The popular atmos pink UGG classic sneakers have been updated and will appear on 2/1 (wed)! Pay attention to the lineup for women and all genders!

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UGG classic popular sneakers are updated and appear on 2/1 (wed)! Pay attention to the lineup for women and all genders!

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The popular UGG classic sneakers that are perfect for spring when you want to create light feet are a proposal for women and all genders! In addition, “CA805 V2 REMIX”, which is an updated version of CA805, and “CA1”, which has a slimmer form, will be released on 2/1 (Wed)! Appeared as a real couple with active KAZANE and partner model Sofia. Mr. KAZANE is also in charge of video production for this campaign, just like when Mr. Ohbayashi was appointed for the UGG PLATFORM BOOTS campaign at 22AW. Also pay attention to the creation of visuals and movies that express UGG like Gen-Z.
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SIZE:23.0cm – 25.0cm
PRICE: ¥22,000 (in tax)
The new CA1 is an updated version of the popular CA805 series with a slimmer style and bold monochrome colors. The oversized sports sole provides excellent cushioning and resilience for a maximalist personality. Combining UGG heritage details with premium nubuck leather, this luxe look is a must-have pair for spring!
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SIZE:23.0cm – 29.0cm
PRICE: ¥25,300 (in tax)
The popular series CA805 has been updated with injection molding that is lighter and more resilience than ever before! The upper has been refreshed with elastic toggle laces and premium nubuck leather that can be worn effortlessly. A stable dynamic support platform and grooves in the forefoot for flexible comfort!
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STYLE NAME: CA805 (atmos bespoke)
SIZE:23.0cm – 29.0cm
PRICE: ¥24,200 (in tax)
The popular color triple black is now available as a special order atmos! The luxurious CA805 with premium nubuck leather on the entire surface has an elegant finish like never before. It goes great with street style outfits.
*Available stores: UGG@mos stores/atmos pink・atmos stores/atmos pink・atmos online store
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[Image 17 Targeting consumers with high fashion sensitivity between the ages of 18 and 25, the UGG (R) brand was born from the DNA of California. The shop sells not only UGG(R) brand shoes, apparel and miscellaneous goods, but also products distributed only in limited sales channels.In addition, it was developed targeting the street market sold only at UGG@mos. Lineup of limited products.

About: KAZANE (Shimazaki Kazane / Shimazaki Kazane)
Born in Shiga Prefecture in 1998. A freestyle footballer (performer) who is active on the world stage with a unique style that matches music and literally “free” expression and fashion. In recent years, there have been many media exposures in various brand projects that combine model activities and fashion with balls. Posting his own videos on Instagram, one of the many videos has been played 65 million times, making it the most played video on Instagram Japan in 2020. The total number of views on Instagram exceeds 100 million.
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Japanese: Agu Atmos
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4-31-5 Ingaresso 1F, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-6721-0771
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