The ryokan “Sakae-so” in Minami Echizen-cho, Fukui Prefecture is looking for a successor on the “business succession matching platform relay”.

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The ryokan “Sakae-so” in Minami Echizen-cho, Fukui Prefecture is looking for a successor on the “business succession matching platform relay”.

Minami Echizen Town in Fukui Prefecture is located in the southern part of the Reihoku region of Fukui Prefecture. It was established by merging the former Kono village facing.
The Kono district, where Sakaeso is located, is located in the southern part of the Echizen coast of the Quasi-National Park, and is the gateway to access from the Chukyo and Kansai regions. In addition to fishing and tourism, it is also known for agricultural products such as daffodils and plums. It was once a port of call for the Kitamae-bune, which was responsible for trade in the Sea of ​​Japan. has been certified as one of The owner, Mr. Takayama, is looking for a successor.
About this recruitment of successors
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1. About this recruitment of successors
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Sakaeso is located along National Route 305, about 2km north of Nuka Village, a fisherman’s town in the Kono district. There are fishing ports and beaches nearby, and fresh fish are landed from fixed nets. The Sea of ​​Japan is right next to it, so it is said that the sound of the waves reaches even the rooms and baths.
The owner, Mr. Sakae Takayama, who used to run a Japanese restaurant in Kyoto, returned to his hometown of Kono in 1992 and opened a restaurant inn. Named after his own name. The customer base is mainly from outside the prefecture, and when it first opened, it was mainly regular customers from the Kyoto era. Also, at that time, it was not uncommon for beachgoers to jump in and look for accommodation, and these people became regular customers from the Chukyo area.
The deliciousness of the food has earned a good reputation among local tourism officials, and the restaurant has become a regular customer with new customers who are fascinated by the food. Regular customers from the restaurant days in Kyoto have been with us for nearly 50 years, and many of them bring their children and grandchildren. Currently, we do not actively advertise, and we accept only one group of reservations per day from regular customers who we know well. As a result, annual sales in recent years have been around 5 to 6 million yen, but during the peak period when the guest rooms were in full operation, monthly sales were 5 to 6 million yen, and there were times when annual sales were 50 to 60 million yen.
However, Mr. Takayama turned 75 years old, and felt that it would be difficult for him physically to continue the inn, so he decided to take over the business. In terms of facilities, it is important to note that there is no public water supply, so spring water is used. An annual management fee of 30,000 yen is required.
Mr. Takayama himself will take over the supplier if he continues the inn, but he intends to completely withdraw from management after the transfer.
“I would like the successor to use this place with their own ideas, regardless of whether it is a ryokan. For example, it might be interesting to make it a base for diving. I would like you to liven up the Kono district by all means.”
and Mr. Takayama.
Sakaeso has a wide range of possibilities, such as continuing the ryokan business by taking over regular customers who have
long-standing connections, or switching to a new business that makes the most of its location.
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The business succession matching platform “relay” is a service that matches managers who want to transfer their business with candidates who want to take over their business. Unlike conventional M&A matching sites, it has the feature of making articles about the thoughts of running companies and stores, including the owner’s profile, and publicly recruiting successors.
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