The spring limited fragrance “Chardonnay Sparkling” will appear again this year in the popular Chardonnay series. New release of body care items wrapped in champagne aroma!

Global Product Planning Co., Ltd.
The spring limited fragrance “Chardonnay Sparkling” will appear again this year in the popular [Chardonnay] series. New release of body care items wrapped in champagne aroma!
“Chardonnay Sparkling” with a mellow and light champagne scent
Global Product Planning Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nanpeidaicho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) will release a spring limited fragrance “Chardonnay Sparkling” wrapped in champagne aroma from the popular fragrance and bath series “Chardonnay”, which has become a standard product on January 6. It will be released in limited quantities from Sunday (Friday).
This season, we have introduced new items that are indispensable for moisturizing care, such as “Scrub Body Soap” and “Oil in Body Milk” that can be used as hair milk as body care items that have been requested a lot! There are also plenty of bath items that you can use yourself.
[Image 1d25308-273-29e0bb2a5a916858d243-0.jpg&s3=25308-273-c59dc3e2a1a44dbe1aa71cbe12523afc-650x415.jpg
A moment of bliss with the mellow champagne scent
Chardonnay Sparkling, a fragrance series with a mellow and light champagne scent reminiscent of barrels, introduces a new body care item that moisturizes with three grape extracts and plant oils. Deliver a blissful moment with a classic design and a rich aroma that makes you feel happy.
A rich and light champagne scent and three grape extracts that moisturize the skin
[Image 2d25308-273-4a65ec6a595a400b19f6-17.jpg&s3=25308-273-7ecc413401b82e60ea942e269813f937-1017x252.jpg

Chardonnay sparkling body care NEW item
-new product-
Chardonnay Sparkling Oil in Body Milk
Price 1,650 yen (tax included) Contents 240mL
[Image 3d25308-273-5f98bea3d2883bb0cab3-3.jpg&s3=25308-273-f6df9986a9a6aedeb6010deff17683d2-450x450.jpg
oil in body milk
[Image 4d25308-273-19faf52a58a07d9d5cb2-10.jpg&s3=25308-273-711ebab7e01b141767dbb809a6816658-849x193.jpg
A body milk with a pleasant aroma and a smooth, fresh texture. Luxuriously blended moisturizing ingredients including 3 organic oils*. Moisturizes the skin, protects it from dryness, and makes it fragrant and smooth. It can also be used as hair milk. Contains 95% natural ingredients
*Jojoba seed oil, sesame oil, safflower oil (all moisturizing ingredients) -new product-
Chardonnay sparkling scrub body soap
Price 1,320 yen (tax included) Contents 220mL
[Image 5d25308-273-4d0f491c9865c7e99c87-4.jpg&s3=25308-273-41dd53705137488ab15e0a9e25c71bcd-450x450.jpg
scrub body soap
[Image 6d25308-273-aa503e761346b83cb33f-9.jpg&s3=25308-273-cf6cb35794642b15aa8415227dd0e724-850x189.jpg
[Image 7d25308-273-18f85347fe55a615d1ae-2.jpg&s3=25308-273-2c5e0ea7f5d756b043305fe49fe0692c-350x350.jpg
A body soap containing a scrub made from natural ingredients that gently removes dirt and dead skin cells while enveloping you in a soothing aroma.
When washing the whole body, lather up with a bath sponge, etc., and massage the areas where dryness is a concern with the body soap. After that, wash the whole body and rinse off.
For soft and smooth skin. Contains 95% natural ingredients
[Image 8d25308-273-ba042353b6666981ee01-16.jpg&s3=25308-273-f1b954631c91f1ab34cd5a107ca799a4-526x219.jpg
-new product-
Chardonnay sparkling hand and lip care set
Price 858 yen (tax included)
Set contents: 25mL hand cream, 10mL lip balm each
[Image 9d25308-273-4c98f435dc307e4858e9-5.jpg&s3=25308-273-5dc3e55b8a73c956717617c42b2554a9-530x450.jpg
hand and lip care set
A hand and lip set that thoroughly moisturizes hands and lips while being enveloped in a rich aroma. It is a compact size that is convenient for carrying.
A moisturizing hand cream that is fragrant and blends well with the skin. A mellow and light champagne scent
Vaseline-based moisturizing lip balm is a set limited item.
Moisturizes the lips and gives a smooth finish. Gorgeous, sweet and sour “rosé wine” scent

