Tokyo Takahashi Clinic Nerima-in Special clinic Tokyo Takahashi Clinic Nerima-in for “one-day surgery” a nd “obesity treatment” has opened!

Tokyo Takahashi Clinic Nerima
Special clinic [Tokyo Takahashi Clinic Nerima-in] for “one-day surgery” and “obesity treatment” opens!
The experience of medical diet treatment by Dr. Takahashi Takahashi, who boasts the highest number of cases in Japan, has also started.
First in Japan! “World-class obesity treatment and various day surgery clinics” Tokyo Takahashi Clinic Nerima-in (Director: Takahiro Takahashi) will open on January 23, 2023 (Monday) on the 2nd floor of Delacourt Nerima-Takanodai in Takanodai, Nerima-ku. We opened a new hospital in
■ About Tokyo Takahashi Clinic Nerima-in
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Motto: “Earlier, more beautiful minimally invasive surgery”
Minimally invasive surgery with small wounds and little bleeding has the greatest advantage of being able to return to daily life immediately after the operation because the burden on the body is small.
Under the guidance of Dr. Takahashi, who has a wealth of experience and skills, we can provide treatment that matches the patient’s lifestyle. In order to do so, we propose “day surgery” at our clinic. *Possible “one-day surgery” by Dr. Kodai Takahashi
・Inguinal hernia
・Lower extremity varicose veins
・Gall bladder polyp
・Surgery for gastric submucosal tumor
A medical institution that can provide comprehensive obesity treatment, which is very rare in Japan
In this modern age, when it is said that Japanese people tend to be obese, there are many private clinics under the guise of being able to lose weight safely with the power of medical care. We provide comprehensive obesity treatment such as machine treatment by EMS, endoscopic treatment (*1) and surgery.
*1 Stomach botox treatment: about 300,000 to 400,000 yen
Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty: about 900,000 to 1,000,000 yen *With the opening of the hospital, there is a trial plan for some obesity treatments.
◇Fat Dissolving Injection (Face)/Chinsera Plus
Special price 1 time ¥ 25,000 (excluding tax)
◇ Fat dissolving injection (body) / Revital Cell Force
Special price 1 time ¥ 25,000 (excluding tax)
* Fat dissolving injection normal treatment price ¥ 60,000 ~ * In addition, for a limited time, we also offer a 5-minute free trial of medical EMS (emsculpt).
■ Director career
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Kodai Takahashi
・Graduated from Nihon University School of Medicine
・Department of Surgery, Japanese Red Cross Medical Center
・The University of Tokyo Hospital Cardiovascular Surgery
・New Tokyo Hospital Cardiovascular Surgery
・New Tokyo Hospital Surgery
・Medical Topia Soka Hospital
・Study Abroad (Khoo Teck Paut Hospital)
[Certified Doctor]
・Japanese Surgical Society specialist
・Certified physician for gastrointestinal cancer surgery of the Japanese Society of Gastroenterological Surgery
・Japanese Gastroenterological Surgery Instructor
・Supervising physician according to the implementation standards for endovascular laser ablation for lower extremity varicose veins ・Japanese Angiology Specialist
・ Japan Society of Endoscopic Surgery Certified Endoscopic Surgeon ■ Message from Director Takahiro Takahashi
Ever since I was little, I have had the goal of becoming a soccer player, and have worked hard to do so.
When I was in my third year of high school, I changed course and aimed at medical school to become a doctor. Since becoming a surgeon, I have been working on treatment every day with the belief that “good medical care can only be achieved when advanced technology is accompanied by love”, and treats the person who performs the surgery as a special person, just like a family member. I’m in. We are now in an era of minimal invasiveness. We opened the hospital with the desire to deliver medical care to many patients while contributing to regional medical care in Nerima, making use of the technology and experience we have accumulated so far. If you are putting off treatment due to your busy schedule, please come and see us.
■ Clinic information
Tokyo Takahashi Clinic Nerima
Location 〒177-0033 1-5-4 Koyadai, Nerima-ku, Tokyo Delacorte Nerima Koyadai 2nd Floor
Phone number 080-4783-8526
Consultation hours 9:00-19:00 *Reservation required
Closed Sunday
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