TOKYO EDUCATION LAB Co., Ltd. High school students will give a presentation in the Metaverse space-Announcing the results of an SDGs exploration-type school excursion with the theme of regional revitalization-

High school students give presentations in the Metaverse space ~Presenting the results of an SDGs exploration-type school trip with the theme of regional revitalization~
Theme [What can be done to increase the resident population from the relationship/exchange population?]

TOKYO EDUCATION LAB Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo / President: Takayuki Kanai), which provides pre- and post-learning programs for inquiry-type school trips, is Komaba Gakuen High School (location: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo). The final presentation competition to announce the results of the 4th year experience trip will be held on February 4th (Sat) using the Metaverse space.
 While exploratory learning is being promoted at schools, TOKYO EDUCATION LAB recommends and provides services for SDGs exploratory experiential travel. Specifically, it is a series of curriculum that accompanies the growth of students for about a year by conducting fieldwork during the experience trip and conducting “pre- and post-learning” of the region during comprehensive inquiry time. [Image 1

At Komaba Gakuen High School, which actively incorporates
inquiry-based learning, we will be holding a final presentation competition in which second-year students present their proposals compiled through experience trips. This presentation competition will be held in the virtual space “Metaverse”. By utilizing the Metaverse space, it is possible to participate without restrictions on location, time, number of people, including local governments, junior high school students, and guardians of the experience trip destination, and we will reduce CO2 emissions toward the realization of carbon neutrality. Consideration can be held without inconvenience even in the corona misfortune. In addition, with the support of sponsor companies, we will realize a presentation venue that takes advantage of the features of the Metaverse space.
 TOKYO EDUCATION LAB will work to contribute to the further
realization of the GIGA school concept and the introduction of ICT in schools.
[Table 2: ]
Komaba Gakuen High School’s 2021 experience trip
Date: October 23rd (Sunday) to 27th (Thursday), 2022
Directions: 4 courses: Onomichi (Hiroshima Prefecture), Matsue (Shimane Prefecture), Kitakyushu (Fukuoka Prefecture), Hokkaido (Shimokawa Town)
[Theme: What can be done to increase the permanent population from the relationship/exchange population? ]
As a preliminary study, we have been divided into teams since January 2022 and explored solutions to regional issues.
We created a hypothesis for the theme, held discussions within the team, and held a poster session as an interim presentation in the summer. During the long-awaited autumn experience trip, we interviewed people who are active in the local area, city officials, and other related parties, and explored hints for solving problems through fieldwork around the city. By inspecting various places in the region, the hypotheses made in the preliminary study were verified, and a presentation competition was held on the final day of the itinerary. The representative team for each course has been decided.
About utilization of metaverse space
The online platform adopted this time is “Easy virtual space” developed by the planning company KIRINZI. The company’s virtual space, which was developed under the concept of “making virtual space more accessible and easier for everyone,” decided that its simple specifications without avatars would be optimal for school learning environments and Internet environments. I was hired. It is also an advantage that you can listen to it not only with fun but also with a little sense of realism and unity even though it is online. We hope that a space that is different from a classroom at school will increase the excitement of the students and contribute to their desire to learn.
Kirinzi Co., Ltd.
[Image 2d79205-6-79b37e92d93b6f206b88-0.jpg&s3=79205-6-3bd923be1504ee26e4f22d2360870532-318x131.jpg

Inquiries about sponsorship, coverage/attendance, and collaboration for this event
We are looking for sponsors for this presentation competition. In addition, we are accepting inspections and tours for the following people only.
・Municipalities that are interested in inviting SDGs exploration learning type school trips
・Media companies
For inquiries, please contact TOKYO EDUCATION LAB
( We will get back to you as soon as possible. For those who wish to interview, we will send detailed information such as the metaverse URL at a later date.
With the vision of “providing opportunities for exploratory learning to the children who will create the future,” we are developing a business that provides various learning opportunities and programs for children and students who will lead Japan and the world in the future. I’m here.
We operate the following three LABs as our main business.
(1) “SDGs LAB” where you learn about SDGs and learn by solving problems (2) “START UP LAB” to support student entrepreneurship
(3) “Inquiry LAB / PBL & Salon” that provides teachers with hints for classes on exploratory learning
See company profile in more detail: [Image 3d79205-6-f4bc3f7cefd364eaab26-3.jpg&s3=79205-6-03ad445d443ca30003297d11c41a58d6-248x101.jpg

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