Tokyo News Service Co., Ltd. Yuki Sasamori, the first photo book of “350 points”, “I am proud that it is of tremendous quality!”

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Yuki Sasamori, the first photo book of “350 points” “I am proud that it has become a tremendous quality!”
Yuki Sasamori’s 1st photo book “Sparkling!” Now on sale!

An event commemorating the release of Yuki Sasamori’s 1st photo book “Sparkling!” will be held on Saturday, January 28th. Yuki Sasamori appeared at the press conference held before the event.
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Yuki Sasamori 1st photo book “Sparkling!” (published by Tokyo News Service) Yuki Sasamori is rapidly gaining popularity, playing the role of Matsuie in the musical “Touken Ranbu” E On Steiji ~New Satomi Hakkenden~. The first photo book “Yuki Sasamori 1st photo book ‘Sparkling! An event commemorating the release was held in Tokyo. [Image 2d6568-2032-3ec5185099fd3368daef-3.jpg&s3=6568-2032-0c95dc56c14926fbfe29fd45d06615bd-1803x2700.jpg
Yuki Sasamori 1st photo book “Sparkling!” (published by Tokyo News Service) Sasamori, who appeared at the press conference, expressed his impressions after picking up the completed photobook, saying, “Publishing a photobook was one of my big goals. I was very happy because it was proof.I was a little embarrassed when I finally saw the photo book, and I was also deeply moved, thinking, “Is this going to reach someone’s hand?” Also, my parents were very happy. That was the happiest thing for me,” he recalled.
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Yuki Sasamori 1st photo book “Sparkling!” (published by Tokyo News Service) It seems that the shooting took place last summer, and he said, “We shot in a studio in Tokyo and in Yokosuka. It was also my dream to shoot a photo book with , so I feel like my dream has come true.”, showing a satisfied expression. He added, “The forecast for the photobook shooting was rain, but I’m a ‘super sunny man’, so the moment I got off the bus, the sky cleared up. During the shooting at the sea, the storm got stronger and stronger until I left the location bus, but I was confident that it would clear up. It was sunny like this, and I thought, ‘I don’t have it’.”
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Yuki Sasamori 1st photo book “Sparkling!” (published by Tokyo News Service) Regarding the highlights of this work, “I am proud that I have been able to create a work with professional staff, and that it is of tremendous quality. While doing the play, I express emotions that are not just emotions. I think it’s our job to do that, but there are a lot of shots that have an atmosphere, such as expressions that are not emotions. It doesn’t look like you,’ and I said, ‘It’s all me,’ but I’m full of all kinds of me.”
In addition, Sasamori himself took it to the dressing room of the local performance and showed it to his fellow actors. “It was quite a topic. Everyone was very popular and said, ‘Erotic’ (laughs).” [Image 5d6568-2032-58585b15d49b0e37905f-1.jpg&s3=6568-2032-134555126fcd0f4659c9dc3eab5c41d8-3900x2604.jpg
Yuki Sasamori 1st photo book “Sparkling!” (published by Tokyo News Service) On his favorite page, he listed a cut that boldly showed off his toned back. It’s beautiful, so I boldly photographed her back
(laughs).Usually, I don’t have the opportunity to expose my back, so I decided to take this opportunity… It’s a confident and detailed cut that boldly uses the back, so it’s my favorite. That’s it,” he said with a satisfied expression.
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Yuki Sasamori 1st photo book “Sparkling!” (published by Tokyo News Service) Sasamori says he hasn’t trained for the photography of the photobook. There was a reason for that, as a former baseball boy, he said that the person he loves the most in the world is Ichiro. “Ichiro-san doesn’t seem to do much weight training either, because he seems to be performing with his own body so as not to lose the balance that he was born with. I personally think that my current muscle mass and weight are the best condition for me to move, so I don’t think I’ll do too much body remodeling. But…” he told me. His dream is to play catch with Ichiro someday. I’m doing my best now (laughs).”
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Yuki Sasamori 1st photo book “Sparkling!” (published by Tokyo News Service) Furthermore, when asked if he would give the photo book a score out of 100, he said, “350 points! The photos were taken very beautifully, and I think that I was able to produce a good quality photo book. However, you have also posted many interviews, in which I was able to write without hiding anything about my life up until now, how I got to where I am today, and so on. After all, the person I want to give back to the most is my father and mother, so I showed it first.I was allowed to write mainly about my family, but when I read my son’s photo book, my mother was in tatters. I was crying, so I think it’s worth more than 100 points for that alone,” he replied with deep emotion. [Image 8d6568-2032-231a9551be7faed30295-2.jpg&s3=6568-2032-6694f9065117b8a653c24f3d3eeaebc6-3900x2604.jpg
Yuki Sasamori 1st photo book “Sparkling!” (published by Tokyo News Service) Regarding the concept of the next work, “First of all, I want to go beyond the sea. I haven’t been abroad yet, and I don’t have a passport, but I want to go abroad with a photo book!” Appealed to the staff of and showed a mischievous side. He continued, “I’d like to go to Hawaii, but I also want to go to France and London. I want to jump under Big Ben.”
Sasamori, who has been appearing on the stage without interruption, said about his future activities, “Thankfully, I have been given a lot of work, and I can live my life with various roles, so being an actor is a lot of fun. I was able to come this far by doing the work that was given to me one by one, and the result of facing the role and the work is the bold cut of my back. (laughs) I hope that I can continue to believe in myself and face each issue at my own pace.”
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Yuki Sasamori 1st photo book “Sparkling!”
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● Publisher: Tokyo News Service
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