TOKYO <β>, the largest shared apartment in Tokyo, has started the “Generation Z’s ‘dream’ support project” that can be active in the world! The first one will fulfill your dream of “wanting to be a manga artist”.

TOKYO-β-, the largest shared apartment in Tokyo, has started the “Generation Z’s ‘dream’ support project” that can be active in the world! The first one will fulfill your dream of “wanting to be a manga artist”.
-Recruitment of participants for the first project has also started-
“Let’s find temporary housing in Tokyo.” TOKYO-β- (operating company: Miyoshi Real Estate Co., Ltd. (Fukuoka City: President Osamu Miyoshi)), which owns more than 1200 shared apartments*, which is the largest in Tokyo, The “Dream Support Project for Generation Z” will be launched to support the realization of the dreams of young people, especially Generation Z, who are chasing their dreams in Tokyo. *Shared apartment = A type of residence in which a private room, bath, and toilet are shared. There are no common areas such as a living room or dining room.
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■ Background of the launch of the project
Behind the launch of the project is the major change in society caused by the new coronavirus infection. According to a survey by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government*, the number of people who moved into Tokyo in 2021 compared to those who moved out will be the lowest in the past 10 years. Due to the establishment of remote work and the increase in migration to neighboring prefectures of Tokyo, almost all generations have an excess of migrants, but only Generation Z, aged 15 to 29, has an excess of migrants exceeding 70,000.
*Reference: Tokyo Basic Resident Register Demographic Shift Report 2021 In a survey conducted by TOKYO <β▼Conducted a survey of Gen Z's attitudes about "housing".Currently "temporary housing", dream of becoming "entrepreneur/manager" TOKYO <βIn order to help young people realize their dreams, TOKYO<β■ The first cartoonist (WEBTOON) development project [Image 2

In the first project, which is scheduled to start in February 2023, a manga artist debut in partnership with digital comic agency Number Nine Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President: Takuma Kobayashi, hereinafter Number Nine). We support young people who aspire to By collaborating with WEBTOON* and other major digital comic industry giants, we will provide the know-how, equipment, and an environment where you can challenge yourself for your debut. Also, from January 26th, we will start recruiting project participants on the official Twitter (@Studio_No_9).
* WEBTOON = Manga optimized for smartphones, etc., which can be read while scrolling vertically. WEBTOON is said to have originated in South Korea, and recently many companies and publishers have entered the business not only in Europe and the United States, but also in Japan.
Specifically, TOKYO <βRegarding this project, Osamu Miyoshi, president and CEO of Miyoshi Real Estate, which operates TOKYO <βAt TOKYO <βFor the second project, we are considering supporting young entrepreneurs in partnership with MAKERS UNIVERSITY (, which is operated by Etic, a specified non-profit organization. Through our partnership with, we will promote initiatives to realize the dreams of young people. 1, Rent, production equipment, etc. are free. TOKYO <β● Property name [TOKYO<β【rent】 Free of charge for the first year after moving in. However, after the debut of the work, we will return it with royalties. In addition to rent, utility bills, water bills, and Internet bills are included in the cost of promotion. *Since the property normally costs about 70,000 yen per month, this project will save about 850,000 yen per year in rent. [Housing] A chair that will not get tired even after long hours of production, a desk that is easy to work with, furniture and home appliances are provided, and a Wacom liquid crystal pen tablet is also available for each person. There are 8 private rooms and 2 shared spaces. The location is an 8-minute walk from Kanamecho Station on the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line and Fukutoshin Line, and it is a convenient location that allows you to walk to Ikebukuro Station. [Image 3

[Occupancy conditions]
Please check the TOKYO <β ● How to apply
Please apply using the form below. In the case of a large number of applicants, a lottery will be held.
2, WEBTOON professional support for debut
The global market size of WEBTOON in 2021 is said to be 495.1 billion yen, and it is said that it will grow about 7 times to 3.533 trillion yen in 2028. At Number Nine, we offer one-stop service from planning to editing and delivery in various forms such as our own original, consignment, and consortium.
Representative works: “Kamiketsu no Messiah” (Shunji Eto / Garo / 3rdIe / StudioNo.9), “Delta buoy in the clear sky” (Kappi / Fuwai / Kamotomo / Studio Atsu / Shishamo / StudioNo.9), etc.
*Refer to Global Webtoon Market: Size, Current Status and Forecast (2022-2028) ■ About Number Nine Co., Ltd.
A digital comic agency founded in November 2016 with a mission of “All comics, for everyone.” Manga artists who are active in the digital domain are developing various businesses to expand the range of their activities, such as the digital distribution service “Number Nine”, the tax return agency service “no9tax”, and the editing planning of WEBTOON.
Corporate site:
[Image 4d103282-8-222d9bfada99e726fab5-5.png&s3=103282-8-678d2fc489c8967b94c2911d36104cff-342x229.png
■ What is “TOKYO <βThe “β” in TOKYO <βWe would like you to use this share house as a “temporary residence” as the first step to experience life in Tokyo.
▶TOKYO <β[Image 5d103282-8-922b24001d4efdc5d6ce-4.png&s3=103282-8-428c1aa2d16673beee7e53e6580523f6-110x110.png
Three major features of TOKYO <β>
1. Minimize the cost burden with no security deposit and key money and furniture and home appliances included
Based on the idea that “we want people to live in Tokyo casually”, we provide them at a low price so that they can reduce the burden of the initial cost of installing furniture and electrical appliances, with no deposit or key money.
2. Except for some properties, it is possible to move in regardless of gender Except for some properties, TOKYO <β3. Ability to relocate to a property of the same brand in another area in as little as a few months
If you have started living in TOKYO <βStrengthening cooperation with services of other companies
In the future, we will cooperate with the services of other companies to pursue even higher quality services for residents. Currently, we are promoting the introduction of electric scooters and electric assist bicycles, including “smart locks” (excluding some properties). Furthermore, we will improve convenience through the introduction of support for the launch of crowdfunding for tenants and the
introduction of part-time jobs.

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