ToCworks Co., Ltd. Easy on LINE Launch of “Nugget”, a service that proactively implements marketing meas ures for Generation Z!

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[Easy with LINE] Launch of “Nugget”, a service that proactively implements marketing measures for the Z generation!
Get smarter about understanding the needs of influential people with youth-focused marketing research

ToCworks Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Takaya Ito) has launched a marketing research service “Nugget” that allows you to easily complete entry on LINE. In today’s rapidly changing world, we will fully support companies that are striving to understand consumer needs and strive to develop new products.
What is a nugget?
It will be a marketing research service specializing in recruiting “Generation Z”.
We use LINE, which has many active users, to follow up on survey participants and collect questionnaires. Many are enrolled.
Various companies have released dedicated apps, but as a disadvantage, especially for Z generation users who install various apps, they feel resistance to the installation itself, and they are driven away from the home screen while not using it. Second, it often leads to withdrawal as a result.
In that respect, we have succeeded in acquiring a large number of “Generation Z” by keeping active by sending regular messages on LINE and making it easy to register from the rich menu.
In response to the fact that users are actively sharing information with each other due to the spread of SNS, the “Nugget” service emphasizes the friend introduction function. Even if there is a survey that you cannot participate in, you can share useful information with Nugget members, so you don’t have too much information and feel like it’s a waste.
Also, with this system, it is possible to follow who participated in “Nugget” by introduction from which user, so from the research side, it is necessary to check the prerequisites before the actual survey. It is an advantage that it is easy to follow users who leave. This mechanism is an important one that also plays a role in maintaining the active rate of users.
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Why does “Nugget” have so many young panels?
In recent years, marketing activities targeting young people have become popular, and the needs of companies that want to conduct surveys are increasing. At ToCworks Co., Ltd., we have been thinking about a research system for young people since the beginning of the business, and we have arrived at attracting customers on LINE. Since development was carried out with clear targeting, it has been supported by young people as intended. We will continue to actively conduct surveys for Generation Z and aim to acquire more users. In addition, we have introduced a point system for survey rewards, realizing seamless exchange for gift certificates. Exchanges are for Amazon gift certificates and Starbucks gift cards, which are highly compatible with young people and easy to share on SNS. We plan to introduce various exchange destinations in the future.
Reasons for linking with LINE instead of in-house apps
▼ LINE established as “lifestyle infrastructure”
“LINE” is the main means of communication in Japan. LINE is used by 93 million monthly users.
About 86% of the users in Japan use it every day, and the app usage rate among young people is as high as 95%.
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▼ LINE’s overwhelming message opening rate
Traditionally, e-mail magazines have been the mainstream approach to users, but survey results show that young people today are less likely to even be aware of their own e-mail addresses.
In this situation, which can be said to be the result of the emergence of various means of communication on smartphone apps, including LINE, even if you acquire a new email address, the creatives and sales that you distribute will be buried without being seen.
This is where LINE, which has a high open rate, comes into play. Users can send notifications to the app they usually open, so they can deliver the content they want to convey without hesitation.
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▼ Comparison with other SNS
There are many SNSs that allow users to interact with each other, but LINE is the one that specializes in chat and has the largest number of users.
In addition to the number of users, YouTube and Instagram have strengths in unidirectional information development from some authoritative accounts called influencers. have slightly different attributes. Twitter, which is highly anonymous, has a mismatch with research work that requires participation in real names, and Facebook is used mostly in the business layer, with a small number of young people, so LINE, which is widely used by young people, is still appropriate. It can be said that
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Placement of recruiters throughout Japan, mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area In order to increase the number of research panels in “Nugget”, we are asking for the cooperation of recruiters who introduce this service and encourage its introduction.
As a result, it is possible to always provide the “optimal” panelist from among about 10,000 collaborating panelists. Since we have recruiters all over Japan, we have been able to respond to projects with strong regional characteristics, difficult-to-appear influencers, cutting-edge technologies, and trendy fields.
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Building a system specialized for recruiting
The implementation of the survey is approaching, but there are not enough panels! In such a case, please consult with our service. One of the characteristics of young people is that enthusiastic users respond very quickly, so the possibility of finding and assigning target users tends to be higher than other groups.
In the past results of this service, we performed from ordering to panel delivery in a minimum of 3 days.
▼ Flow until delivery of survey results
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[Inquiries regarding this matter]
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