Tobu Railway Co., Ltd. We will conduct a demonstration experiment to transport and sell agricultural products from the Ryomo area to Tokyo using limited express trains.

Tobu Railway Co., Ltd.
We will carry out a demonstration experiment to transport and sell agricultural products from the Ryomo area to Tokyo using limited express trains.
Regional revitalization utilizing the railway network!

-Early morning limited express train transports fresh vegetables from the Ryomo area and promotes the area in Kita-Senju-
On Saturday, January 21, 2023, we will use the limited express “Liberty Ryomo” to transport fresh vegetables and other agricultural products from Akagi Station in Gunma Prefecture to Kita-Senju Station, the gateway to the northern Kanto region. We sell to our customers. In the Ryomo area, there are issues such as the disposal of vegetables that cannot be shipped because they are not standard, and the lack of successors. One of the purposes is to have people experience a part of the mechanism of consumption and consumption, and we will cooperate with this.
As a railway operator that connects regions, we will continue to promote the appeal of areas along our railway lines and create bustle through railway transport of local specialties, etc., aiming to realize a “people-friendly society where people and communities continue to shine together.” I will come.
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1 Implementation date Saturday, January 21, 2023
2 Train used: Liberty Ryomo No. 8 (Departure from Akagi Station at 6:56 → Arrival at Kita-Senju Station at 8:45)
3 Transportation flow
(1) Bring in the produce at the nearest station in the Ryomo area and load it onto the Limited Express Liberty Ryomo (2) Unload the produce at Kita-Senju Station and sell it inside the central ticket gate on the 2nd floor.
4 Sales time 10:00-13:00 *Ends when sold out
5 Products for sale Chinese cabbage, radish, yam, spinach, broccoli, strawberry, mini tomato, etc. (planned)
6 Sales location Tobu Kita-Senju Station 2nd floor central ticket gate 7 Participating organizations and roles
Tobu Railway: Provision of space for limited express trains, rail transportation, and sales space
Ryomo 7 Cities: Arranging vegetables, introducing and selling vegetables, transporting vegetables by limited express train Ashimori Corps (Tochigi Prefectural Ashikaga Technical High School, Ashikaga Junior College High School): Ryomo 7 city PR, vegetable sales assistance
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