Tichemie Collaboration Chichemie, which provides NFT sake “Raicho” and Japan’s first NFT exchange ticket sales platform “TicketMe Goods”, has started collaboration

[Collaboration] Chichemy, which provides NFT sake “Raicho” and Japan’s first NFT exchange ticket sales platform “TicketMe Goods”, has started collaboration

Chichemie Co., Ltd. (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, President: Daisuke Miyashita, hereinafter Chichemie), which provides Japan’s first NFT exchange ticket sales platform “TicketMe Goods”, has only one NFT art in the world designed on the bottle. We are pleased to announce that we have started a collaboration with NFT Sake “Raicho” (Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Founder: Ryutaro Suda), which sells original sake. Along with this collaboration, it will be possible to purchase “NFT exchange tickets” for original sake with only one NFT art designed on the bottle at “TicketMe Goods”.

■ About TicketMe Goods
Sales infrastructure for NFT exchange tickets “TicketMe Goods” is a sales platform for NFT exchange tickets.
Its greatest feature is the ease with which even people without knowledge of NFT can sell and purchase NFT vouchers.
Sellers can set up a sales page in as little as 10 minutes and receive sales in Japanese Yen. Buyers can also purchase and receive NFT vouchers using credit cards without having a cryptocurrency wallet. NFT vouchers can be secondary distributed on many NFT marketplaces including OpenSea.
Physical pick-up is done by filling in the shipping address or displaying the QR code within TicketMe Goods. NFT will be converted to SBT (disable secondary distribution) along with the display of the delivery address input form / QR code display.
of all goods
1. Cash flow improvement 2. Price optimization 3. Customer expansion contribute to
Please feel free to contact us as we also accept consultations on introduction/partnerships from our website.
About NFT sake “Raicho”
NFT sake “Raicho” is the only sake in the world with a total of 1,152 different NFT art designs on the bottle. Purchasers have the right to get NFT art with digital value and sake designed with that NFT art, and can enter the purchaser-only community.
■ About Chichemy Co., Ltd.
Chichemy is a startup that supports the creation, maintenance and operation of communities, and the improvement of property liquidity through NFT-related services using blockchain technology.
With the mission of “discovering hidden value in the world”, we will build social infrastructure that supports future entertainment, logistics, and real estate.
We provide services focused on real × NFT technology regardless of industry, so please feel free to contact us from our website. ■ Related links
Official website: https://corp.ticketme.jp
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/TicketMe_yeah
About TicketMe Goods: https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000000007.000103622.html * In-house research (October 2022). As a “domestic NFT exchange ticket sales platform”.
* NFT: Non Fungible Token.
* SBT: Soul Bound Token.
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