Tobishima Construction Co., Ltd. Started the project of Web 3.0 world “GO Hey!” That craftsmen want to ent er

Tobishima Construction Co., Ltd.
Web 3.0 world where craftsmen want to enter “GO Hey!” Project started ~ Contributing to increasing the motivation of skilled workers ~
Tobishima Construction Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Masahiro Tokyo, hereinafter: Tobishima Construction) and Next Field Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Hiroyasu Ohori, hereinafter: Next Field) , UPBOND Co., Ltd.
(Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Shun Mizuoka, hereinafter: UPBOND) have started the advanced Web 3.0 solution introduction project “GO Hey!” in the construction industry.
So far, Tobishima Construction and Next Field have developed BPO business, ICT service business, and EC platform business focusing on the construction industry. This time, through co-creation with UPBOND, we will realize the “mass adoption (social penetration) of Web 3.0 in the construction industry” and promote the revitalization of the construction industry.
About “GO Hey!”, a world where craftsmen want to enter
Amid the rapid demand for DX promotion in the construction industry, there are signs that many companies, especially prime contractors in the construction industry, are working to introduce ICT at
construction sites and are gradually beginning to make progress. However, it cannot be said that DX has permeated the skilled workers themselves who are engaged in work at actual construction sites. In addition, many skilled workers are sole proprietorships, and many things such as application installation, acquisition of new ID / PW, learning of operation methods, etc. I often hear the voice that there are many things. In addition, skilled workers have many qualifications and are required to carry these qualifications when working. Such management from the prime contractor side leads to lowering the motivation of skilled workers. “GO Hey!” aims to solve these problems from the ground up using Web 3.0 technology and reduce the burden on skilled workers.
“GO Hey!” has realized a system that allows you to easily enter “a world where craftsmen want to enter”. This service is used by launching the application from the smartphone of the skilled worker. By utilizing the technology of Web 3.0, we will improve the work efficiency. Specifically, it is possible to digitize the information of skilled workers without the need to acquire new IDs and PWs. In addition, you can earn points (tokens) by contacting, reporting, entering and leaving, daily work reports, and filling out KY, and the accumulated points (tokens) can be exchanged for products or affiliated points on affiliated EC services. It will be possible. We believe that these will reduce the burden on craftsmen by allowing skilled workers to use the points they have accumulated during normal operations and processes, and by incorporating point acquisition (tokens), we believe that DX in the construction industry will accelerate. .
In the future, we aim to share qualification information, experience information, craftsmanship techniques, link with construction industry apps, and link with payroll systems. At the beginning of the service release, this service will be introduced from specific sites, but ultimately we aim to make it a service that will be used by 4 million people engaged in the construction industry.
■Company Profile
Company name: Tobishima Construction Co., Ltd.
Head Office: W Building, 1-8-15 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Founded: 1883 (Meiji 16)
Representative: Masahiro Tokyo, President and Representative Director Capital: 5,519,940,000 yen
Company name: Next Field Co., Ltd.
Headquarters: 2-12-4 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Next Site Shibuya Building 4F Established: April 2022
Representative: Hiroyasu Ohori, President and CEO
Capital: 490 million yen (capital reserve 490 million yen)
Shareholder: Tobishima Construction Co., Ltd. 50%
   NTT Group (NTT East, NTT) 50%
Company name: UPBOND Co., Ltd.
Head office: 6-31-15 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Mansion 31 8F Established: November 2019
Representative: Shun Mizuoka, Representative Director
Capital: 65.85 million yen
*The information in this press release is current as of the date of the announcement. Please note that it is subject to change without notice.
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