Chardonnay sparkling bath new item
-new product-
Chardonnay Sparkling Moist Bath Powder L
Price 1,100 yen (tax included) Contents 300g (about 6 servings) [Image 10d25308-273-f78da744f8e1890625dc-6.jpg&s3=25308-273-0fb3814b37094bec62cb590fcf87cc5e-518x450.jpg
Moist bath powder L
[Image 11d25308-273-24dc256547bf5492f7d5-12.jpg&s3=25308-273-2e96ba3f35a143267b644f3227fa88e6-740x171.jpg
[Image 12d25308-273-5c408b4db7ab36422c6d-1.jpg&s3=25308-273-7bbfd9a0f4c3d659629134c30b604124-350x350.jpg
A generous size bath powder (about 6 times) that allows you to enjoy a relaxing bath time with a rich aroma and soft touch. A luxurious blend of 3 grape extracts* and carefully selected moisturizing ingredients to provide moisture to the skin.
*Grape fruit extract, grape leaf extract, Chardonnay fermented extract (lactic acid culm/grape juice fermented liquid)
-new product-
Chardonnay Sparkling Cloudy Bath Salt Set
Price 1,100 yen (tax included)
Set contents: 50g of cloudy bath salts
[Image 13d25308-273-646ba7144d49b19d7321-7.jpg&s3=25308-273-1569d6f472c0d0efb5146c021d7e7b10-627x450.jpg
cloudy bath salt set
[Image 14d25308-273-7b420e250585aac6dfa8-18.jpg&s3=25308-273-e5f9f99f0d7e7207d532bbeae4b011da-500x148.jpg
A set of 5 luxurious large-grained bath salts containing French Brittany sea salt “Guérande salt”.
Enjoy a relaxing bath of cloudy water at the end of the day while moisturizing your skin.
Chardonnay Sparkling Home Fragrance New Item
Chardonnay Sparkling Star Aroma Candle
Price 880 yen (tax included) Weight 55g Burning time approx. 6 hours Chardonnay Sparkling Star Aroma Candle L
Price 1,760 yen (tax included) Weight 350g Burning time approx. 24 hours [Image 15d25308-273-61fcbb6b59acf7b0e0a0-14.jpg&s3=25308-273-491ebc7afe76031545b9e4de4bd97b5b-650x292.jpg
Left star aroma candle, right star aroma candle L
A candle object with an eye-catching star shape.
It is recommended not only to light the fire and enjoy the rich scent, but also to decorate it as an aromatic interior.
*Be sure to use a nonflammable saucer when lighting the fire. [Image 16d25308-273-c1923226f65088172392-15.jpg&s3=25308-273-4ecf56b554ac0d98c06c6e83999ead8e-400x305.jpg

Chardonnay sparkling product list
Sold at GPP online shop, etc.
・Body care
Oil in body milk 240mL 1,650 yen (tax included)
Scrub body soap 220mL 1,320 yen (tax included)
Hand & lip care set 858 yen (tax included)
Hand soap 300mL ¥660 (tax included)
Hand cream 30mL 550 yen (tax included)
Moist Bath Powder L 300g 1,100 yen (tax included)
Cloudy bath salt set (5 packets of cloudy bath salts) 1,100 yen (tax included) Nigori Bath Salt 50g 253 yen (tax included)
Bath bomb 150g 396 yen (tax included)
Bath pearl 145g 660 yen (tax included)
・Home fragrance
Reed diffuser 1,980 yen (tax included)
Star Aroma Candle L 350g 1,760 yen (tax included)
Star aroma candle 55g 880 yen (tax included)
Fragrance rubber ornament 660 yen (tax included)
Hand care gift (hand cream, mini hand soap) 990 yen (tax included) Thanks mini gift (2 packets of cloudy bath salts) 550 yen (tax included) Bath gift (bath pearl, bath fizz, bath confetti, sponge) 1,540 yen (tax included)
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