TIGER A large-capacity bottle of over 1L that fits outdoor and sports scenes is now available! Vacuum insula tion bottle (for cold storage) MTA-B100/B120/B150 Released on February 21, 2023

Introducing a large-capacity bottle of over 1L that fits outdoor and sports scenes! Vacuum insulation bottle (for cold storage)
MTA-B100/B120/B150 Released on February 21, 2023
A special pouch with a down-like design that can be carried stylishly will also be released on the same day

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Tiger Thermos Co., Ltd. (President: Yoshitoshi Kikuchi, Headquarters: Kadoma City, Osaka Prefecture), a world leader in heat control technology, offers “Vacuum Insulated Bottles (For Cooling)
MTA-B100/B120/B150” and “Vacuum Insulated Bottles.” Dedicated pouch (MTA-B type / MTA-T type exclusive optional item) MTA-Z10S / Z12S / Z15S” will be released on February 21, 2023 (Tuesday).
In recent years, the need for vacuum insulated bottles to be used in active scenes such as outdoor activities and sports has increased from a sustainable perspective. 0.6L/0.8L) has been well received for its convenience of being easy to carry with a handle.
 The newly released MTA-B type has received requests from customers for a large-capacity bottle with a handle that can be used actively, and is available in 3 sizes: 1.0L/1.2L/1.5L. It can be easily opened with one hand and has a one-push handle with a handle that is convenient to carry. By attaching a detachable antibacterial bottom boot that protects the bottom of the bottle from scratches and impacts, you can use it comfortably not only in active scenes but also in everyday life.
In addition, the separately sold dedicated pouch MTA-Z type has a trendy down-style design that can be used by a wide range of people from teens to adults. By attaching it to the MTA-B type, you can carry a large-capacity bottle stylishly. (Vacuum insulated carbonated bottles MTA-T120/T150 can also be attached.)
Based on the concept of “EVERYWHERE”, which is based on the idea that we want you to take your Tiger Bottle anywhere, we aim to provide you with a comfortable hydration in outdoor and sports scenes while being conscious of sustainability. We aim to enrich the lives of our customers.
[Product Features]
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【Product Summary】
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[Details of main features]
1. A large-capacity active bottle with a handle that is easy to carry and easy to use with one push [NEW]
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The handle has a handle, so it is easy to carry even with a large capacity, and it fits various scenes such as sports, outdoor activities, and daily use.
In addition, the lid can be easily opened with one push, so you can operate it with one hand and quickly rehydrate.
 3 sizes of 1.0L/1.2L/1.5L are available.
2. Dedicated pouch (sold separately) for stylishly carrying a large-capacity bottle [NEW]
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Approximately 45% recycled PET bottles are used for the main body fabric of the “Vacuum Insulated Bottle Pouch (MTA-B/MTA-T Exclusive Sold Separately) MTA-Z10S/Z12S/Z15S” with a simple down-like design. use.
A sustainable pouch that protects the bottle body and combines ease of use and design so that everyone from teens to adults can carry a large capacity bottle stylishly.
It can also be attached to the vacuum insulated carbonated bottle MTA-T120/T150. [Image 6

3. Uses antibacterial processing and Super Clean Plus
 Tiger’s original hygiene specification “BioGuard”
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The MTA-B type is the “BioGuard” series, which is a hygienic specification unique to Tiger Thermos, which uses antibacterial processing and Super Clean Plus processing on the inside.
 Because it is something you use every day, we are developing it with the desire to deliver a safer bottle that is safer.
Suppresses the growth of bacteria by 99% or more compared to non-antibacterial products*
SIAA certified antibacterial fabric
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“Antibacterial properties” that suppress the growth of bacteria, “safety” that satisfies our own safety standards, and “appropriate labeling” of antibacterial properties.
*Test result: Antibacterial activity value of 2.0 or more
Target location: Sen
SIAA certification number: JP0122676X0001G
The SIAA mark is an antibacterial symbol mark established by the Antibacterial Product Technology Council.
The SIAA mark can be displayed on products that meet the three criteria of 1. Antibacterial (*1), 2. Safety (*2), and 3. Appropriate labeling (*3).
(*1) Compared to the surface of products that have not been
antibacterial treated, the rate of bacterial growth is less than 1/100, and the antibacterial effect is confirmed even after the durability test. Antibacterial properties are judged based on the results of tests conducted according to the international standard ISO22196.
(*2) Meets the safety standards independently determined by SIAA. (*3) The type of antibacterial agent and the processed part must be specified.
In addition, the packing is also treated with antibacterial treatment, so it can be used cleanly.
“Super Clean Plus” processing that is resistant to stains and odors [Image 9

 The inner surface of the bottle does not use fluorine coating, which has a high environmental impact, and the same level of anti-staining is achieved by our unique electropolishing technology “Super Clean Plus” processing. The smooth and glossy finish makes it resistant to stains and odors, so you can use it cleanly with just a quick wash. It’s also rust-resistant, so you can even add a sports drink. (Clean immediately after use)
[Other Features]
◆ Protect the bottom of the bottle from scratches and impacts Detachable antibacterial sole boots
Comes with a detachable antibacterial bottom boot that protects the bottle from scratches.
“Ideal for outdoor use.”
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Excellent cold retention due to vacuum insulation
 The vacuum double structure made of stainless steel achieves high cold retention. Even after about 6 hours, it keeps the drinking temperature for a long time.
Also, cold drinks will not condense on the outside of the bottle. [Image 11

Ep.1 MTA-T type: https://youtube.com/shorts/FyqeQ-z7peM
Ep.2 MKA-K type: https://youtube.com/shorts/-ZPZ7xfSwrk
Ep.3 MTA-A type: https://youtube.com/shorts/OaZxGYOgXZc
Ep.4 MMP-D type: https://youtube.com/shorts/4XPudReaOPE
[Product image]
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MTA-B100/B120/B150 product page:
https://www.tiger-corporation.com/en/jpn/product/vacuum-insulated-products/mta-b/ MTA-Z10S/Z12S/Z15S Product page:
https://www.tiger-corporation.com/en/jpn/product/vacuum-insulated-products/mta-z-s/ 【Product Specifications】
[Image 17d27804-173-d1d32a3af766ec693b8d-16.jpg&s3=27804-173-d4a3aab33e59f2f7ded068ff80e76e9c-1969x895.jpg
Tiger Mahobin NEXT 100 Year Statement Movie “Do Hot! Do Cool!” Now Available! [Image 18d27804-173-27ee63f509f3d408c24a-17.jpg&s3=27804-173-cf703c8dca0b8fd4fb6f87975b5c4961-484x501.jpg
Tiger Thermos will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2023.
Since our founding, we have continued to focus on high-dimensional heat control using “vacuum insulation technology” and “heat control technology.” We will continue to make use of this technology for the next 100 years, and realize the goal of “Spreading happiness around the world.”
“Do Hot! Do Cool!” 100 years warm. 100 years, cool. https://youtu.be/MQe_G1aveuM Details about this release:



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