Tokyo Released digital pamphlets and videos to spread awareness of the Tokyo Toughening Project

Release of digital pamphlets and videos to spread awareness of the Tokyo Resilience Project

In December of last year, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government formulated the “Tokyo Resilience Project” as a project to be undertaken by the metropolitan government with the aim of realizing a resilient and sustainable city. Natural disasters such as large-scale wind and flood damage, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions can occur at any time. It is very important for everyone to know about disaster risks and countermeasures.
We would like to inform you that we have released a digital pamphlet in order to get more people interested in this project and to improve disaster prevention awareness.
1 Digital pamphlet
The “Tokyo Resilience Project” is a project that the Tokyo government should work on in preparation for natural disasters. ).
The digital pamphlet introduces the content of the five crises and the image of countermeasures in an easy-to-understand manner.
In addition to the general public, we also have pamphlets for children that can be learned by families.
You can see it from the homepage of the Policy Planning Bureau. -Pamphlet for the general public-
[Image 1

-Pamphlet for children-
[Image 2

2 Promotional video
In order to get people interested in the project, we have created a promotional video using animation to help you understand the details and countermeasures of crises related to “wind and flood damage,” “earthquakes,” and “volcanic eruptions.”
From today, it will be distributed on YouTube, etc., including Tokyo Video.          [Wind and flood damage edition]

[Image 3d52467-3999-9e0ec8d8edfdde0f0a51-3.png&s3=52467-3999-69afe99581c50c8a16b119c4e6a0e520-646x122.png
Storm and flood damage edition:  Earthquake edition:
 Volcanic eruption:
Fostering Momentum on the 100th Anniversary of the Great Kanto Earthquake [Image 4d52467-3999-eb5def0845a7242699ed-4.png&s3=52467-3999-b141af267644054af7126ad7aab1d755-744x530.png
This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Great Kanto Earthquake. Taking advantage of this opportunity, as part of the Tokyo Resilience Project, we will encourage individual residents to take measures to protect themselves, and foster a momentum toward self-help, mutual assistance, and public assistance.
Details about this release:


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