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Japanese-style Vocaloid P “Hifumi”, new song “Noppera” distribution release & MV release!

Vocaloid P123, who has built his own identity so far, until he is said to be “123” when it comes to Japanese-style vocal rock.
At the event “VOCALOCK MANIA” held at the Otemachi Mitsui Hall yesterday, Hifumi, who excited the audience with the commentary on the song “Shashaten”, released her new song “No “Pppera” has been released for distribution. The MV will premiere on YouTube at 20:00.
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The new song “Noppera” is a song that expresses feelings of jealousy and envy, “I want to be someone, I want to be someone”, in beautiful words. Contrary to the excitement that can be heard from the arrangement of the festival music, this song can also be received as a message from Hifumi, who says, “You don’t have to be someone else, just be yourself.” The illustration of the jacket and MV is in charge of the first tag “Ushirome”. Not only the cute characters, but also the eeriness of being empty matches the music.
◆Message from Hifumi
It is a song written with the theme of envy and inferiority towards others. I tend to want only things that I don’t have,
I believe that if you can find something that is unique to you, you will be able to live happily ever after.
Also, this time we welcomed Rin Kagamine.
I tried to tone it in my own way, so I hope you will pay attention to the vocals and enjoy the work.
◆ Song information
[Image 2d55377-544-e98715523fc4b68b77b6-0.jpg&s3=55377-544-5dd682571dcd946b19e2c667aec495d9-1448x1447.jpg
January 23, 2023 Delivery SINGLE “Noppera”
Each subscription & download:
Music Video:
Lyrics/Composition/Arrangement: Hifumi
Vocal: Kagamine Rin
Illustration: Ushirometai:
Started activities as Vocaloid P in 2015. He has a reputation for his neat and clean Japanese style rock that incorporates the elements of Japanese musical instruments, and the number of YouTube channel subscribers has exceeded 100,000. The representative song “Hana ga Fell”, which was posted on TikTok, attracted attention with the A melody singing video posted on TikTok, and when searched for “#Hana ga Fell”, it boasts about 30 million views.
In addition to vocaloid songs, he is also expanding his activities as a writer, such as providing songs for game insert songs, voice actors, program openings, VTubers, and artists.
◆Hifumi-related links
YouTube channel: Nico Nico Douga: Twitter:

Details about this release:


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