Tokyo Midtown Strawberry fair “Fascinated by bright red strawberries.”

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[Tokyo Midtown] Strawberry fair “Fascinated by bright red strawberries.” An array of rich and delicious strawberry sweets! Friday, January 20, 2023 to Tuesday, March 14, 2023

At Tokyo Midtown (Akasaka, Minato-ku / Business representative Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.), from Friday, January 20, 2023 to Tuesday, March 14, 2023, you can taste strawberry sweets full of originality. Be fascinated.” will be held.
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Strawberry sweets that look cute using plenty of seasonal strawberries are packed!
In addition, a fair “THE Chocolate SELECTION-Sweet, Luxurious, Moment-” will be held at the same time, with chocolate sweets that are perfect for Valentine’s Day, White Day, and as a reward for yourself. Please enjoy the limited sweets only for this season.
Fascinated by bright red strawberries.
A captivating moment using the chef’s carefully selected strawberries [NIRVANA New York] Nirvana New York
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(Garden Terrace 1F / TEL.03-5647-8305)
Aoyama Strawberry Farm Yotsuboshi Paratha
1,600 yen (tax included)
The crepe-like paratha dough is topped with rare cheese mousse, ruby ​​​​chocolate, vanilla ice cream, and Yotsuboshi strawberries with a good balance of sweetness and sourness.
*Limited to the Tokyo Midtown store
* Eat-in (dinner time only)
*There is a possibility that the quantity is limited depending on the purchase situation.
【Toshi Yoroizuka】
(Plaza 1F / TEL.03-5413-3650)
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Millefeuille aux fraise Strawberry millefeuille
1,500 yen (tax included)
Ripe strawberries and crispy mille-feuille,
Luxurious dessert with pistachio ice cream and strawberry carbonated sauce. * Eat-in
◆ A reward parfait that won’t stop your excitement!
[UNION SQUARE TOKYO] Union Square Tokyo
(Garden Terrace B1 / TEL.03-5413-7780)
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Taiwan Castella Strawberry Parfait Mascarpone Cream Strawberry Sorbet 1,800 yen (tax included)
The light and fluffy texture is perfectly matched with the slightly sweet Taiwan castella, sour seasonal strawberries, and mascarpone cream.
*Limited to the Tokyo Midtown store
* Eat-in
*10% service charge for dinner only
[FRUITS IN LIFE] Fruits in Life
(Plaza B1 / TEL.03-6447-1190)
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Red Amaou Parfait
Eat-in ¥1,485 (tax included), Take-out ¥1,458 (tax included) A vegan parfait with a moderate sweetness that brings out the deliciousness of Amaou.
A luxurious marriage that goes well with oranges and cacao nibs. *Limited to the Tokyo Midtown store
* Eat-in & take-out
[ukafe] Ucafe
(Galleria 2F / TEL. 03-6438-9920)
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strawberry pavlova parfait
Eat-in ¥935 (tax included), Take-out ¥918 (tax included)
A special gluten-free strawberry parfait with meringue cookies topped with cream and fruit.
*Limited to the Tokyo Midtown store
*Last order 18:30
* Eat-in & take-out
◆Cute-looking strawberry cake perfect for souvenirs!
[The Ritz-Carlton Cafe & Deli]
(Midtown Tower 1F / TEL.03-6434-8711)
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strawberry pistachio tart
Eat-in ¥1,400 (including tax and service charge), Take-out ¥1,200 (including tax)
It is a cake with a crispy tart dough layered with rich pistachio cream and sweet and sour strawberries.
*Limited to the Tokyo Midtown store
* Eat-in & take-out
*Limited to 5 each day
[patisserie Sadaharu AOKI paris] Patisserie Sadaharu Aoki Paris (Galleria B1 / TEL.03-5413-7112)
[Image 8

Tart Phrase Citron
Eat-in ¥1,056 (tax included), Take-out ¥1,037 (tax included) A fragrant baked tart topped with sour lemon cream, sweet and sour strawberries and white chocolate cream.
* Eat-in & take-out
◆ Unique strawberry sweets
[DEAN & DELUCA] Dean & Deluca
(Galleria B1 / TEL.03-5413-3580)
[DEAN & DELUCA CAFE] Dean & Deluca Cafe
(Plaza B1 / TEL.03-5413-3585)
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Strawberry tiramisu
Eat-in ¥1,045 (tax included), Take-out ¥1,026 (tax included) A seasonal flavored tiramisu with a perfect balance of sweet and sour strawberry and milky white chocolate.
* Eat-in & take-out
[THE COUNTER Roppongi] The Counter Roppongi
(Garden Terrace B1 / TEL.03-5413-6171)
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Dome Chocolat Framboise
1,480 yen (tax included), with drink 1,980 yen (tax included) A dessert made by wrapping raspberry mousse and sable in cacao mousse and finishing with caramelized almonds and raspberry sauce.
* Eat-in
* Offer period: Until Tuesday, February 28
*Limited quantity
[Philip Mill Tokyo] Philip Mill Tokyo
(Garden Terrace 4F / 03-5413-3282)
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champagne truffle chocolate
3,300 yen (tax included)
The raisins soaked in champagne accentuate the flavor of the smooth, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate wrapped in a rich aroma.
*Limited to the Tokyo Midtown store
【Toshi Yoroizuka】
(Plaza 1F / TEL.03-5413-3650)
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8 pieces of Circlocho
4,000 yen (tax included)
It is a dessert with a coined word that combines “maru” and “circle” with the number 8. Ecuadorian cacao and carefully selected ingredients from all over the world are combined with the utmost skill and love. ※Take-out
[KINEEL] Kineel
(Plaza B1 / TEL. 03-6721-1722)
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Princess Gato (Valentine)
1,944 yen (tax included) for 5 pieces, 3,240 yen (tax included) for 9 pieces A limited set packed with deliciousness in a colorful gateau. A set of 3 types of chocolate brownie, caramel brownie, and matcha chocolate brownie.
* Sales period / From Wednesday, January 25

▼In addition to the above, the official site introduces various strawberry sweets and chocolates.
“Fascinated by bright red strawberries.” and “THE Chocolate SELECTION ~ Sweet, luxurious moments ~”
Click here for details
※The photograph is an image. Contents may change depending on the availability of ingredients.
*Some menus are limited in quantity and will end as soon as they are sold out. *Posted information is subject to change without notice. Please note. *Price includes tax. Due to the tax rate, the price differs for eat-in and take-out. A separate service charge may also apply.
*Please check the official website for the latest business information. In addition, due to the spread of new coronavirus infection and natural disasters, business hours may be changed or closed without notice.
Thank you. Please note.
* At Tokyo Midtown, we are working to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, giving top priority to the safety and security of our customers and employees. Details can be found below.
■ About “Mitsui Fudosan 9BOX Infection Control Standards”
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