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East Japan Expressway Co., Ltd. will conduct a demonstration experiment of unmanned sales service at SA / PA by utilizing the vending machine “Smarite” equipped with the unmanned retail core system of Goldenberg Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo).
This initiative will be a service that allows restaurants to purchase food and local products even outside business hours when using SA / PA. We will also aim to reduce the operation of existing stores and reduce food loss.
Next-generation unmanned vending machine “Sumarite” with automatic billing and payment functions
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-Equipped with cutting-edge technology, “Sumarite” can be purchased simply by opening the door, taking out the product, and
leaving-“Sumarite” provided by Goldenberg Co., Ltd. is a hygiene management in line with “HACCP” stipulated by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. In addition to the installation of the system, the “automatic object identification technology” by special algorithm analysis automatically identifies the products taken out of the showcase, and when the door is closed, the QR code payment application PayPay or d payment “automatically It is a completely cashless unmanned vending machine that can be purchased by paying with “. As a mechanism to avoid the risk of uncollected payment, in addition to remote temperature management and inventory management, it is possible to manage the expiration date and change the selling price, so it is possible to reduce food loss.
* “QR code is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Inc.”
-Inquiries about Sumalite-
Goldenberg Co., Ltd.
Smart Technology Unmanned Technology Development Operation Headquarters TEL: 03-5847-8402
East Japan Expressway Co., Ltd. “DraPla Innovation Lab”
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“DraPla Innovation Lab” is a part of NEXCO EAST’s open innovation, co-creation with startups, etc., contributing to solving company or regional issues using new technologies and services, and providing customers with safety, security and We aim to improve comfort and convenience, and by utilizing the results not only on highways but also in the real world, we aim to widely return the results. Recruitment started in 2021 as the first accelerator program in Japan by an expressway company, and five companies were selected for phase I, and demonstration experiments are underway.

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