Tokyo Skytree Town(R) Valentine Gift Event

Dear members of the press,
Tokyo Skytree Town
Tokyo Skytree Town(R) Valentine Gift Event
Valentine’s Day limited chocolates, sweets, and events!

From Saturday, January 21, 2023 to Tuesday, February 14, 2023, Tokyo Skytree Town will sell limited-edition chocolates and sweets for Valentine’s Day. We will carry out discount plans that you can enjoy. [Image 1

At Tokyo Solamachi (R), “Happy Valentine TOKYO Solamachi 2023” will be held, with about 30 chocolate brands, including permanent stores and stores that will only open from February 1st (Wednesday) to January 4th (Tuesday). appeared. At this fair, 12 brands will appear for the first time at Solamachi.
In addition, at TOKYO SKYTREE(R), special Valentine’s lighting will be lit and special events will be held in the building. We will carry out a “Valentine pair discount” where you can enjoy skating for 1,400 yen. A lineup of brands opening stores for the first time at Tokyo Solamachi (R)! Special chocolates are also available at the patisserie that opened in the fall of 2022!

[Image 2

Solid chocolate cat label 105g (milk) 1,944 yen

Diamond BOX (with 6) 3,888 yen

Comptoir du Cacao Assorted Box (8 pieces) ¥2,052

Fan L 864 yen

Chocolate Cat Sweetheart Mia 648 yen

Bezel Rouge 600 yen

Beachside Beetle 2,484 yen

Miyako Sakura L 1,944 yen

Distant Etoile 2,160 yen

Kamakura selection 1,080 yen

Dried fruit chocolate series 972 yen – 1,296 yen

Bonny 864 yen

Shortcake tart made from Kagawa Prefecture “Sky Floating Strawberry” ~Chocolate Flavor~
Hall (25 cm 11,880 yen 1 piece 1,188 yen)

Collection box Modern/Classic 5,400 yen
Strawberry mousse ¥650 *Limited to 30 servings each day
Valentine petit gift 594 yen
Fat Witch Brownie (2 pieces) 1,026 yen
(Left) Valentine’s Day Special Lighting (Right) White Day Special Lighting (C) TOKYO-SKYTREE
Valentine’s Day Special Lighting “My gift to you”
Special lighting with the image of Tokyo Skytree as a large gift box with a red ribbon. On the day of Valentine’s Day (February 14th), the message “Happy Valentine (Heart)” will be projected on the Tembo Deck. Period February 11th (Sat/holiday) to 14th (Tue)
Time 18:15-24:00
White Day special lighting “Thinking of you”
The Tokyo Sky Tree is likened to a large letter tied with a ribbon, and the yellow color is inspired by the mimosa flower, which has the flower language of “thank you.”
Special lighting with added light.
Period March 12th (Sun)-14th (Tue)
Time 18:45-24:00
Valentine’s season special event in Tokyo Skytree
My Sweet Valentine & White Day ~Let’s express our feelings at Tokyo Sky Tree~ 1. Tell us what you think! photo spot
Special lighting “My gift to you” and “Thinking of you” convey the common keyword “feelings”
was expressed in a photo spot. Why don’t you convey your “feelings” to your loved ones with the view outside the window and the night view? Period January 21 (Sat) – March 14 (Tue)
Place: Tokyo Sky Tree Tembo Deck Floor 350
2. W1SH RIBBON for Valentine & White Day
The ribbon sold at “W1SH RIBBON”, a monument of “wish” installed on the Tokyo Sky Tree Tembo Deck, 350m above the ground, will be the limited image color for Valentine’s Day and White Day. In addition, the lighting of the “W1SH” on the monument will change color to red during Valentine’s Day and blue during White Day. By all means, please tie your wishes to yourself or your loved ones in a ribbon and tie it to the monument.
Period January 21 (Sat)-February 14 (Tue): Valentine image colors of red, pink, and white
February 15 (Wednesday) to March 14 (Tuesday): White Day image colors of blue, lime, and yellow
Place: Tokyo Sky Tree Tembo Deck Floor 350
Tokyo Skytree Town(R) Valentine Season Limited Service
TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN(R) ICE SKATING PARK 2023 “Valentine Pair Discount” At the ice skating rink “TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN(R) ICE SKATING PARK 2023” that uses real ice at the foot of the Tokyo Sky Tree, a “Valentine pair discount” that offers a 1,400 yen discount will be offered for a limited time. increase.
Implementation period February 1st (Wednesday) to February 14th (Tuesday) Time

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